INDmoney Referral Code : ARJ2HDQVIND – Free ₹500 Bank A/c Instant

INDMoney Referral Code is ARJ2HDQVINDINDMoney App Refer and Earn Offer and Get ₹1000 Sign Up Bonus and INDMoney Refer and Earn ₹1000 for Each Successful Referral Complete. Applied INDMoney App Referral Code and Get Free INDMoney Amazon Stock Rewards for Claim Now. Valid Limited INDMoney Refer & Earn Rewards. Join Me On INDMoney App to Get Earn Free Amazon Stocks Now.

How to Download New INDmoney App and Get Started to Earn Money for Simple Create an Account and We Will Get ₹1000 Rewards Amazon Stock To Sell Your Stocks and Directly Convert Bank Balance Account.

You Can Get Free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon Stock, Netflix Stock, Apple Stock Worth Rs.1000and Rs.250 Instant-on Your Bank Account. Will Earn Ethereum when they add funds to their Us Stock / Crypto on your account for the first time. Add Funds Rewards Rs.5000 Or More and Cashback Rewards Rs.1000 and Adds Less than Rs.5000 and cashback Rewards Rs.250

INDMoney Refer and Earn to Claim Rewards For Each Successful Referral Complete Your Friend Joining in the INDMoney and Earn Lots Of Rewards. Not a Normal Reward this is Stocks and Sell Your Stocks to Transfer Bank Your Instant Within Seconds. No Minimum Withdrawal Amount.

INDmoney Referral Code

The INDMoney is Zero Commission Investing, Get Free Us Stocks Rewards by Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Etc More Rewards Below. Get 1% Extra with direct plans on INDMoney, You Can Track & Growth Your Net Worth. Don’t Worry INDMoney is always safe and secured.

INDMoney Referral Code – INDstock & USstocks

INDMoney Referral Code is – ARJ2HDQVIND

INDMoney App Referral CodeFree INDmoney Rewards
ARJ2HDQVINDFREE INDStock Worth Rs.500 (First Trade on IND Stocks) [LIVE]
JCX2HDQVTSLFREE Tesla Stock Worth Rs.1000 (Add US Stock Rs.5000)
RAM2HDQVAPLFREE Apple Stock Worth Rs.1000 (Add US Stock Rs.5000)
JCX2HDQVAMZFREE Amazon Stock Worth Rs.1000 (Add US Stock Rs.5000)
JCX2HDQVETHFREE Bitcoin Worth Rs.1000 (Add BTC Rs.5000) [Expire]
JCX2HDQVBTCFREE Ethereum Worth Rs.1000 (Add ETH Rs.5000) [Expire]
VTM2HDQVNFXFREE Netflix Stock Worth Rs.1000 (Add US Stock Rs.5000) [Expire]

Will Earn Ethereum when they add funds to their Us Stock / Crypto on your account for the first time. Add Funds Rewards Rs.5000 Or More and Cashback Rewards Rs.1000 and Adds Less than Rs.5000 and cashback Rewards Rs.250

For your friend and claim your rewards unlimited times to claim in the rewards and sell your stocks convert your stock balance. I am gifting you, Amazon Stock. Join me on the INDmoney app using my link to claim today. Now, Very Excited about Presenting to You! INDmoney Rewards to the India Most Powerful Financial Rewards Programs. Earn Us Stock Rewards and CryptoCurrencies. For Gift Us Stocks to Your Friends for Free and Earn Us Stocks When They Join IND Money. You Can sell your holding at any time to get cashback into your savings account.

Required Documents:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Account
INDMoney App Referral CodeJCX2HDQVTSL
Sign Up BonusRs.1000
Refer & EarnRs.1000
WithdrawalNo Minimum Amount
Funds Add Rs.5000 Or MoreRs.1000 Rewards
Funds Add Less Then Rs.5000 (min Rs.1000)Rs.250 Rewards
DownloadLink Here

INDmoney Referral Code: JCX2HDQVTSL – FREE ₹1000 Sign Up + Refer and Earn ₹1000 into Bank A/c

1. Download INDMoney Us Stocks App From Google Play Store to Link Here

2. Installing / Open INDMoney App and Skip Introduction Part Here for Get Started Now

INDMoney Referral Code

3. Enter Mobile Number and Verify With OTP and Next Create Your Account

4. Enter Your Name, Email and Have Applied Referral Code to be Must Enter INDmoney Referral Code is – JCX2HDQVTSL

INDMoney Referral Code

INDmoney Referral Code is – JCX2HDQVTSL

5. Welcome to INDMoney Has Been Gifted Your Amazon Stock For Worth Rs.1000 INR for Create Your Account To Claim Rewards Now

