Chqbook – Open Instant Zero Balance Current Account

Chqbook Zero Balance Current Account – Open your Instant ZERO Balance Current Account on Chqbook in less than 10 minutes! Now, Let’see Open your online Current Account with Chqbook in just a few clicks. Great benefits of this Chqbook Zero Balance Current Account.

Chqbook Zero Balance Current Account

Zero Balance Current Account 🎫 Rupay powered virtual Debit Card 🎁 Rewards on every transaction 🎖 Instant beneficiary addition 👉🏻 Business loans at the best rates. Just a few simple steps follow below and complete your account setup.


  • Zero Balance Current Account – No penalty charges
  • Free Virtual Debit Card powered by Rupay
  • Earn rewards on every transaction
  • Instant fund transfer, no waiting period after adding beneficiary
  • Exclusively for Chqbook Current A/c users: FREE 1 Lakh Shop Insurance
  • Get business loans at the best rates


  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Applicable only to new users
  • Applicable for small business owners /
  • Shopkeepers / Self-employed people
  • The customer’s phone number should be linked to their Aadhaar Card
  • The customer should have a valid PAN card

How to Chqbook Open Instant Zero Balance Current Account in 10 Minutes!

1. First of all, Visit the link to Open Instant Zero Balance CheqBook Current Account

2. Now, Enter basic information (name, email id, phone number).

3. Will get redirected to download the Chqbook app. The following steps should be followed to open the current account:

4. Enter the mobile number & verify the same via OTP.

5. Go to the banking section and click on “Apply” to open a new account

6. SMS will be sent from the customer’s mobile number for verification, to make sure there is sufficient SMS balance in the selected mobile number.

Note: Only one user can access the app from one device and one sim.

7. Now, enter basic details (name, email, number, Pincode) and proceed with PAN verification

8. Enter the PAN number and accept the T&Cs.

9. Proceed with Aadhaar verification. If you don’t have the Aadhaar XML file, click on ‘No’ and give your consent to download the AADHAAR XML

10. Enter your Aadhaar number and security code & complete the verification via OTP.

11. Create a share code & enter it when the file is successfully downloaded.

12. Capture a live selfie, and enter personal & nominee details.

13. On the product features page, select the ‘Activate Sweep facility’ option. Accept T&Cs and click on continue to move further.

14. Complete the OTP-based e-sign process & MPIN setup.

15. Activate Chobook Current Account by entering an existing UPI ID that is linked to a bank account. example:

16. Add Funds to the account (minimum  250) for successful activation via NEFT/ IMPS transfer.  This activation is to be done within 7 days of account creation.

The payout will be credited to your wallet in the next cycle.

Terms and Conditions

1. The customer’s phone number should be linked with their Aadhaar Card & the customer should have a valid PAN card.

2. Applicable only for new users. Customers should not have an existing relationship with Chqbook.

3. The customer’s age should be 18 years and above.

4. The entire account opening process should be completed in one go.

5. Customers should have the following documents ready for quick account opening:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card

6. Enter the correct mobile number as the tracking is only done via mobile number.


Q1. What are the documents needed to open a Current Account?

Documents required: Aadhar Card, PANcard, KYC details

Q2. What if my mobile number is not linked to my Aadhaar number?

A. In this case, you may choose an Aadhaar number that is linked to any accessible mobile number, where you can receive the OTP to e-sign.
Otherwise, you will have to send us a duly-signed physical form for trading and demat account opening.

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