Top 11 Best Short Video Apps to Earn Money in India

Hello, welcome to our fresh new blog for Short Video Apps to Earn Money. Today I will tell you how to make a good earning with a short video. There have been a lot of apps created by Indian stores since the ban on TikTok in India.  Since then many initiatives have come up for Short Video Apps to Earn Money. Many types of short video apps are created.  From where creators are now making huge amounts of money. 

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

Today I will tell you about that.  Today’s article is going to be very important for those who are interested in making short videos. You can get a good income if you entertain people with short videos.  Uploading daily video making views you can earn from a few-second videos. Create any content on any topic and upload it to these apps, and your journey will begin.

List of 11 Best Short Video Apps to Earn Money in India

Instagram Reels100Cr+4.0/5
YouTube Shorts1TCr+4.2/5
Snapchat Spotlight100 Cr+4.2/5
MX Taka Tak5Cr+4/5
Facebook Short Videos500Cr+3.2/5

11 Best Short Video Apps to Earn Money in India

Hello, Guys Induducing for Best Shorts Videos Apps to Earn Money in India, Just make a video and earn money and full fill your dreams, and other achievements, show the 11 most popular apps for below following names and all the details is here.

1. Instagram Reels

The Instagram app is a very popular app.  Everyone spends their maximum time on this app. Here you will easily get people who will follow you.  Start making videos with your talent or creation. Reels video can be created by multiple clips and making a 30-second video. You can add trending songs, stickers, and text speech as you like. Then post and share with followers. Later start doing big things like affiliate marketing, promotions, and branding content. 

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

Which can be done at home. Product selling can also be done.  You can sell your own product by showing it in a video. In this way, you will get customers online easily.  In this way, by posting reels daily, your engagement will increase.  As soon as engagement increases your Instagram will complete monetization criteria.  This will start your income through various tools like bonuses, and ads.

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2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts offer better opportunities as there are no copyright issues. Uploading a short video here will not harm you if the video or the song added to the video is already posted on another channel. You can submit any of your content in YouTube shorts for up to 60 seconds.  If you want, you can download some songs or download them to bring views.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

In all cases, you must follow the community guideline.  You can read them once from YouTube Community Standards.  According to YPP program short video monetization criteria is a minimum of 500 subscribers and 3000 public watch time. There will be no boosted watch time count.

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3. Snapchat Spotlight

The Snapchat app gives a short video time maximum of 60 seconds.  Here the Snapchat app will highlight the spotlight videos you make as a reel of Instagram. There are more options like views, and shares which followers will get. In 2023 funniest and best effects Snapchat brings you.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

If you make a picture or a video on a topic and post it in Spotlight, you will get views.  You should have 50k followers and 25 million monthly views only then you can earn money from here.

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4. Moj

This app comes from Sharechat and is one of the most popular/ trendy for now.  This app only works for short videos.  You can’t make anything else here like large content videos.  Users love to make videos in this app.  Here you can make duet videos.  You can make your own video.  Can promote any brand within 60 seconds.  Affiliate links may be shared on videos.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

Daily creations and passing levels will give you new opportunities from Moj. Remember Moj gives exciting gifts. If you get a superstar batch of Moj creators, great engagement is created then you will get income from the live stream, bonus, and video engagement too.

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5. MX Taka Tak

MX taka Tak, here you can post dubbing dialogue videos from series, serials, or movies. Best scenes of movies. The MX users are searching for movies, serials, and dialogues which entertain them. Here the public gives you support for your dubbing videos. There is low competition on Mx Takatak.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

You can start uploading dubbed movies or scenes, Funny short dubbed videos, etc. To mix TakaTak you have to start earning money as

  • Refer and earn, you can share the app with your friends and family members and make money when they come to the app
  • Affiliate Marketing, You can share your affiliate link here
  • Business, here you can sell your products
  • Gift, after your performance you can get gifts from someone who is impressed by your work.
  • Live and donation is an options to make money 
  • Promotion, promote your blog site, and your YouTube channel on the description of mz videos
  • Collaboration, Collab with brands, promote them, and start earning from today
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6. Josh

Its logo of Josh is like TikTok. Here you get amazing camera filters, sounds, and background music. Josh refers you to other creators to watch your videos. You can search trending topics, follow other creators and follow their work.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

When you have a good number of followers people ask you for sponsorship. Here you will have to just take sponsorship and promote their business. As much as you collaborate with brands, you will get your income increased. You can start affiliate marketing here with your video.

