16 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India 2023

Now, Let’s introduce on work from home jobs for housewives in India 2023, on the best ways to earn money for all housewives and financial freedom from home, you need according to expending your money and the top ways cover in this blog earn money Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India 2023 for Youtube Channel, Tuitions, Content Writing, Lifestyle Consultant, Affiliate Marketing, Geographic designer, Virtual assistant, Transcription, Print on demand, Social media management, Home best salon, Editor/ Proofreader

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

In most cases, those who perform household duties are not respected by other members of their family.  Here the main reason is housewives don’t get any income or earnings from housework. So it is considered that they don’t give any donation to their family. 

However, we know there is no job we can find that women cannot do.  A woman who cooks and takes care of the house, that woman can also work hard outside. A woman can do any job. But it will be more convenient for them if they can start an income with some work from home.

We will show you some tips/ tricks or ways with the help of which any housewife can work at home according to her convenience and get a good profit one day. If you like our work ideas, then definitely write our review in the comment box at the end of this report. You can also write down what else you want to know about. We will try to make your work easier.

List of Top 16 Best Work-from-Home Jobs for Housewives in India 2023

Housewives that mines home-based work from girls, women, housewives women a lot of time available in house, and just sepic find out and interest-based work from home earn extra money in your savings and best earn money and you need a full fill. like Shopping, House mention, monthly ration &, etc. flowing below nech to work from home in housewives in India

1. YouTube Channel

Today I’m going to tell you all about YouTube’s easy ways to earn money. YouTube is the most popular way for now to make most of the money. We all know nowadays social media is a part of our daily lives. From the beginning of the lockdown for coronavirus, till now social media platforms are the most earning place for people. Even those who don’t complete their H.S./ graduation level, they also can earn from YouTube Channel.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

So YouTube gives the platform you can express your talent or creativity. If you have singing, dancing or cooking hobbies or anything else – make videos with that talent. If your video entertains people, and you see your video getting minimum views in one or two months so continue with your special skills. 

But you don’t have any talent like dancing, drawing, or singing so you can promote brands on YouTube videos. There are countless ideas for making a YouTube video. Research what you can do in your video and entertain people. Just remember that people will watch your videos when that attracts them, or make it easy to understand for the audience.

To become a YouTuber you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time which will come from your video content. You have to make sure that you maintain the policy rules or your partner program guidelines so that you can join with them.

Being a YouTuber your monthly income can reach more than 1 lakh.

We already shared an article about all YouTube criteria and ideas for making a video. If you want to become a YouTuber then go for help with the article assistance click on the link below

Video ViewsEstimated Earnings (in dollars)Estimated Earnings (in ₹)
10K$5 to $8₹200 to ₹500
100K$50 to $2,50₹2,000 to ₹5,000
1 million$3,40 to $40,00₹7,000 to ₹30,000
150 million$8,000 to $10,000₹1,50,000 to ₹6,00,000
Required skill: Engaging narrative, research, video editing, sound editing, network & marketing abilities, time management

2. Online and offline Tuitions: 

Tuition From home chiles, kids class 1 to 10 from home-based and earn monthly, and you can digital mutation on google meets. earn monthly fees charges booth work housewives.


Today in digital India children are smartly using phones, computers. They complete their daily homework mostly by Google Information. So these days, Google information is more important than a textbook. Same as that, this time an online class is more profitable both for the students and teachers. Not everyone finds a good teacher at their nearby locality. So it’s difficult for parents to find a good teacher nearby their home. So if you start online tuition classes, then you can have students wherever they live. It will make daily life easier for both the students and teachers.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

As children these days are involved in sports and other activities along with studies, they also do not have enough time to go for extra tuition classes. Thus, they do not have much energy to read to go somewhere. But if it is said that they can do tuition in a certain free time sitting at home, then maybe their suffering will be reduced a lot. And if you can teach your students well, and get used to it, then parents will ask you for tuition for their children’s.

When you start making money and gain your respect in your job, then more benefits will increase day by day. You will get more students if you make a good teaching performance in your job. So take responsibility, start hard work, and simply start to teach from nursery to primary childrens. Make advertisements on your social media platforms and tell your relatives, friends to find students. Start from 0 and one day you will complete your goals.

