Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol & Rewards Gift Voucher

Park+ Spin and Win Petrol – How to Participate in the new Park+ Contest and Win Petrol every day. Just simple of the games, tap to spin and win rewards for petrol and gift vouchers.

Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol

Download the Park+ App and log in to your account and you can park+ spin and win game play to win rewards of petrol now. Park+ Premier League – Predict IPL Match & Win Free Petrol 1 Year

What is spin & win? Spin & Win is an interactive program for you where you can either earn something new every day or be one of the lucky winners of the day to redeem your Park+ petrol as a real Indian Oil petrol voucher.

It is a slot machine that can fetch you rewards based on your luck. Redemption of Park+ petrol can be on a minimum purchase of 10L fuel or 31000 IndianOil vouchers via Park+.

Winnings Rewards

With Spin & Win, you can win the following rewards

  • IndianOil jackpot
  • Park+ Petrol
  • Gift vouchers

Park+ Spin and Win For Free Petrol & Rewards Gift Voucher

1. First of all, Park+ App Download from the link here on Google Play Store / App Store

2. Log in / Sign up on your Park+ Account

3. Enter your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP

4. Done it, Successfully login your Park+ Account

5. Now, Let See Home Dashboard interface in the Park+ App

6. Go to Petrol Tab Section and just scroll down and show Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol

Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol

7. Tap on the Spin and Win Banner and click on Spin Now Button

8. Tao on Spin for Free

Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol

9. Congratulations! Won Petrol and your petrol added to Park+ petrol wallet

Park+ Spin and Win Free Petrol

10. After winning petrol go to convert your petrol to a gift voucher and redeem the gift voucher at your nearest petrol pump. 

11. One free spin daily and win free petrol, don’t miss out try it daily and win petrol then your tank is full…🌝

You get one spin daily and can come back everyday for a new spin Gift vouchers The gift voucher that you win will expire at midnight.

What happens after you win?

Indian oil Vouchers

  • Click on Get IndianOil fuel
  • Your voucher will be auto-applied
  • Select a payment method
  • After making the payment you will get your voucher code
  • At the IndianOil fuel station ask for the ITPS machine
  • Select the Indian0il pay method and enter your voucher code
  • Your car will be refueled!

Gift Vouchers

  • Click on Get voucher button after spinning
  • Select the amount of voucher you want to buy on the Brand page
  • Your voucher will be auto-applied
  • Select the payment method
  • On completing the payment you will receive a voucher code and PIN
  • On the respective brand’s platform add a gift card with the code and the PIN
  • Woohoo! Your discount on your favorite brand is applied


Why can’t I redeem my Park+ petrol into fuel vouchers?

We have daily lucky winners who get to redeem their Park+ petrol into an IndianOil voucher. You can test your chance of being a lucky winner by spinning the wheel. Even if you don’t get the Jackpot, you always get the best rewards on Park+

Why do I keep getting better luck next time?

Spin & Win is completely based on the probability of you getting a reward and the number of users playing. Keep playing more to improve your chances to win.

Why am I not getting a free spin?

You only get 1 free spin a day. To spin more you will have to burn Park+ petrol.

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