LSG Predictor Game And Free Rewards Like Match Tickets, Jersey

LSG Predictor is live. You can predict IPL Season 17 matches and you can stand a chance to win rewards prizes. How to play for LSG Predictor Games and win rewards. just simply play it and earn it now.

LSG is the IPL Team Game and predicts matches of Lucknow Super Giants and wins your prediction matches and win rewards. redeem your Cool Bonus Rewards.

LSG Predictor Game

How to play LSG Predictor And Free Rewards

Step 1: First of all, Register & Predict Match Now

Register, log in, and make predictions for every lag match to score runs and earn coins

Setp2: Score Runs And Earn Coins

Get 5 coins for every prediction and 10 for correct ones, and score 10 runs for every accurate prediction

Step 3: Win Exciting Prizes

Accurate runs throughout the season to top the overall headboard and win exciting prizes.

Step 4: Get Cool Bonus Rewards

The top three in match-specific and overall leaderboard earn bonus coins which can be redeemed for rewards.

LSG Predictor Game


1st Winner – 

  • 2 Match tickets to the last home game at lacknow
  • 2 official jersey

Runner up – 

  • 1 official jersey
  • Mention on social media

3rd Prize –

  • Mention on social media

Overall Prizes – 

  • 3 Signed bats
  • 3 official jersey
  • Mention on social media
  • Virtual M&G with LSG player/coach

A Pre-match predictor is a game where users make a pre-prediction on a question or multiple questions related to the outcome of a game, player performance, and/or events in a game. Users correct predictions earn them runs based on a unique and easy-to-understand earning runs system.

How to earn coins?

Earn 5 coins for each prediction you make before a match.

For every correct prediction, earn 10 coins. Correctly answering the Super Sam question gets you 20.

The top 3 in match-specific leaderboards earn additional coins – 50 coins (Rank 1), 40 coins (Rank 2), 30 coins (Rank 3).

Rank in the top 3 in the overall leaderboard to rake in bonus coins – 500 coins (Rank 1), 400 coins (Rank 2), 300 coins (Rank 3)

  • Users will log in or register by leveraging the login/registration of the LSG website/app to play the game. A new match will be opened once the previous match is locked.
  • Users can make a prediction for all questions or decide to skip any question.
  • The match will be locked 30 min prior to the game.
  • There will be a total of 7 multiple-choice questions available for each match.
  • 3 fixed questions (same for every LSG match)
  • 3 random questions (randomly selected from the question bank)
  • 1 Super Sam question [earns you double runs(2x) for answering correctly]
  • All prediction choices will be resolved once the match ends.
  • Users will earn 10 runs per correct prediction, however if users correctly answer the Super Sam question, they will receive 20 runs.
  • Users can change their prediction until the match starts, at which point the selections get locked. The last selected prediction before locking will be accepted.
  • In case the match ends in a tie, questions related to the match winner will be decided based on the team winning the super over.
  • Based on the runs earned in a match, users feature on the match leaderboard.
    Based on the sum of all runs scored across matches, users will feature on the overall leaderboard.
    If a match is called off for any reason, we will abandon the particular match and remove it from the listing.
    In case of a tie, the user who has submitted the predictions first will feature higher on the leaderboards.


Where can I view my Match and Overall ranking?

You can view Match and Overall leaderboards by using the Leaderboard in the Header. Leaderboards will be updated every 30 minutes and 1 hour after the live match for the day is completed.

Can I change my predictions?

Yes, Predictions can be changed infinitely before the match locks.

What are the total runs?

The total runs indicate the number of runs you have won through correct predictions.

Can I make or edit predictions once the game starts?

Predictions are locked once the game starts and cannot be changed thereafter. You are requested to submit your predictions before the start of the game.

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