Required Skills: Internet, Mobiles, Laptops, Boad (White / Digitel) Need to have a higher or a graduation degree in any specific subject that you are willing to teach
Average Income – ₹10,000 Per Monthly Aucoding Students


The profession of teaching is older and respectable than any other profession. People respect a teacher the most. So you can start teaching at your home. Find some students you can teach, and start earning by the tuition job. The more you take responsibility for your students, the more you get back with money and respect. So a woman can teach better than any other person. Find the students nearby your locality. Make batch groups to manage your time. Go for your job.

Required Skills: Need to have a higher or a graduation degree in any specific subject that you are willing to teach
Average Income – ₹10,000 Per Monthly Aucoding Students

3. Content Writing:

Content writing is now the best work-from-home job. If you are good at writing and reading, you can easily work as a content writer at home. Your content writing can easily generate a good income.  

In this case, you have to do a lot of research. First you need to decide what topic you will write about. Then your word choice and your writing speed can get you far better development of your skills. You can earn money by selling your content in different places.  You can sell your own stories or news information content on various channels/ sites.  

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

You can create your personal website and publish your own content to it. You can earn money through views or traffic on that site. Also when you promote your website with your social media or tell people about your skills, they will want to buy content from you. And this is how you can become an independent housewife by selling your content writing.  

Writing content usually doesn’t require many tasks. You can choose the content you have information about and write it.  Nowadays many YouTube channels are also looking for content writers to run their channel.  You can search and join YouTube channels.

Required Skills: Excellent writing skills, Strong research and analytical skills, Ability to write in different tones, styles, and formats, Understanding of SEO, knowledge of HTML and CMS platforms, Good communication and collaboration skills, Time-management skills, Attention to detail
Average Income – ₹15,000- 25,000 Monthly

4. Lifestyle consultant: 

Being a lifestyle consultant is an easy job when you’re a mature housewife. You can see all the obstacles and difficulties in your daily life. From your family members maybe someone is struggling hard. You have to tell them how they can make patience. Being a housewife you have to gain patience. So you can tell other people and convenience them how to make patient when life is too difficult. You can start writing your motivational blogs or videos.

When it reaches people they thank you for your consultation. Generally, you have to make someone motivate by your words your concern, and your intention. This is called influencer or lifestyle consultant. 

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

You can tell them on a phone call how they will survive in their difficult life. What should they do in the future? What should they do to be fine or calm? What should be changed in their diet?  Should they exercise or meditate? How important it is to speak well with others. 

These days everyone needs someone to listen to them. Most humans are fighting depression. Your duty in this job is to recover them from problems. Make a suggestion of what they could do to overcome something. They want a person who helps them to move forward,

say what should be done next.

Required Skills: Communication Skills, Knowledge of Various Areas, Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills, Empathy and Interpersonal Skills, Goal-Setting and Planning, Organizational Skills
Average Income – ₹30,000 – ₹40,000 (Glassdoor)

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easier than it sounds. Anyone can do this at home as a job. Not only housewives, you can recommend anyone this job. Affiliate marketing basically means getting paid for promoting something. You can earn from home by promoting a brand or promoting a product.  

Most of YouTube’s highest income comes from affiliate marketing promotions. You can also associate with various companies to promote their products or brands. Nowadays many applications or companies give you the opportunity to promote their brand. If you bring them, customers, through recommendation, they give you some commission of their profit. 

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

As you may have heard many YouTubers say, go to the link in the description box and purchase the product or signup in the app. This is how affiliate marketing works. The company will give you a commission only if you can make people sell products or sign-up through your links.  In this way you can also earn more than lakhs of money per month.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Massso
  • Share & Earn
Required Skills: Marketing and Sales Knowledge, Digital Marketing Skills, Content Creation, Communication and Relationship Building, Analytical Skills, Time Management
Average Income – ₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000 Monthly

6. Geographic designer

These days we can learn anything from YouTube that we have not any idea. If someone can make good graphic designs on computer or someone not, both person can start it by learning from YouTube tutorials, blogs. You can become a graphic designer by creating various characters or designs. You can make posters also.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

Every company want their own distinctive image, branding image or unique images of products that are regularly sold. If you can design new graphic images, try to send it to various companies. If they will like your picture you can sell your designs according to their preferences and start this job by making designs for them.

If you want to do this job full time, make a portfolio of yourself in which you will add your name, address, your qualifications and some samples of your work then you will be contacted by email or phone from the company. If company offers work form home then it will be better for you. A desire and sense of responsibility are required to learn anything or do a job. Then you can master it  and reach the finals of success.