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7. Chingari

Short video-making app Chingari is now in the spotlight. You can make and watch short videos. If you make videos, Chingari will pay you after monetization. But when you watch others’ videos, will Chingari give you rewards for watching others’ video content?

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

When you complete every task on Chingari it will give you rewards as coins. 1000 coins is equal to 1rs. Chingari has funny filters and many more exciting AR filters with which you can make your video more attractive. Start lipsing on a song, and dance to your favorite song. After a good growth chingari will monetize your account and you will get money for your short video.

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8. Zili

Zili is now the best-earning app for short videos.  Here movie scenes, funny videos, new songs, trending dialogues, funny videos play more.  Various movie scenes and serial sequences can be uploaded with their own voice dubbing.  Besides, this app will entertain you through funny effects, audio, dance songs, colleagues or puzzle videos, etc.  If you want other things, you can start affiliate marketing, product sales, and short videos by making various funny videos.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money
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9. Roposo

Roposo is a short video app where you can make short video content as well as live video for viewers/ followers.  The more engagement you can bring, the faster your account will monetize.  You have to follow the trend.  You can earn from the Roposo app by following content made by celebrities or making videos of collaborations, sponsorships, or branding content.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money
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10. Tiki

Tiki app is also a very famous app.  Many celebrities use it.  Here you can make many types of short videos.  You can make lipsing or dancing videos by selecting trending or fresh songs. Also, you have benefits like brand promotion, collaborations, and sponsorship. Besides, I can advise you to find various content that will entertain the users.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

This tiki app user gets a good reach by creating romantic content, funny videos, and dramatic, diplomatic, sad, emotional, and motivational types of videos. Furthermore, the app provides exciting filters and offers for its users.

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11. Facebook Short Videos

In today’s age, it is difficult to find people who do not use Facebook.  The advantage of making short videos on Facebook is that there are more people who will watch your video content regularly.  You create any content and upload it to Facebook.  If you are constantly uploading videos, Meta will give you more visibility.

Short Video Apps to Earn Money

This will help increase engagement.  This is only useful for Facebook users.  You need to complete 10000 followers and 600000 watch time.  That means you have to make a lot of videos.  Only then you will quickly get Facebook reels monetization.  If you want to get good earnings from Facebook, start making videos from today.

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Maybe you don’t have time to make big videos.  Even if you make a big video, it does not reach huge users.  You can’t continue faking it.  Even if you have many ideas, you can’t work with a long process.  So we suggest you start your work with short videos.  If creating content, make videos in just 60 seconds. 

It will attract people to watch your video.  It will not be boring like watching videos for a long time.  In no time you can convey your message to the audience.  Maybe it’s your creation/ talent, maybe it is your affiliate link or any collaboration, or sponsorship content you make with any brand.

How do Short Video Apps Make Money?

This short does not take much time to make. Usually, you will do as much work as you need to make reels or short videos to earn some income during busy times.  Upload one to three posts per day on whichever platform you choose.  Then you will be increased engagement according to your activity from that app.

Gradually when you gain a lot of followers and watch time you can earn from the app.  Moreover, you can earn money from here by doing your own affiliate business or other selling, branding, sponsorship, and promotion.


Which short video app is best for earning money?

Here the suggestions are 
*Facebook reels
*YouTube reels/ short videos

Which app is best for earning?

You can choose any one app from this article. Every app will help you in earning money. If you want to suggest it to me I will give you suggestions of making reels on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Can we earn from YouTube shorts?

You can choose any one app from this article. Every app will help you in earning money. If you want to suggest it to me I will give you suggestions for making reels on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Can I earn money from Instagram reels?

Instagram is best known for its short or reel videos. Creators like to create shorts on Instagram with lyrical videos, dance, singing talents, etc. If you complete all the criteria and gain a minimum number of followers and views on reels Instagram will give you pay for your reels video.

Some Other Ways to Earn Money:

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