Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code – Scan QR & Flat Rs.40 Cashback

Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code – Paytm Sting Cashback Offer , Paytm Sting Coupon Code , Paytm Sting QR Code , How to Participate in the Paytm Sting Cashback Offer and Get Flat ₹40 Cashback instant to your UPI via bank account. To claim, scan the QR Code using the Paytm app and enter the Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code given behind the label. Paytm Sting Cashback Offer is valid for first-time Paytm UPI Users.

The Participant will need to purchase the Product to participate in the Promo, the Participant has to look on the reverse side of the label of the purchased Product, where he/she will find a code (“Promo Code”).

The Participant (recognized by his/her mobile no. registered on Paytm) can receive Rs. 40 cashback (“Cashback”) under Promo only ONCE during the Promotion Period.

Participants shall not be eligible to receive the Cashback on subsequent purchases of Product thereafter. However, would be eligible to avail a category that they will be able to see on the offer page on the Paytm Platforms.

Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code

Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code


Any participation without the Promo Code or with an invalid code, will not be considered to receive the cashback. Participants shall, after obtaining the Promo Code by purchasing the Product and follow the following steps to redeem the Promo Code and receive the cashback:

How to Get Flat Rs.40 Cashback on Scan QR Code & Redeem Sting Cashback Promo Code

1. First of All, Go to the Nearest Stores, Retailer store, Spencer’s, Jio Smart Outlet & etc.

2. Now, buy a new sting energy drink 250 ml bottle worth Rs.20-/

3. Please Before Purchasing you can check this bottle rapper packet mentioned with Get ₹40 Paytm Cashback Offer on the pack.

Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code

4. You can find this Scanner QR Code inside the sting bottle with the Printed Promo Code on the wrapper backside of the pack

5. Collect Promo Code and Scan the QR code to redeem the promo code

Paytm Sting Cashback Offer

6. Following steps to redeem the sting promo code and get cashback ₹40 instant.

7. Download/open the Paytm app (“Platform”) and log into their account.

8. Open the Paytm app and scan the QR code printed on the STING bottle.

9. Or, Direct Visit The Link: To Redirect Main Paytm Sting Cashback Redemption Page

10. Enter a Promo Code (printed on the backside of the label).

Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code

11. New Paytm users, with the first ever UPI transaction on the Paytm app will get a Flat INR Rs. 40 cashback 

Please Note: Bank account is not linked to UPI on Paytm, will be taken to the page for bank linking. Once the bank account is linked, make a transaction of a minimum of Re 1 to anyone to avail Rs. 40 cashback in their account

Or, Paytm Users with pre-linked UPI accounts will see category offers on the Paytm Platforms from Paytm to avail cashback as per the MOV (minimum order value) mentioned against every offer.

12. You Will, Receive Cashback will be credited to the user’s Paytm wallet or UPI Linked bank account within 48 hrs (maximum time)

If you can try it this Paytm Sting Cashback Promo Code for the Below is added. (Working Also, Paytm New Users) Working STING Paytm cashback backside coupon codes.


Validity: Paytm Sting Promo Code is Valid from 1st Oct 2023 to 28th February 2023. 

Paytm Sting Cashback Offer

Terms and Conditions –

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