Required Skills: Eadtimg, Content Creation
Average Income – ₹10,000 – ₹15,000 Monthly

7. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant means the one who supports the customer through virtual medium like email, call, message or SMS.  A virtual assistant usually works like a remote worker, which he doing from his home. This is a good job idea for work from home.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

If you can help people through emails or calls, answer their questions the way you are asked to answer them – then you are in for a good money making job. You can start work as virtual assistant, which will help the customer to find a solution to every problem.  Your company will train you on how to answer or what to say.  How to write an email. You are getting a very easy job to earn from home. With little time and good work you can earn average income.

Required Skills: Organizational Skills, Interpersonal Communication, Attention to Detail, Tech savvy
Average Income – ₹10,000 – ₹15,000 Monthly

8. Transcription

An easy job for housewives is transcription. Many people can earn money by transcribing at home. The work here is to listen to the voice recording and convert it into words.  Anyone can easily do this.  Maybe there’s a celebrity interviewing, and you’re taking notes of it. Or it can be a commentry of football game and you’re writing it down. You will write down all the case that are happening before your eyes. That’s your job in transcription. 

Here you have to give attention on your writing skills.

Required Skills: Excellent listening skills, Strong typing skills, Good knowledge of grammar and punctuation, Attention to detail, Time management, Familiarity with transcription software, Familiarity with different accents and dialects, Good communication skills
Average Income – Rs.10,000 – Rs.20000 Monthly

9. Print on demand

Print on demand actually is when you are printing a design on a product according to your customer’s demand. You can start by creating a new design. Then you can create your own business by sharing your creativity in different places which will be called print on demand. You create new designs and print them on your products. In this way you can bring unique customized products in the market. 

More benefits will come your way if you create your own store or website. You customize products and sell them in your online or offline store.  Then when the customer will be interested in making something for himself after seeing your work, you will make his customized product on his demand. This is how your print on demand business will run.  

Then comes to points satisfaction of the customer. You need to keep an eye on product quality and shipping methods. That makes the customer happy. You will fix the price this figure will keep both your cost and profit. You can easily start selling your customized products from your home. You can create an online shop from which orders will come to you even from remote locations.

Required Skills: Graphic Design, Product Selection and Trend Awareness, Marketing and Branding, E-Commerce and Website Management, Product Photography, Customer Service, Quality Control and Vendor Management, Analytical Skills
Average Income – No limit

10. Social media management

Social Management, Nowadays social platforms offer various job opportunities.  When creating a page, there are various tasks to boost the business.  Social management is one such job where you have to manage profiles like a business. For example, product selling, how to engage customers, how to bring customers to your site, product orders, product sharing, etc.  You need to bring customers through promotion. To promote you need to create ads. People can see your business or product only by advertising it.  If you take the responsibility of manage someone’s social handle and work on on it, you can earn from home.

Required Skills: Need to have a good knowledge of social media SEO, the latest trends and content creation.
Average Income: Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000

11. Home best salon

Beauty salon or beauty parlour, now this become very common. A makeup artist is a must need when we go outdoors or in a event. So now both girls and boys are doing a well job whether makeup artist or beautician. 

Makeup is a hobby of every girls. Before makeup there always comes skin care. As a housewife, you can provide good beautician service to people  at home by taking a beautician course nearby institution.  Who does not want a salon near to their house and keeps budget friendly. people in your area will come to you for all skin care routines.  

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

Nowadays everyone wants to look good. So the beauty parlors are filled with crowd. If you start offering services to people at their homes or nearby their home, they will no longer have to travel far and wide for beauty treatments.  They will come to you in their own area. This is how you can start earning through a salon.

Required Skills: Technical Expertise, Organization and Time Management, Client Relationship Building, Marketing and Promotion, Adaptability and Flexibility, Business Management
Average Income – No limit

12. Editor/ Proofreader

In all other jobs I mentioned before It is probably the easiest and least time consuming job. You can earn money by checking the writings of different writers which will be called proofread.  Here you read someone’s writing and search for mistakes. If there is a mistake you will point it out. That’s your job.  

Editor, means when someone writes a content, it can be a news or information or a story or a script, you edit it and correct its mistakes.  Here you worked as an editor. 

This is how you can get money by checking a text at home. This will be your work from home job. You can earn in this very simple way.

