LSG Merchandise Rewards Free – Earn Coins & Redeem Gifts

You Earn 200 Coins on Registration for LSG Merchandise Rewards Free Redeem and deliver to your home free LSg (Lucknow Super Giants) Merchandise Products Itmes. Like Cap, Bat, Ball, Matches Tickets Etc.

LSG Merchandise

At the Super Giants, we believe our fans are the heart and soul of everything we do. That’s why we’re rolling out the red carpet and bringing you the chance to get closer to the franchise than ever before. With the launch of “LSG Wallet”, every click, scroll, and cheer on our website or app gets you one step closer to exclusive perks, discounts, and unbeatable rewards!

How to redeem coins and LSG Merchandise

1. First of all, Visit the link from LSG Official Website

2. Login / Sign up now

3. Complete sign up for LSG Profile

4. Earn coins and redeem your prizes.

5. below to all the coins to redeem Merchandises items

Earn Coins And Redeem

Here’s how it works: Every time you dive into the latest articles, watch a video, or interact with our awesome community, you’ll earn valuable coins faster than Nicky P scores a 50! And the best part?

You can redeem these coins for epic merchandise, discount vouchers, VIP experiences and a whole lot more. Register on the website or app today and start earning coins with every visit. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or a casual observer, there’s something for everyone in the LSG Wallet.

1. Sign up – Earn 200 Coins

2. Update Profile – Earn 250 Coins

3. Read Articles / Blogs – Earn 100 Coins

4. Vote on Pools – Earn 150 Coins

5. Watch Videos – Earn 100 Coins

6. News Latter Subscription – Earn 250 Coins

How to play for LSG Super Giants Memory Game

1. First of all, Visit the link from Play LSG Super Giants Memory Games

2. Tap to Play Now games now

LSG Merchandise

3. Enter your details below to participate

4. Enter like your name, email address, date of birth, phone number and your favourite LSG player?

5. Click on the next button and next screen now

LSG Merchandise

6. The Super Giants Memory Game Stand a chance to win LSG merchandise, tickets and much more!

7. Flip the cards and match the tiles together in pairs for click on Start playing

8. Thank you for participating super fan! Well be in touch if you re lucky winners.

LSG Merchandise


Do I need to sign up separately for the LSG Program?

All fans that sign into the app / website are automatically signed into the Fan Program.

How do I earn points on the LSG Program?

Fans earn points for different forms of engagement on the website / app. Engagement actions include watching videos, highlights, reading articles, participating in polls, quizzes and predictor games.

How do I utilise the points that I earn on the program?

The points earned by fans can be used to redeem discount vouchers from exciting brands, team merchandise and money cant buy experiences.

Is there a limit to the number of coins that I can earn in a day?

There is a daily limit on the number of times you can earn coins for each engagement – 5 times each photo gallery, videos and articles and twice for match highlights.

Can I earn coins for engaging with the same content multiple times?

You cannot earn coins for engaging with the same content multiple times.

Is there a limit to the number of rewards that I can redeem?

On a daily basis, you can redeem your points for up to 10 brand vouchers and up to 1 merchandise reward.

Will the rewards remain the same?

We will continue to introduce new and more rewards on an ongoing basis. Keep a look out for them – they are special and limited.

Why is my name is not appearing on the leaderboard even when I have more points than current leaders?

The Leaderboard refreshes once every day in the morning and considers the closing points balance of the previous day. If you’re in the top 3 at that point in time, your name shall be up on the leaderboard for a day.

I have more queries. Who do I reach out to?

Email us at [email protected] for assistance

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