Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game – Win Up to ₹400 Daily Coupon Rewards

Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game – Flipkart Snakes Ladder Contest, Flipkart Snakes Ladder Offer for How to Participate in this new Flipkart big savings days game for you can stand a chance to win up to ₹400 daily coupon Rewards. Valid till Apr 25th – May 9th, 2022. Play More Flipkart Coupon Rain Game , Flipkart Classic Snake Game & Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game

How to Download and Upgrade your Flipkart app and log in to your account. Then directly participate in the link below via Play this simple game and grab a coupon reward. 

Win Guaranteed Coupons Slice a minimum of 15 and Get 15. Win Upto ₹15 to ₹200. We, Will, be Coupons added to my rewards section and can be redeemed from 3rd to 9th May 2022.

The More, the merrier! Share the excitement with your friends. And joining the game more also friends, family, and everyone. Play games on #Flipkart and win TVs, Mobiles, and other exciting rewards! #gamezone

Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game

Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game – Win Up to ₹400 Daily Coupon Rewards

1) First of All, Download Flipkart App & Login Your Account

2) Click on Link this and redirect to your Flipkart app and participate in this playing game

3) Play Now Flipkart Snakes Ladder Apr 25 – May 9 for Play and Win Upto ₹400

Flipkart Snakes Ladder Game

4) Tap to roll the dice for roll the dice to move the token

5) Climb up ladders the ladders take you directly to higher rows

6) Avoid snakes for lading on a snake will move you down to lower tiers.

7) Win Guaranteed Coupons! Win Flipkart Coupons based on the row at which you finish the game.

8) Win Guaranteed Coupons of ₹15 to ₹200, Win Flipkart Coupons based on the number of coins collected, and Collect more coins to get bigger rewards.

9) Coupons will be saved in my rewards and can be redeemed from 3rd to 9th May 2022.

Terms and conditions –

  • This offer is live during the period between 25th April 2022 and 9th May 2022. The rewards earned under this offer can be redeemed during the period of the May Big Saving Days Sale 2022, 3rd May 2022 – 9th May 2022 (“Redemption Period”).
  • Users of the Flipkart mobile application (on supported Android devices) who participate in ‘Snakes Ladder‘ game starting from 25th April 2022 and ending on 9th May 2022 will stand a chance to win any one or more of the below rewards upon successful completion of each level of the game(‘Offer’). The rewards listed below (‘Rewards’) will be allocated randomly upon successful attainment of the corresponding score/level within the game. The game is available only on the Flipkart Mobile application (on supported Android devices).
  • Users will be eligible for the abovementioned ‘Rewards’ only upon playing the game and successfully recording a score/level in the game and also by claiming the reward by clicking the ‘My Rewards’ Icon.
  • The user will get two chances to play the game daily (gameplays) and no extra chances will be given. Upon exhausting the two daily gameplays, the user must come the next day to play the game in the duration of the game being live.
  • Rewards may be redeemed only in respect of eligible products as determined by sellers on the Flipkart platform (‘Eligible Products’).
  • Any Reward once redeemed will not be reusable if the order in respect of which the Reward is redeemed is canceled.
  • Redemption of Rewards is possible subject to pin code serviceability. Rewards under this offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  • The list of Eligible Products will be displayed on the My Rewards page. You can check the list of all offers applicable on a particular product, on the product page on the Flipkart platform.
  • This Offer will also be listed there if that particular product is Rewards cannot be redeemed on products purchased or booked under pre-order deals.
  • Users will be able to see rewards that they are winning at the end of each gameplay depending on the score / level they are able to achieve
  • Users who have won a reward can redeem the Rewards through the ‘My Rewards’ section on the Flipkart mobile application (on supported Android devices) between 3rd May 2022 to 9th May 2022 (May Big Savings Day Sale 2022)
  • The Rewards will also be automatically applied to the Eligible Products if it is the best offer available to the user during the May Big Savings Day Sale 2022. Rewards can be redeemed only on one (1) order per user during the Offer Period.

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