Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code: QKCRPQ0 – Upto 6 Months Free

Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code is: QKCRPQ0 – Disney+ Hotstar Referral Link , Disney+ Hotstar Refer & Earn Offer , Hotstar Refer and Earn 1 Extra Month For Free and Get Up to Extra 6 Months for Free for Use & Applied Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code – QKCRPQ0 & Get Upto Extra Month for Subscribers Dinsey+ Hotstar Users. Loot All Hotstar Users for Great Benefits for FREE.

This referral program enables Referrers to share a unique referral link (“Referral Link(s)”) to friends, family, or any other personal connections through various means of communication, including Email, Text messages, WhatsApp, and other Social media platforms.

Any person who purchases an annual Disney+ Hotstar Premium or Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription through this referral link is termed as “Referee(s)”, and upon successful purchase of the subscription, both Referrer and Referee receive a 1 month (30 days) complimentary extension to their subscription (“Benefit”).

To clarify, Disney+ Hotstar Premium users will receive the Benefit on their Premium subscription, and Disney+ Hotstar VIP users will receive the Benefit on their VIP subscription upon a Valid Referral.

In order to qualify as a Valid Referral and avail Benefit, the Referee must not be an existing or subscriber of Disney+ Hotstar (“Platform”) and must purchase a fresh subscription through the Referral Link. The Referral Link can only be applied to purchase an annual subscription of Disney+ Hotstar Premium or Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription and cannot be utilized to purchase monthly subscriptions.

Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code

Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code: QKCRPQ0 – Up to 6 Months Free

1. Firstly, Download Disney+ Hotstar App Or Visit The Web Link Here:

2. Log in to Your Dinsey Plus Account

3. Home Dashboard Section in the Disney+ Hotstar Account

4. Go To Profile Menu Option

5. Tap on Get Extra Month Gift Box Option

6. Copy Inviting Referral: Link here

Disney+ Hotstar Referral Code – QKCRPQ0

You Need to Hotstar Referral Code & You can Apply Now and get 1-month extra month now

7. Sharing your friends Or, Invite friends. by SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook & Etc.

8. For every friend who subscribes to your Referral Link Via

9. Go It, You Both Get 1 Month of Extra Additional Benefits for All Subscribers Dinsey+ Hotstar

Terms & Condtions:

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a Subscription will only be deemed to have been effectuated by when the Referral Link shared by the Referrer is utilized by the Referee to purchase a Disney+ Hotstar annual subscription . The Referral Link will only be considered to have been utilized if Disney+ Hotstar’s internal system log recognizes the Referral Link and the consequent purchase arising therefrom as valid. Any decision with regards to whether a Referral Link has been utilized or not shall be made solely at Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (“Novi” – the entity owning and operating Disney+ Hotstar) discretion and shall be final and binding

Referral Links can only be shared for personal and non-commercial purposes to personal connections such as friends, family, colleagues under these Terms and Conditions. Referral Links cannot be advertised, marketed, or shared in any manner for commercial purposes (such as on voucher websites, reddit, wikipedia, blogs, mass emailing etc.) The Referral Links are to be shared in a way in which there is reasonable basis for believing that all the recipients are personal connections

There is no maximum limit on the number of times the Referrer may share a Referral Link . In case multiple Referral Links sent by the same Referrer are redeemed, the Referrer can avail repeated 1 month extensions to his existing subscription upto a maximum of 6 months. To clarify, even if more than 6 Referral Links sent by a single Referrer are successfully redeemed by various Referees, the Referrer’s complimentary extensions will not extend beyond 6 months.

The Referee can use only one (1) referral link to purchase his subscription and avail of the Benefits of the Referral Program. If a Referee receives Referral Links from multiple Referrers, only the Referrer whose Referral Link is used by the Referee will receive the benefit of a 1-month complimentary membership extension along with the Referee.

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