Yippee Junio Offer – Get 100% Assured Cashback on ₹10,₹12, ₹14 Pack

Yippee Junio Offer – Yippee Junio Redeem Code , The New Junio Yippee Contest for Junio & Yippee Combined launched now. The Buy new latest yippee Junio Packet Worth ₹10, ₹12 & ₹14 Magic Masala Noodles Pack and Get 100% Cashback on ₹10,12,14 re-back your buying amount. Don’t Miss this loot and the Yippee Junio Offer is valid from 15th Nov to 28th Feb 2023.

How to Purchase Yippee Magic Masala Pack and Get Win Assured Cashback ₹10,₹12 & ₹14 for just simple quick 4 to 5 steps and complete the contest participate and free junio gift card voucher claim and Redeem Cash.

An 8-digit code (“Code”) is printed on the seasoning/masala mix sachet inside the Products. This Coupon Code is to be applied on the JUNIO mobile as per the steps given below.

Once the Participant accepts the terms of service of using the JUNIO app, the Participant has to register on the and create an account on the JUNIO app.

Yippee Junio Offer

Yippee Junio Offer – Get 100% Assured Cashback on Purchase Yippee Magic Masala Pack ₹10,₹12 & ₹14

1. First Of All, Go to Visiting Nearby Stores for JioMart, Groceries Stores, Retailer Stores & etc.

2. Now, Purchase the Latest Packet of YiPPee! Magic Masala Noodles Pack MRP: 10/12/14

3. Before Purchasing please you can check Yippee! Rapper Packet Mentioned Junio Pocket Money Offer and Win ₹10 Assured Balance

Yippee Junio Offer

4. Scratching Rapper Packet an find 8 digits unique code printed inside the Yippee Packet (Copy Code)

5. Then You can redeem a unique code for just a quick step following below

How to Redeem Yippee Gift Vouchers Coupon Code

1. Download the Junio App from the link here and install this application on your mobile

Get yours by Using Junio Referral Code: ARJU7530, and Get Upto a Rs.1000 Cashback Scratch Card

2. Login / Register a New Account 

3. Enter Mobile Number and Verify It With OTP

4. Fill Your Required Details: Enter Your Pan Number and fill self or child account 

5. Done it login your Junio Account and go to the Home Dashboard interface

Yippee Junio Offer

6. Click on Add Money in the Junio app

7. Switch to Junio Gift Voucher 

8. Enter the Yippee Unique Coupon Code and click on apply the voucher 

Yippee Junio Offer

9. Done Successfully! You will receive cashback ₹10/12/14 to the amount mentioned on the product purchased Yippee!

10. The cashback will be in the form of online payment to the Participant’s “wallet” in the JUNIO app.

11. Using Your Junio Rupay Card and Payment online merchants like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, &, etc. Via completes the transaction and transfers money.

12. Each Code is unique and can be redeemed for the online cashback only one (1) time.

13. A Participant who is a registered user on the JUNIO app can redeem a maximum of three (3) such unique Codes for the online cashback, with respect to the unique combination of KYC and phone number with which the Participant has registered on the JUNIO app. 

Terms and Conditions –

  • The JUNIO Pocket Money Offer (“the Offer”) is organized by ITC Limited and FirstPay Technologies  Private Limited (collectively “the Organizers”).
  • Participation in the Offer is purely voluntarily and optional. Persons participating in the Offer  (“Participants”) are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of the Offer.
  • The Offer is applicable only on packs of YiPPee! Magic Masala having MRP of Rs. 10, Rs. 12 and Rs. 14 (“the Products”).
  • The Offer is valid in India from 15 November 2022 to 28 February 2023 (“Offer Period”).
  • Only Participants who are citizens of India and above 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the Contest.
  • The Participant can also give a missed call to 90498 90498 and receive an SMS with a link. The link directs the
  • Participant to a video where they can watch a tutorial on how to participate.
  • The Code cannot be redeemed after the expiry of the Offer Period. The Participant waives the right  of redemption of the Code after the date of expiry of Offer Period.
  • The online cashback on the JUNIO mobile application under this Offer is non-transferrable and non- refundable. No physical cash payment will be made in lieu of this online cashback. 
  • The Organizers reserve their right to call upon the Participant to submit any document for verification  of identity as per the Organizers’ sole discretion.
  • FirstPay Technologies Private Limited will be liable for any delay in actual redemption under this Offer reflecting in the Participant’s registered account.
  • The Organizers will not be liable in any manner for any cost or expense incurred for the purpose of  redemption of the Code under the Offer.
  • At any time,the Organizers reserve the right to update and/or amend all or any of these terms without  further notice.

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