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The Panel Station Survey

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Hello Guys, Be a Part Of Our Community To Enjoy Freebies. Share With Friend’s Your Opinion Brands and Extra Reward Points When Your Speed The Word. Get Panel Station Reddem Rewarded Voucher and Earn Paytm Cash Claim Your Points.

Refer & Earn Offer – Hey, I just shopped Online to Earning Free Cash With My Free TPS Rewards Points. You Can Do It Enter My Referral Code FPX4DE While Filling Out. The Easy Registration Form The Panel Station and Win Your Starting Bonus of 500 Reward Points.

The Panel Station Survey

How It Works! Easy 3 (Three) Steps

1. Register with Us!

  • It’s simple and easy to get on board. We make sure of your data privacy!

2. Participate in Surveys 

  • Participate via mobile or desktop. Do it in an easy fashion!

3. Earn Rewards?

  • Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart
The Panel Station Survey

How To The Panel Station Sign Up & Earn Cash Vouchers Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon –

1. First Of All, Go-To Visit The Sign-Up Page Open For Given Link Here –

2. Just “Scroll Down” & Show Up Register Now It’s Free Account

3. Click On Register Button Now & Enter Fill Your Details

The Panel Station Survey
  • Email –
  • Full Name (Female)Sanchita Dey
  • Select Gender – Female (Important)
  • DOB – 14/06/1997 (Age 18 +)
  • Mobile Number – +91 9563367530 (Verify With OTP Your Mobile Number)
  • Apply Refer CodeFPX4DE (Must Important)
  • Select City – Allahabad, Ajmir, Varanasi (Small City)
  • Employment Status – Student
  • Trams & ConditionsClick On Tick To Yes, Yes, Yes
  • Finally Detlies Fill – Than Click On Join Us

4. Then Go-To Your “Email Box” Verification Receive & Click “Confirm” In This, You are The Panel Station Account.

Note: Verify Your Gmail Address  & Complete 1 Minute. (Profile Survey Rs.120 Instant)

5. After Confirmation Then Again eMail Receive In Check Your email box

6. So e-mail Mancation Is The Account Log-In Details For “User Name” Or “Password” Now

7. You Are Done Successfully Complete Your Sign-Up Process Now

How To The Panel Station Login Your Account

1. Firstly, Go-To The Log-In Page For Given Link Here –

Login Now

2. Then Make Sure Fill Your Same Details, “User Name” Or “Password” Enter Now

3. Just Click On Simple Sign In Button Option

4. Then Make Sure Done & You Are Account Is Finally Login Successfully

The Panel Station Full Strategy Watch This Video (Credit Links)

How To Get The First Survey and Earn ₹300 Reward Points 

1. Just For Wait and Again “Survey Mail” Receive In Your Gmail Account

2. Click On Get “Start Survey” Station Now

3. Then Open Your Survey Page & Simply “Question Answering” In Right Now Away

4. Then Simple Short & Easy Survey In Your Finally Complete Now

5. You, Will, Get ₹300 Points Credited In Panel Station Account Witten 24 Working Hours

6. Account Is Chacking For Reward Points Receive In Done

How To Get Earn ₹1200 Reward Points For Panel Station

1. Firstly, Go-To “My Account” & Click On “Profile Section” Now

2. Then Your Complete (Four) 4th Profile Now

3. Just Easy Ways Complete Your Basic Details Fill Like – Name, Mobile Number, Date Of Birth, etc.

4. Done Successfully, You Will Get ₹1200 Reward Point Receive In Your The P.Station Account Credited In 24 Working Hours.

How To Get Daily Survey & Earn Unlimited Reward Points

1. Firstly, Daily Visit “Panel Station” Website & Open Your Dashboard Section

2. Or, Day-By-Day Chacking For Register In Your Survey Email Box

3. Just Simple “Question-Answer” Right Now For Daily Survey

4. You Are Done, Successfully Complete Your 3- 4 Minutes Easy Daily Survey Now

5. You, Will, Get Daily Survey Reward Points Received In Your Account Within 24 Working Hours

6. Get Set Chacking Your Reward Point Section and Receive Now

7. EveryDay Easy Way Complete This Panel Station For Daily Survey Now and Earning Points For Day-By-Day

How To The Panel Station Refer And Earn 500 Rewards Ponts

1. Firstly, Go-To The Dashboard Section Now

2. Click On “Refer a Friend” & Enter Name Or Email Id

3. Then Click On “Refer Now” And Get Set Send Referral Link With Sending E-mail Id Now

4. Another Option For Sharing Links Now

5. #Copy Referral Link and Refer A Friend What’s App, Telegram, Facebook Etc.

