Thums Up World Cup Unique Code – Win World Cup 2023 Tickets

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code is – Use the Invite Code ’02D1F3′ on the Thums Up ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Contest and Stand a chance to win Tickets and caps. Apply Thumbs Up Word Up Unique Code and you will get the free Word Up ticket now and how to participate in the contest.

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

Grab a Thumbs Up and Start playing for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Tickets and More. Win ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Tickets. 5159 tickets won so far! 

How to win? you can win the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Tickets. Exclusive Merchandise rewards prize likely Cup.

Thums Fan Pulse and find out what India has to say. You can check it now. Daily Toss: Karo Toss & Be a Boss! Win up to 2 match Coins daily. Below is the Following Step into the Toofani AR-ena Get closer to the action and win big!

How to Participate in Thums Up World Cup Contest – Win Tickets & Cap

1. First of all, Visit the link from Thums up World Cup Contest and Win Free Tickets

2. Tap on the Login Button

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

3. Enter Mobile Number & Continue

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

4. Enter the 6 Digit OTP Code and Verify it

5. Enter Your Name & Email Address to the Sign Up Now

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

6. Who will win the World Cup? [ Vote Now ]

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

7. That’s a Big One! You win 1 victory Coin and Your vote has been added to the Thums Up Fan Pulse

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

8. Collect all 5 digital Victory Coins to claim your World Cup Ticket

Thums Up World Cup Unique Code

How to Find Unique Code

Participants wishing to enter the Promotion can do so only through The Participant can participate subject to the following terms:

1. Buy a Thums Up Promotion Product.

2. Scan the QR code on the Promotion Product to visit the Promotion Website from

3. Register with a valid mobile number and accept these Terms and the Promotion Website’s Privacy Policy to Participate in this Promotion.

4. Vote for the country you think will win the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 to collect assured digital ICC Victory Coin (1983).

5. You can vote upto a maximum of one time in a day, but you can keep voting every day. For each vote, you will be eligible to win a maximum of one digital Victory Coin (1983) per day.

6. Enter Unique Code from behind the label or under the crown of your Promotion Pack to collect a digital ICC Victory Coin.

7. This Victory Coin can be one of the following four types: 2007, 2011, 2013, 2023.

8. The Victory Coins will be allocated basis randomized selection, and it is possible that you may win the same kind of Victory Coin more than once. Each Victory coin denotes iconic moments in India team’s cricket history

9. Keep collecting Victory Coins till you complete the set of 5 unique digital Victory Coins (1983, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2023).

10. As soon as yourset is complete, you will be eligible to win a match ticket. A maximum of two (2) match tickets can be won per mobile number during the promotion period.

11. Fill out a claim form to get your match ticket delivered to you. In addition to providing your shipping details, you will need to provide 3 preferences of venues for which you may want the tickets. While it will be our endeavor to fulfil your preferences as best possible, CCIPL does not guarantee that you will be allocated a ticket for a venue of your choice. Filling out your claim form as soon as possible may improve your chances of getting a ticket as per your preferred venue.

12. Participants can also play for exclusive Merchandise, as defined in Clause 7, by logging in and collecting digital Match Coins for performing the following activities:

13. A set of five (5) Match Coins or 5 Victory Coins of any type make a participant eligible to redeem these against a piece of Merchandise. A maximum of two (2) pieces of merchandise can be redeemed per mobile number during the promotion period.

14. Winners will be notified on the Promotion Website and also be informed through SMS, WhatsApp message or Email (as per details provided while registering).

Apply Unique Code to Claim Your World Cup Ticket

Step 1: Find the Unique Code on the Pack

Step 2: Enter a Unique Code to Thums up World Cup

Step 3: Get a Victory Coin

Step 4: Collect all 5 Victory Coins to win

Step 5: Collect Now and Cast your vote and Win a 1983 Coin

Last date to claim ticket: 15th September 2023

Enter Invite Code

1. Go to the Invite Code Box Option

2. Enter your friend 6 Digit Invite Code & Earn 1 Match Coin

3. Invite Code is – 02D1F3

3. Won a Free World Cup Tickets

Refer and Earn

Invite your friends to participate for get 1 match coin when your friend signs up and users your invite code

1. Enter Your Friends Mobile Number

2. Click on the Submit button Press now

3. We will send a message an invite code to your friends

4. Use the friends link via signup and earn more match Coins

How to Claim Rewards Tickets & Caps

1. Login Your Account

2. Go to My Wallet option

3. Claim Now for Tickets & Cap

4. After Claiming to receive rewards for tickets and Cap

How to Win

Collect 5 digital match Coins and redeem them for exclusive ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Merchandise

  • Daily Toss: Win Up to 2 Match Coin
  • Refer a Friend: Win 1 Match Coin for each friend invited
  • Complete Profile: Win 1 Match Coin

You can redeem up to 2 pieces of merchandise

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