Wizely App Offer – Signup ₹50 + Create Saving Plan ₹100 PayTM Cash

Wizely App Offer – Wizely App Loot, Wizely App Refer & Earn, Wizely App Refer Earn Now. Get Sign Up Rs.15 and Create A Your Saving Plan Earn Rs.100 Instantly In Bank Account Via UPI Credited Now. Rewards Claim for Instant Added Now. Minimum Rewards Rs.5 Instant Redeem and Free Paytm Cash – Earn ₹10,000/Monthly

Just A Create New Account and Simple Away Questions & Answers Submitted In Deities Now. Wellness Score – Sign Up Bonus 350 ❤️ Wellness and Calim Rewards ₹5 Minimum Amount Of Withdraw Now. See How Wizely Can Help You Increase Your Score & Maximum Rewards Up to ₹3,000 Now.

Welcome To Wizely Steps:-

  • Check Financial Scores & Win Rewards
  • Set Budget & Manage Expenses
  • Start Saving for Goals
  • Receive Smart Tips & Alerts To Always Stay On Track

You Can Use Unlimited Method Just Created A New Account Another Mobile Number Via & Earn Cashback Instant ₹5 From Easy Work. Increase Your Wellness Score & Claim More Cashback Rewards From Direct Paytm UPI Bank Account Now.

Wizely App Offer

Hey, check out Wizely App! You can earn cashback of Upto Rs. 3000 for signing up and using the app. Your Referral Code SHJQ460 and Referral Link Now. Invite A Friends To Earn Rs.10 Per Install & Submit Answers Now.

Big Loot Don’t Miss: Every signup referee will get Rs.15 & the one who Sign up will get Rs.100 on purchase of any Wizely saving plan. When you refer a friend, you will earn 15 and your friend will earn 100 when they create their first Saving Plan (limited time offer) You and your friend both earn 15each when they keep the Saving Plan active for 30 days.

Hey, check out the Wizely App! You can earn cashback of upto Rs. 1000 for signing up and using the app, Your Referral Code: SHJQ460 and Referral Link:

Wizely App Offer – Sign Up Rs.15 + Create Saving Plan Rs.100 Instant In Bank UPI

1. First Of All, Wizely App Download From To Link Here:-

2. Installing App & To Be Open It Now.

3. Let’s Get Started Button & Next Steps Get Sign Up Account

4. You Have A Must Enter Referral Code – SHJQ460

Wizely App Offer

4. Enter Your Mobile Number To Proceed In Next Button With Verify OTP

Wizely App Offer

5. Finally Create A Account & Fill It Basic Details Like Name, Email & D.O.B

Wizely App Offer

6. Setup A 4 Digit Security PIN & Confirm PIN Now

7. Answer A Few Questions On Survey Types

8. Get Personalised Recommendations To Assured Rewards Cashback

Wizely App Offer

9. Wellness TAB Section & Show Your Wellness ❤️ Score 350 + Already Available

Wizely App Offer

10. Rewards Upto ₹3000 Now! Eligible Rewards Claim Now To Earn Cashback and Create a Saving Plan For 30 Days

Wizely App Offer

11. Enter Your Any UPI ID & Claim Now

Wizely App Offer

12. Got It! Rewards Claimed Now. Your Cash Reward Will Reach Your Bank Account Shortly

Wizely App Offer

13. Now, You Will, Cashback Instant Added But In Rare Cases it May Take Up to 4 Business Days

Wizely App Offer

Steps for users to redeem the Rs.100

1. Use the referral link to sign up for the Wizely app

2. Go to the Savings tab which you can find in the bottom right corner of the Home Screen

3. Create a Saving Plan

4. Go to the Invite page on the top right corner of the Home Screen

5. CLick On Redeem Button Choose Your UPI ID To Claim Rewards

5. To instantly redeem your referral reward of Rs.100

6. You Will, Credit By Bank Account UPI ID Via Link

Wizely App Offer

Increase Wellness Score & Earn Cashback Rewards Upto ₹3000 Now!

  • Reach 350 Wellness Score – Rs.5 CashbackReach 400 Wellness Score – Rs.15 Cashback
  • Reach 450 Wellness Score – Rs.30 Cashback
  • Reach 500 Wellness Score – Rs.50 Cashback
  • Reach 550 Wellness Score – Rs.75 Cashback
  • Reach 600 Wellness Score – Rs.100 Cashback
  • Reach 650 Wellness Score – Rs.125 Cashback
  • Reach 700 Wellness Score – Rs.150 Cashback
  • Reach 800 Wellness Score – Rs.250 Cashback
  • Reach 900 Wellness Score – Rs.500 Cashback
  • Reach 1000 Wellness Score – Rs.1000 Cashback

Wizely – Invite To Friends & Earn ₹100

  • Firstly, Home Screen TAB
  • Then Top Side Invite Friends
  • Share Your Referral Link
  • Earn Rs.15 for Every friend that Signs up
  • Get Extra Rs.100 After Create Thir First Saving Plan
  • Earn Rs.15 Each When They Keep The Saving Plan Active for 30 Days
Wizely App Offer

Unlimited Tricks Wizely App – Earn Cashback Rewards FREE ₹5 Instant Added

  1. Firstly, Clearly Date In Wizely App Now
  2. Get A Started! Create a New Account
  3. Sign Up Mobile Number New
  4. Basics Questions Answers Survey Types
  5. Free Wellness Score ❤️350+
  6. Claim Cashback Rewards
  7. Minimum ₹5 Instant UPI Via Withdrawal
  8. Again Same Method Loot Lo🔥

Conclusion – Your Wellness Score Improves when you improve your Finance Now. Your Score ❤️ improves when you follow Wizely App Offer and Personalised Recommendations to spend smarter and build a savings habit 💚 Now.

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