6. On Next Screen Click on Continue Button and Login With your Google Account

INDMoney Referral Code

7. Link to Your Gmail Account and Click on “I am new to investing”

INDMoney Referral Code

8. Did Not Press Any Skip Button, Please Click On Continue Continue Continue Again & Again and Go Your Home Dashboard Section

INDMoney Referral Code

9. Now, Go-to Your Home Dashboard Interface and Click on Member Option Or Your Name

10. Now Verify Your Profile KYC on Required Details Entering for Pan Card Number, Personal Information, Bank Account, Aadhaar Card Number With Link Mobile Number and Setting Up Risk Profiles

11. After All The Required Verification Fulfill for Very a Simple Without Paperless Documents, In Just Within 1 Minute Complete KYC Verification and For Created INDMoney Account

12. Get Free Tesla, Amazon Stock, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Apple Stock, and Netflix Stock Worth Rs.1000 You Will Earn When They add Fund to their Us Stocks / Crypto for the First time

13. Now, Add Fund Minimum Rs.5000 Or More, and You WIll Get Rs.1000 Rewards Cashback, and Add Funds Less Then Rs.5000 and You Will Get Rs.150 Rewards. (Don’t Worry We will Back the Funds Amount to Bank Account Instant)

  • Add US Stock Rs.5000 More: FREE Tesla Stock Worth Rs.1000
  • Add US Stock Rs.5000 Less +: FREE Tesla Stock Worth Rs.250

Add $100 (Rs. INR 8000) For US Stocks, Zero Doller Withdrawal Charges for US Stock portfolios above $100

14. Now, Add Your Bank Account: Enter Bank Details: Same Bank Name With Your Pan Card and Minimum Bank Account For 1 Year Complete (Must Important)

14. Continue to Payment for Using Available Method UPI Via Fund Add your Super Saver Bank Account Now (Payment Same Bank With Linking Bank)

15. Done Successfully! Complete Fund Your Added Super Saver Bank Account and Next Process Fund Added Us Stocks.

14. How Can Add Money Us Stocks? Go-to Home Dashboard Section in Indmoney App > Investment Section > Click on US Stocks

15) Click On Manage Option > Click On US Stock Arrow Symbol > then Add Money

Attention Notice: One Last Mandatory Step as per RBI Guidelines for Submit Your ITR / 1 Year Bank Statement

16) You are suggestions: Manual Upload 1 Year Bank Statement (Applicable Payments Bank Statements)

17) Just Within a Few Hours Congratulations Notification Receive and Notice is out, then Continue to Add Money Process in US Stocks.

18) Click On Add Money Options > Enter Minimum Amount ₹5000 / $100 (We Will Back your balance to your Bank account after earning rewards)

19) Done Successfully! You are US Stock Fund Add and You are Us Stock to withdraw your Bank a/c after claim rewards.

21. Congratulations! You Have now Received a Gift Of Free Stocks Rewards Worth Rs.1000 INR and this rewards instant withdrawal to bank a/c

22. Go to My Rewards TAB Section and We Will Show Your Amazon Stocks Rewards to Tap to Claim it Rewards Now.

INDMoney App Refer and Earn Offer

23. Swipe Up to Open Your Us Stocks Account to Claim Your Rewards Now.

INDMoney App Refer and Earn Offer

24. Keep invested long-term in your favorite US stocks and When the time is ripe, you can choose to withdraw your stocks and encash them into your bank account.

25. You can choose to sell your stock and get the Amount of ₹1000 value in your bank account. and Go-to Dashboard Section My Investment Section

INDmoney Referral Code

26. You are Funding Us Stocks Balance Withdrawal and Click on Manage Option > Select US Stocks > into Bank Account Instant Withdrawal Instant.

  • Cost of adding money : 0
  • Get the best exchange rates
  • Withdrawal cost: $5 (Below Trick to Free)
  • Withdrawals might take 4-5 working days to be credited into your Indian Bank Account

INDMoney App Refer and Earn Offer – Each Successful Referral ₹1000 Bank Account Direct

1. Firstly, Open Your App and Go-to Your Home Dashboard Section Here

2. Click on the Rewards TAB Section and We Will Show (3 Three) Referral Programs by Amazon Stock, Netflix Stock & Apple Stock to Any Choose 1

3. As You Wish Referral Programs Participate and Refer Your Friends to Claim It Now Rewards

INDMoney App Refer and Earn Offer

4. Invite Using What’s app and Other Apps Via Sharing Your Referral Link With Share INDMoney Referral Code

5. Click on the Copyboard to Your Referral Code and Sharing Your Code Now. 

6. You, Will, Get Amazon Stock, Netflix Stock & Apple Stocks for Free, and You Will, Both Earn Stock When Your Friends Join INDMoney on Your Invitation.

