Open SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account (Zero Balance)

How to Open SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account With Zero Balance Bank Account and Without Charges for Free account just quick 3 to 5 steps and complete your account opening for SBI Insta Plus Savings Account and No Minimum Balance Maintenance. Fill the details with a complete video KYC online and instant account from SBI Insta plus and exclusive Features of this Open SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account for Zero Balance & Zero Charges And Free Debit Card.

Open SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account

The Introducing there are SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account for you can see Download the YONO App SBI App and open Insta plus video KYC savings account. just need to document Your Aadhaar card or Pan card through instant opens your SBI account with no Balance Maintenance SBI account.

for you need one Sbi account from online / home. you can be following the below details then Opening your account and free Rupay Indian debit card but its transaction online / online national & international both use this SBI Cards, SBI Cards is lots of benefits for online shopping from Flipkart / amazon then get cashback & Instant Discount.


  • Resident Indians above 18 years of age and who are literate.
  • New to bank customer and does not have a CIF with SBI. In case customer has any active relationship/CIF with the bank, she/he is not eligible for this account.
  • Mode of operation allowed is only “Single”.


  1. Physical (Original) PAN and Aadhaar number are mandatory.
  2. Aadhaar bears the current address of the customer and mobile number as submitted in Aadhaar details must be in possession of the customer as OTP will be triggered on the same number.
  3. Mobile number is mandatory.
  4. Customer should be physically present in India during the complete account opening process.

How to Open SBI Insta Plus Video KYC Savings Account Online?

1. First Of All, Download the YONO App to Link Here

2. Click New to SBI—Open Savings Account → Without Branch visit→ Insta Plus Savings Account

3. Enter your PAN, and Aadhaar details

4. Enter OTP sent to the Aadhaar registered mobile number.

5. Enter other relevant details

6. Schedule Video Call

7. Log in to the YONO App at the scheduled time through Resume and complete the Video KYC process

8. Your Insta Plus Savings account will be opened, Account will be activated for debit transactions after verification by Bank Officials.

9. You Will, Receive a Temporary Netbanking Username, Just Visit Here ( Login Your Netbanking SBI (ENter Your username & enter the same password for Yono app Sbi opening application time.

10. Set Unique Username & password set now and enjoy it free account and no charges any for Minimum Balance Maintenance


  1. Open your SBI Insta Plus Saving Bank Account through Video KYC.
  2. Paperless account opening and no branch visit needed.
  3. Only Aadhaar details & PAN(Physical) required.
  4. Customer will be able to transfer funds using NEFT, IMPS, UPI etc. through YONO app or Online SBI i.e. Internet Banking.
  5. Rupay classic card will be issued.
  6. Experience 24*7 banking access through Yono app, internet banking and mobile banking.
  7. SMS Alerts, SBI Quick Missed call facility available.
  8. Facility of transfer of accounts through Internet Banking channel.
  9. Nomination facility is mandatory.
  10. Please note that Cheque book will not be issued for this account and No debit/voucher transaction or any other signature-based services will be allowed in the branch. Cheque book can be issued once customer visits the home branch and updates signature.
  11. Passbook will be issued if requested by the customer.
  12. Charges for all other services will be in accordance with extant service charges applicable to Regular savings bank account

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can open this Insta Plus account?

Insta plus account is for every Resident Indian born in India above 18 years who hold an Aadhaar number and PAN and have mobile registered with Aadhaar

2. Can I download SBI yono app on tab?

Yes, But ONLY on Tab with Unique IMEI number, having a SIM card and supported OS.

3. Can I enter a different mobile number other than registered on Aadhaar?

Yes. Different mobile may be used however user should be in possession of the Aadhaar registered mobile and be able to retrieve OTP delivered on Aadhaar registered mobile.

4. What happened if I exit the App without completing the process?

The App has the facility to resume from the point, where you left.

5. Can I nominate online?

Yes. Nomination is mandatory for the Insta plus Savings Account.

6. Do I need visit branch for opening Insta plus account?

No, Customer need not visit branch for opening Insta plus account.

7. Will Cheque Book be issued in an Insta plus Account?

No, cheque book will not be issued.

8. How can I apply for Cheque Book?

Cheque Book can be availed once you visit the Home Branch and update your signature.

9. Will Pass Book be issued in an Insta plus Account?

Yes, Passbook can be issued if requested by customer.

10. What if my Video call is disconnected in between?

The App has the facility to resume wherein you can reinitiate video call again.

11. For how many days I can reschedule video calls for later date?

Presently, option to book slot for video calls will be available for next 3 working days

12. Can I initiate video call during holidays and weekends?

No, currently this facility is available only during office hours on working days of the place of video call.

13. Once I book the slot, whether I will receive the calls?

No, you need to press “Resume application” button inside the app to start the call on slot which u have booked for video call.

14. Within how many days video call need to be completed post token number generations?

Video call need to be completed within 15 days of token number generated.

15. I am getting error ‘The data entered by you resembles with existing application’ after key in PAN?

This appears when user is having some existing relationship with bank or the data resembles with an existing data or application with the Bank.

16. I am getting error ‘Your account has been locked out’ during resuming journey?

This appears when user enters wrong credentials more than three times.

17. I am getting error ‘Only 1 active session is allowed’ during video call?

This appears when handset or browser is changed. Also, it appears if Cache memory is cleared. For all these cases user may have to Reinitiate Journey with different mobile number

18. I am getting error ‘Permission Required for Location’ during video call?

User need to enable location setting in mobile phone for YONO App and also for Chrome Browser.

19. I am getting error ‘Error while booking a slot’ and ‘video call link is expired’ while initiating for video call?

Request user to log off once and press “Resume application” for above observations.

20. How will I get my Account details?

Once the Video call is completed and KYC is approved by Bank, the account details are available after “Resume application”

21. How will I get my Internet Banking for the Account?

The Internet Banking username / userid is sent to you by SMS. Use this with the application password set by you initially to register for YONO / Internet Banking.

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