6. Done, Your Referral Link Via Register The Panel Station Account and Per Referral Bonus 500 Points

7. You earn 500 referral points (Only upon completion of their first survey)

8. Your Friend Earns 500 Points For Joining Bonus.

9. You can Refer a Maximum of 5 friends in a month.

The More, The Merrier!

So, Get Your Gang In, Now!

Unlimited Earn Reward Strategy Watch This Video (Credit Link)

How To Check Reward Points For Survey Panel Station

1. Firstly, Go To Dashboard Section For The P-Station Account

2. Then Click On My “Account Option” & Rewards Points Now

3. Then Checking Your Reward Points and Your Total Points Balance For “Redeemed” Now

4. Make Sure Used This Points, Then Otherwise Expire This Point Is a Receive Month.

5. You Can Also Point This Section For Detailed View The History

How To Redeem Reward Points To Paytm/Flipkart/Amazon Voucher

1. Firstly, Go-To Panel Station In “My Account Section” Now

2. Then Your Earning Points Redeem” Now

3. Click On “Redeem” Button At The Top Section

4. Enter Mobile Number With Verify Now

5. Choose Your Redeem To Point For Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon Voucher Etc.

6. Minimum Redeem @ Of 3000 Points

Reward Points 3000 = INR ₹300

7. You Are Done Successfully, Complete Your Redeem This Voucher and Receive In Your Gmail Account Witten 24 Working Hours

The Panel Station Survey

How To Play Lucky Draw Contest On The Panel Station

1. Firstly, Participate For Contests And Win Amazing Rewards

2. Participants Of Contests In Recommend For Buy Tickets In The P. Station Website

4. The “Entry Ticket” and Participate Lucky Draw Contest

5. Then Chances To Winning Rewards Points

6. Entry Tickets For Available 500 Reward Points

How To The Panel Station Mobile App For Android / iOS

1. First Fo All, Download The PanelStation App For Below Link Here –

Download Now

2. Install / Open Your App Now

3. Login Your Same Account & Same Procedure & Feature For Website / App Now.

5. This App Is Very First Working In Redeem, Sign-Up, Refer & Earn, Etc.

Welcome To Our Community!

Your Voice, Our Panel, Better Brands!.

Making your opinion count has never been easier! We are here to help build a better brand experience with ‘Your Opinion’ for ‘You’!. The Panel Station Paytm Cash is a diverse community of over 3.71 million consumers from over 35 world’s fastest-growing economies around the globe.

About Us!

We are loyalty and rewards-based platform. We are here to bridge the gap between you and your favorite brand. The Panel Station helps brands understand their consumers’ opinions. And no it’s not done for free, because your Opinion matters, Rewards worth $2 Million are won each year for investing your time and sharing your opinion.

We provide real-time insights to premier brands based on the opinion of 3.15 million panelists in our community. We are currently present in more than 35 growing economies where the panelist shares their opinion through online surveys.

Contact Need Assistance With The panel station Registration?

We’ll get you the help you need.

Please Write to Us on –

Why Opinions?

The global names in the products and services industry look forward to real-time consumer feedback. Based on this feedback these brands make changes and improvements to their products and services. Your opinion helps the brands understand the changing needs and progressive demands which are not being catered to in the market. We help you assist with brand innovation. Your opinion is shaping the world of products and services.

Why Rewards?

We reward our panellists in exchange for their valuable opinion. The Panel Station is on a mission to empower our panellists

by providing them with the fastest and easiest source of earning money online. Taking surveys makes it easier for you to earn money from home and from your own comfort zone.

Our Aim –

The goal of The Panel Station is to empower and facilitate the luxury of earning money online with zero investment. We help all those who are looking forward to earning money online regularly and with no hassle. We have reached more than 3 million people and altered their lives with the best online platform to earn money. And yes we are going to empower millions more. Do you want to be one of them?

FAQ Solved For Full Panel Station Reviews

  • What is the panel station?
  • What is the panel station all about?
  • Is the panel station safe?
  • How do you redeem a panel station?
  • How can I make fast money online?
  • How do I unsubscribe from the panel station?
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