Withdraw my US Stock Reward to my Bank Account

  • You can withdraw your rewards by selling your holdings. To sell a holding:
  • Go to your rewards dashboard
  • Click on the My Holdings tab
  • Select your holding and click on sell
  • Select the Number of holdings you want to sell
  • Confirm your sell order
  • Your money will be deposited into your account within 2 to 3 working days

How to Free Without Charges INDmoney withdrawal Your Funding us stocks Balance into Bank A/c

  1. Go to Home Dashboard Section in the Indmoney app
  2. Click on Your Profile Option in the left side corner
  3. Then click on the upgrade option In your account
  4. Upgrade Now Prime Members Just Rs.99/Month
  5. Click on Subscribe Now
  6. Verify Your Mobile Number With OTP > Continue to Proceed Payments
  7. Done It, Active your Prime Membership and Now, Benefits Enjoying.
  8. Now, Main Benefit: Zero Doller Withdrawal Charges for US Stock portfolio above $100
  9. Go-to Investment Section > US Stock > Withdrawal Option
  10. Enter Bank Details: Bank Name, Account No & Etc.
  11. Continue to Withdraw from your Bank Account
  12. Withdrawals might take 4-5 working days to be credited into your Indian Bank Account

How do I earn the US Stock Rewards as part of the IND Rewards program

You can earn the US Stock Rewards for: Good financial actions like auto-tracking your investments, auto-tracking your credit information, investing in US stocks on the platform, etc.

  • 1. Credit Card spends – Turn your spending habits into investments and earn free stocks of your favorite US stocks by spending on them
  • 2. Gifting your friends – Introduce INDmoney to your friends and family by gifting them US stocks. Once they join the platform as a new user, you and your friend are awarded free US stocks

What is a US Stock Reward?

As part of the IND Rewards program, you are awarded US stocks for FREE. You get to own the stocks of your favorite companies as a Reward. You will be allotted fractional US stocks worth anywhere between ₹1 to ₹1,000 as a Reward.

How do I earn from my credit card spends?

Believe us when we say this, you’ll be thrilled to hear how you would earn. With the IND Rewards program, you can turn your spends into investments by earning free stocks of your favorite brands. Earn upto 1% of your spends as FREE Stock Rewards. You can earn US stocks on the following brands:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart (Walmart stock rewarded)
  • Apple
  • Google (Alphabet stock rewarded)
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • McDonalds
  • Paypal
  • Starbucks
  • MakeMyTrip

Example – Spend ₹10,000 on Amazon and get upto ₹100 Amazon US stock as a Reward for FREE

Are there any limits for US stock rewards on credit card spends?

Enable credit card statement tracking on the app and win US stocks worth upto 1% of your spends on top merchants for each unique statement every month

  • 1. You will earn a maximum of ₹100 per credit card per month
  • 2. You will earn a maximum of ₹100 per top merchant per month
  • 3. You will earn a maximum of ₹200 per month
  • 4. The values are subjected to change from time to time without any intimation to the user.

What are the good financial actions I can do on INDmoney for earning US Stock Rewards?

Our Rewards are hyper-personalized to each and every user with an objective to enable every one of them to: Be better aware of their investments, liabilities, insurances, and hence their net worth. Earn or Save more money from your money by AI-driven insights and recommendations For examples include:

  • Auto-tracking your investments
  • Auto-tracking your loans and credit cards
  • Auto-tracking your expenses
  • Adding a family member on INDmoney
  • Verifying your profile
  • Increasing your credit score
  • Lowering your home loan EMI
  • Diversification your investments by purchasing US stocks and FDs

Note – The Rewards you are eligible for are displayed under the ‘My Rewards’ tab of the Rewards section. Rewards are continuously updated and added each and every week.

What are the benefits of IND Rewards?

IND Rewards is the only program where you are rewarded for holding. Your rewards’ value increases over time. Not just this, it is flexible to allow you to sell your reward holdings any time to redeem in cash.

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