Required SkillsRequired Skills: Excellent command of the language, Attention to detail, Knowledge of different writing styles, Time management, Communication skills, Strong computer skills
Average IncomeAverage Income: Rs.20,000 – Rs.40,000

13. Sell photos online

If you love to take pictures or draw pictures, then present those pictures on various social platforms.  Some people like them and want to buy them.  You tell them you are showing the pictures for sale.  You can sell your captured images to various photo companies or websites.  The profit you get is your income.  It depends on your creativity or talent.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India
Required Skills – Understanding of Composition, Knowledge of Lighting, Technical Proficiency, Attention to Detail, Composition and Storytelling, Post-Processing Skills, Creativity and Artistic Vision
Average Income – No limit

14. Voice Artist 

Voice does a lot of work.  Whether it’s news reading or informational video or audio broadcast – different channels will ask for your voice for different tasks. 

Means you have to read the script provided by them and send it to the audio file. In this case, they will give you your remuneration/ money for the work. Here you can search companies looking for voice artists and earn from home by sending your recorded work.  You can get good amount of money by this tasks.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India
Required Skills – Communication Skill, Voice Edition, Soundbar
Average Income – No limit

15. Online surveys

Surveys, where some sites will ask you various questions and if you answer them, you will get your earning money. That is, here survey means they collect some information from you. They pay you for providing that information.  You can find some such sites.  However, there are more fraud sites. Beware of them.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Housewives in India

Survey Menas Online fill out the forms and just enter the details of your request and question answers very easy simple and earn money online, this company survey website fill in the complete details and you can win vouchers, rewards points and redeem to balance.

Required Skills: Attention to Detail, Good Communication, Time Management, Basic Computer and Internet Skills
Average Income: No limit

16. Website testing

Wouldn’t it be so easy if you could get money by checking your phone? yes so Website testing pays you for checking only. You have to do a little work. But here you don’t need a computer certificate. You can easily earn good income by doing website testing jobs.  

Your job is to monitor a website carefully over a period. Note the errors if there are any errors on that app or site. You give your feedback after observing the website.  How satisfied you are with the website will be written in the feedback. If there is any defect, you can also say that.  Then the app or site will fix it.  Here you get paid for the feedback you give. This is way you can easily make a good income by giving less time.

Required Skills: Attention to Detail, Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management, User Experience (UX) Understanding
Average Income – Rs.10,000 – Rs.20,000

17. Influencer:

Influencer means someone who influences or motivates you to do something. You can become a social influencer with your songs, poetry recitation or comedy on social media.  In this case you have to complete some followers or watchtime just like YouTube.  You can make your video and upload it to Instagram or Facebook. If your content is liked by people and your eligibility criteria is complete, you can earn a lot of money through Google Adsense.

Required Skills: Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management
Average Income – No Limit


All women want to live independently. Want to help their families financially. We offer you the best jobs. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to proceed. Stand on your own feet and tell everyone that you are independent and not just a housewife.  

Sometimes many families are not financially well off. Or If there is a child, women cannot go out to find work. So in today’s era of mobile phones, I hope anyone can do these simple tasks and earn money from these jobs. As a result, if an earning comes, their many problems can be solved.  

So if you’re a housewife, become a earning person and gather your respect. Stand on your own feet to drive yourself.  Do something for your family.  

Recommend our advice if you have someone like you.  Be well and move forward to your goals.


Q1: Which job is best for a housewife?

A1: Nowadays various online platforms give us the opportunity to work where we can make money. A housewife can earn easily even sitting at home. She can do a work-from-home job professionally as well as her daily house responsibilities. From this point of view – online selling, news or information blog writing, and promotion works are the best work for housewives. 

YouTube also gives a lot of income if cooking recipes or daily lifestyles can be presented as content beautifully in videos. But there they have to reach an audience.

Q2: How can a housewife make money without investment?

A2: Yes, housewives can also make money without investment from home jobs. They can write content, make videos or try affiliate marketing promotions. Without investment there are many jobs which housewives can earn easily.

Q3: Which job is best for a married woman?

A3: If a married woman after marriage becomes a housewife and can’t go outside to find jobs, they can make money from working at home. Yes they can earn from just sitting at home. There is lots of jobs a housewife can do, and easily earn money from working at home. 

Q4: How do I start a housewife career?

A4: First you have to find what type of work you can do. If you have a talent then work on it. Use it on your work to make money from it. If you decide to start something for earning first of all research on it. Find the best way to reach people more to sell your goods or your creativity. You have to work hard if you really want to do something.

Q5. How can I earn money at home?

A5: Choose the way that you can work. Find your best qualities. If you are going to promote affiliate marketing, choose a brand or company. Research on it. Start convincing people to buy from the brand. If you start your own printing job, then start making more good quality products. Polish your skills. Work on it and you’re good to go.

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