Trading Leagues Referral Code : 81859703 – FREE ₹200 in to bank A/c

Trading Leagues Referral Code is 81859703 – Trading Leagues App Offer , Trading Leagues Refer and Earn for Get Free ₹200 Sign Up Bonus (₹50+₹50) and Refer a friend to earn ₹50 as per Successful referral. Use Must have a Trading Leagues Referral Code and get a referral bonus credited to your wallet balance.

Trading Leagues Referral Code

How to download the new trading leagues app. It is a prediction game for participating in playing and winning cash prizes. Instant Withdraw your bank account. Join now and avail: *50 free game credits An additional ₹50 free game credits for joining via an exclusive invite

You have been invited to TradingLeagues! TradingLeagues is a fantasy gaming app for newcomers looking to experience the financial markets in a stress-free manner.

Trading Leagues Referral Code

I’m challenging YOU to compete with me on TradingLeagues and win BIG! Learn as you play, and earn as you play – in this gamified version of the financial markets! Sign up with my referral code 81859703 to get Rs.50 game credits! What are you waiting for? GAME ON! TRADE ON!

Trading Leagues Referral Code81859703
Sign Up Bonus₹100 (₹50+₹50)
Refer & Earn₹50
Withdrawal Min Rs.200Bank Account
DownloadLink here

Trading Leagues Download App & Use Referral Code – FREE Rs.100 Wallet Balance

1. First Of All, Download the Trading Leagues App from the link here

2. Open this link and enter your mobile number and click on the Continue button

Trading Leagues Referral Code

3. Now, Redirect to Play Store And You can install / Open TradingLeagues App

4. Skip the Introduction Part and let’s start off with entering your mobile digits and Verifying it With OTP

Trading Leagues Referral Code

5. Next Screen is Choose Your Date of Birth and Tap on the continue button

6. Choose Your Avatar Picture and name of your profile and tap on the Continue button

Trading Leagues Referral Code

7. Entering Basic Information like your full name, gender, and email address and tap on the Continue button

8. Got a referral code? Yes Must Enter the Referral Code And get the welcome bonus ₹100

Trading Leagues Referral Code

8. Skip the Introduction Part and Go to the Home Dashboard interface in the app

9. Successfully, Complete Sign-Up and You will get the bonus ₹100 Credited instant to your account.

Trading Leagues Referral Code

10. Use the Welcome bonus for a 100% Usable and play the game to participate and win cash prizes.

11. Earn More Wallet Bonus for Invite a friend to earn as per referral bonus ₹50

11. Go to the Home Tab Section and play leagues and use the bonus wallet balance

12. After Winning Cash Rewards Balance and you can take Simple steps to Withdrawal into a bank account. Withdrawal minimum Rs.200

Just Invite 2 Friends for Rs.50 + Rs.50 As Per Referral Successful

How to Play Trading Leagues

Vote for the stocks you believe will outperform the others! The simplest game in our universe – fun, light, and referring!

Step 1: Select a match from the Indian Markets, US Markets, or Crypto & Mege Contest & Mega Games and WIn Highher Prizes

Play Trading Leagues

Step 2: Choose a game based on your preferred entry free, game duration, and start time.

Play Trading Leagues

Step 3: Pick the stock you believe will outperform the other.

Play Trading Leagues

Step 4: Confirm your submission. Use the balance available in your wallet to pay the entry fee. Don’t have sufficient funds? Just add the money to your wallet and you can continue making your submission

Play Trading Leagues

Step 5: Confirm your submission & follow the match live!

Play Trading Leagues


Prize Pool: This is a dynamic prize pool game. The total prize pool will depend on the number of users playing that particular game and the associated entry fee. The prize pool= total number of players X entry fee.

Distribution Model: These games offer winnings via an equal distribution model (EDST).The prize pool is divided equally among the winning players.

Minimum Requirement: This game requires a minimum of 2 players to start. If there are fewer than two players at the start of the game, the game is forfeited, and the entry fees will be credited to your wallet.

Entry Restriction: The players cannot join these games when they are live.

Maximum Entries: Players can make only one entry per game. Players are allowed to enter multiple games with different durations and start time, in the same league.

Game Performance: The performance of the stocks and the result of a game are determined as

  • The performance of the stock, rounded to two decimal places, is calculated as(Close Price ÷Open Price)-1
  • The winning stock is determined by which stock outperforms the other
  • If the performance of the two stocks is identical and if there is a tie, the total pool size (minus the platform service charge) is returned to each player
  • The price of the stock in question is determined by TradingLeagues, as the last known price of the stock known to TradingLeagues. TradingLeagues uses multiple sources to accurately determine the stock prices to the best of its ability.
  • TradingLeagues reserves the right to determine the prices of the stocks. This decision is final and binding.

How to Refer and Earn Get ₹50 As Per Referral

Refer & Earn: share the Ultimate stock market experience with your friends and earn big. Share Now. 

  • Home Dashboard Section in the app now
  • Scrolling Down the Side page and refer & earn banner
  • Tap the banner
  • Share Referral Link With Referral Code by friends family members and etc
  • Your Friends Sign Up With Trading Leagues
  • Your Start Earrings Rewards
  • Every friend you refer gets ₹50 game credits
  • You also earn game credits when you refer your friends to Trading Leagues
Trading Leagues Referral Code

How to Withdraw into Your Bank Account

  • Firstly, Go to the Home Dashboard interface
  • Play prediction game
  • Winning Cash Prizes in Trading Leagues
  • Go to My Balance
  • Winning Balance Withdrawal into Bank
  • Enter Amount Winning Balance
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount
  • Successfully completed & Done It.

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