Rupay Credit Card to Bank Transfer Without Charges

Rupay Credit Card to Bank Transfer Without Charges – Your Rupay Credit Card Balance Transfer to your bank account for without charges. just a new feature introducing the Rupay credit card to link UPI bank account. Then Transfer to your bank account.

Rupay Credit Card to Bank Transfer

Download the UPI App from PhonePe, Paytm Cred, or another UPI to link to your Rupay Credit Card and then transfer your Rupay CC credit balance limit to your bank account.

How to Link Rupay Credit Card On UPI

Your Rupay Credit Card for UPI Apps Like PhonePe, Paytm, Gpay, Cred and other apps for UPI

1. First of all, Open Your UPI Apps Like PhonePe, Paytm, Cred, Gpay

2. Go to UPI Payments Option

3. Linked Your Rupay Credit Card

4. Login to your Account to the Mobile Number Linked to the Rupay Credit Card

5. Select Rupay Credit Card Bank

6. Send to SMS and Automatically fetch your data and show your Credit Card’s Last 4 digit number

7. Select on your Rupay Card and Set MPIN

8. Enter Your Rupay Credit Card Number and Expire Data & CVV

9. Done Successfully Create on mPIN and Ready to the Transaction on your UPI Via Paytmns on Your Rupay Credit Card

10. Note: Timely Repayments on your Credit Card Bill

How to Rupay Credit Card to Bank Transfer Without Charges

Use the trick/method for transfer on your Rupay credit card limit balance transfer easy ways to on your bank account, following the below steps and complete successfully transfer on your Rupay CC transfer to the bank without any charges.

1) Paytm Businesses:

If you have a Paytm business account you can do unlimited credit card to bank at a 0% charge

1. Download the Paytm Business App

2. Login to Your Account and create a New Account

3. Scan the Paytm Merchant QR Code

4. Minimum Transaction Amount is ₹2000

5. You will get an option to Pay Using a Rupay credit card.

Note: Do a transaction under ₹2000 or below Above ₹2000 charges are applicable.

2) Bharat Pe Merchant:

1. Download the Bharat Pe Merchant App

2. Login Your Account and create a Business Account

3. Show Your Merchant the QR Code

4. Scan to pay on your Rupay Credit Card

5. Minimum Transaction on ₹2000

6. Bharat pe merchant you can also do multiple times but accept Paytm below ₹2000 for Getting Free with MDR charges.

Note: Bharat pe Offers instant payment Only 2 times a day after Neft settlement mode (Do instant withdraw don’t wait for automatic settlement)

3) PhonePe Business: 

1. Download the PhonePe Business App

2. Login Your PhonePe Business App

3. Or, Create a New PhonePe Business

4. Show Your Merchant QR Code

5. Scan Your Merchant QR Code

6. Now, Pay Using Your Rupay Card

7. If you have a PhonePe business account same method as mentioned in 1 or 2

8. But as per knowledge phone does not provide an instant amount…

4) Omni Card X Rupay Credit Card:

1. Download the Omni Card App

2. Sign in / Sign up on Omni Card

3. Add money on Omni card Select UPI mode and select PhonePe & Paytm etc. as per your preference.

*Now if you Selected Paytm it redirected you to Paytm where there was the option to pay using a Rupay credit card…

Note: Omni wallet balance you can easily take at the bank at 0% charges but try a lower amount it’ll take much time to load.


Rupay credit card to bank transfer without charges?

Yes, Without Charges transfer your credit card balance to your bank account instantly.

Rupay credit card to bank transfer limit?

The Rupay Credit Card to Bank Transfer Limit is Rs.2000 (5 Times Pay Day)

Rupay credit card to bank transfer fee?

No Fee, Your Rupay Credit Card To bank transfer on UPI Method

Rupay credit card to bank transfer charges?

No Charges, Rupay credit card to bank transfer

Best Rupay credit card

SBI, HDFC, Paytm SBI, Axis, ICCI

hdfc rupay credit card?

it’s our favorite rupay credit card on hdfc bank

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