Park+ Premier League – Predict IPL Match & Win Free Petrol 1 Year

Park+ Premier league – Park+ Predict & Win Now, Park+ Prediction League IPL Match, Predict Tata IPL Matches & Win Free Petrol 1 Year, Daily Petrol & Full Tank Daily. Prediction the IPL Match winner team and get a chance to win Free Petrol for a year. The New Contest from Park+ Premier league 2023 and Valid from 31st March to 28th May 2023.

Park+ Premier league

Over 1 Lakh Litres Free Petrol won by 1000 users. How to play for just simple ways to select your prediction team and winning team get free petrol, your cars, and bikes.

Play Park+ Premier League. Predict and win free petrol for one year, I’ve picked Winning as my team today to win Free petrol for one year. Which one did you choose? If you haven’t played PPL yet, play here.

Who will today’s match win?

Select Your Winning Team & Win Your Team & Get Claim Rewards

Park+ Premier League Prizes

Daily Rewards1L Petrol
Weekly RewardsPetrol for 1 Year Lucky Winners
Daily JackpotTank Full Lucky Winners

How to Play Park+ Premier league on Predict & Win Free Petrol 1 Year

1. First of all, Download Park+ App from the link here 

2. Install / Open the app and Login Your Account > Enter your Mobile Number and Verify with OTP

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3. Done it, Successful Login Your Park+ Account and Home Dashboard interface and Viable new contest

4. Park+ Premier league and Predict Now, Tata IPL Matches 2023 and Win Free petrol for 1 year

Park+ Premier league

5. Now, Participate in the Park+ Premier league Contest and Predict Now and Win Free petrol for 1 year

6. Click on the Park+ Premier league Banner

7. Predict a winning team. Choose a team which you think will win and submit it before the prediction ends

Park+ Premier league

8. Select Your IPL Match Today Prediction for Winning Team and Prediction Confirmed

Park+ Premier league

9. Your prediction is correct. And Your Selected Team Winning. You will Notifications the winners are announced

Park+ Premier league

10. You can win free petrol for 1 year and other incredible rewards with each correct prediction.

Park+ Premier league

Park+ Prediction Winning Rewards

  • Daily Rewards – Free Petrol Everyday
  • Weekly Bumper – Free Petrol for 1 Year
  • Daily Jackpot – Tank full every match
Park+ Premier league

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

1. Win Your Team & Congratulations! You have won a reward.

2. Go to > Park+ Premier League > Your PPL Zone

3. Claim Your Rewards

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

4. Tap to Continue Button

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

5. Enroll to claim your reward & enter your details

6. Enter Your Name, Email ID, DOB, and Select Vehicle by Car / Bikes Both & Pincode > Enroll Now

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

7. Juw Wait for Few Seconds & Generating a fuel voucher

8. PPL Winnings Fual Won so for & Successfully Complete your vouchers Free petrol for 1 liter Worth Rs.100

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

9. Click on Redeem your Fuel

10. You can Go to Your Indian Oil Petrol Pump and Redeem your free 1-liter petrol worth Rs.100

How to Claim Park+ Premier League Rewards in Free Petrol Daily

How to avail of Indian Oil Petrol Pump & Redeem Fuel Voucher

1. The voucher can be redeemed at any IndianOil fuel station.

2. Please show the executive the QR code or share with him the voucher code.

3. The executive will either scan the QR code or enter voucher code in the Indianoil PoS machine using IOCL Pay option upon which your payment would be complete.

4. The fuel bill should be less than or equal to the amount of the voucher.

Reward Terms and Conditions

  • Rewards must be first claimed by the user and then redeemed.
  • The user can claim the rewards within 3 days of the announcement of the result.
  • Rewards claimed expire on mid-night. The claimed rewards need to be redeemed on the same day.
  • For rewards to be applicable at I0CL outlets, fuelling amount should be equal to or lesser than the voucher amount.
  • IOCL fuel vouchers are single-time use vouchers. Any balance amount from the voucher will be forfeited if not used in a single transaction.

Terms and Conditions

  • Users must have a valid mobile number and vehicle verification needs to be done for claiming the reward
  • User details are mandatory to submit to claim the reward – email address, gender, vehicle number
  • The company reserves the right to disqualify users who engage in fraudulent activity or violate the terms and conditions of the contest.
  • The company reserves the right to modify or terminate the contest at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, the company’s decision will be final and binding.


What is Park+ Premier League?

It’s an engagement program where you can predict the winner of cricket matches during this season and win fuel vouchers.

How can I participate?

Every user of Park+ is eligible to participate in this contest. One can start predicting the winners of each cricket match starting from midnight on the day of the match until 15 minutes after it starts.

What rewards can I win?

You can win fuel vouchers worth Rs. 100 for predicting the winner of each match. Additionally, one lucky winner for each match gets a full tank of fuel worth Rs. 3000, and one lucky winner every week wins free fuel for a year worth Rs. 72,000.

How are lucky winners chosen for the Daily Jackpot and Weekly

Winners will be selected randomly through a lucky draw.

How do I claim my reward?

Claim your reward through the app. Vouchers are valid for one day, are single-use only, and cannot be partially redeemed. If you don’t use the full voucher amount, the balance amount will be forfeited.

Can I participate multiple times?

Yes, there’s no limit to the number of times you can participate.

When will I know if I won?

You’ll be notified through the app

Can I transfer my reward?

No, rewards are non-transferable and can only be used by the user who claimed them.

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