Welive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer – Free Amazon Prime 3 Month

Welive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer – VISA Infinite credit card offer by Welive Thriwe for you can use this your credit card and gets lots of benefits and it mega benefits is a 3 months amazon prime membership, Big Basket free Gift card worth Rs.250, 6 months PharmEasy subscription &, etc much more for introducing for complete information& steps following below…

Enrich the stay at home experience. Unlock various lifestyle, wellness, and entertainment offers that are truly valuable, engaging, and hassle-free. Register now using a valid and unique VISA Infinite credit card number

Apart from these complimentary benefits enjoy a 15% discount on golf games across India and Car Sanitization Services by Droom

*Customer has to first redeem the 6-month Membership & then post its expiry, activate the next 6-month membership ***Can only be redeemed at select Hilton Hotels as per the hotel policy

What will you get as benfites:

  1. Cult.fit: 6 months Cult.Live subscription
  2. Airport lounges: A Flat 15% discount on all airport lounges in India
  3. Big Basket: INR 250 Gift card
  4. Amazon Prime: 3 months Amazon Prime subscription
  5. PharmEasy: 6 months subscription
  6. 12 Nutrition counseling sessions (Capped to 1 session per month)
  7. Flat 50% off on Golf, Basketball and Football coaching
  8. 4 Golf coaching session (Max 1 session per quarter)
  9. Flat 30% off on Premium Spa facilities (Capped to 1 discounted access per month)
  10. Flat 30% off on health checkup gold packages
  11. Complimentary Dining Voucher worth Rs. 1000***
elive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

How to Get Free Amazon Voucher for 3 Months in Use Welive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

1. First Of All, Visit the Log in to https://weliveexp.thriwe.com/

2. Enter first 6 and last 4 digit of your VISA Infinite credit card.

elive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

Please Note: This offer is valid for select cards only.

3. To complete the registration, validate your credit card by doing a pre-auth for INR 1. Kindly use the mention card details only to proceed further.

elive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

4. Upon successful registration, a unique Membership ID number will be released on your mobile/desktop screen. Kindly copy or take a screenshot of the membership ID for future use.

elive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

Please Note : The shared membership ID will NOT be shared through any other medium in future. Also, this is valid for 1 membership ID only. You will NOT be allowed to release any new membership ID in future on one credit card.

5. Download ‘Thriwe’ Mobile App on your mobile or use the links below. The App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

elive Thriwe Visa Credit Card Offer

6. Signup using your Email ID, phone number, and other required details. Verify your email ID/phone number to register successfully.

7. While registering, add your Membership ID to automatically activate these benefits.

8. In case you have missed adding the Membership ID during sign-up, don’t worry you can still add it under the ‘My Pass’ tab at the bottom of the app.

9. Explore the app and choose your favorite service. Kindly go through the redemption process of each carefully before using any coupon.

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