Tetmosol 20 20 Cup Contest – Stand Chance to Win Rs.1 Crore

Tetmosol 20 20 Cup Contest – How to Participate in this new Tetmosol 20-20 Cup Contest 2021 and Stand Chance to Win Rs.1 Crore Cash Prizes and Rewards Prizes. You Can All those readers to Get Registered Now. This is a very limited time period to contest Now.

How to Play this a very Simple just You Can Purchasing on this product item for Tetmosol and now, visiting microsite to enter you are basic details and upload a selfie with Tetmosol Now. Use Tetmosol every day and stand a chance to win exciting prizes during the world cup now.

Only 1 (one) Participant shall be eligible for 1st Prize followed by 1 (one) participant eligible for 2nd Prize, 2 (two) participants being eligible for 3rd Prize, 5 (Five) Participants eligible for 4th Prize, 10 (Ten) Participants eligible for 5th Prize and 50 participants would be eligible for the winning Bed Sheets as specified hereinabove.

The contest shall be announced and communicated by the Company through print media including through newspapers and/or through digital media including through Radio vide videos and other modes. All the participants can take part in the contest by following the procedure mentioned below.

Tetmosol 20 20 Cup Contest

Tetmosol 20 20 Cup Contest – Stand Chance to Win Rs.1 Crore

1. Go-to Nearybe Offline Stores Tetmosol Soap & Dusting Powder Or Visit to Buy Online to Link Here

2. Then Visit the link www.tetmosolcontest.in

3. Select the language of your choices to participate in this contest

4. Participant shall be required to share his/her details and thereafter answer the question in the quiz

5. The participant will also have to upload a selfie of his/her with Tetmosol Soap Wrapper or Tetmosol Dusting Powder in jpeg format having a max 2 MB size of the image.

6. Once all the questions are answered correctly and required images and details are shared, participants will be eligible to proceed to the next level of the contest i.e to predict the match winners.

7. Participants will have to test their cricket skills by predicting the winners correctly for all Group stages, Super 12, Semifinals, and Finals.

8. Participants will also be required to predict correctly the final two teams who will be reaching the Final match before predicting the winner for the Final match.

9. The proof of purchase of the product is not a requirement to participate in the contest. Stand a Chance to Win 1 Crore Cash Prizes & Rewards Now

Terms & Condition –

1. This contest is open to the residents of India except in the State of Tamil Nadu in view of the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act, 1979.

2. The contest period is for limited period between 22nd September’21 to 16th October’21, and the decision to extend or modify or cancel the said period as well as any of the Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) solely lies with the Company.

3. Participant will be required to provide photo identity and address proof which includes detailed residential address and age (Election Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card & Aadhaar Card).

4. Individual less than 18 years of age shall not be qualified to participate in the contest. The residential address as mentioned in the photo identity proof so shared shall be the place of delivery and none else. Participant(s) submitting forged documents as identity proof and/or misrepresenting their identity and/or giving false declaration/information shall be disqualified from the contest forthwith as and when the same comes to the knowledge of the Company.

5. Every Participant shall be eligible for single entry only. Neither more than one participant will be allowed to enter the contest using one mobile number nor the same participant can use different mobile numbers for more than one entry and each participant can be eligible only for one prize.

6. As per section 194B of the Income Tax Act, 1961, all the winnings over and above Rs 10,000/- will be subject to a TDS of 30% plus cess and surcharge.

7. Since, the TDS is the responsibility of the Company, sharing of a copy of PAN no. shall be mandatory and pre-condition (before dispersal) for each participant winning the prize with MRP above Rs. 10,000/-.

8. The participants are hereby informed that the TDS towards the respective prize money whether in cash or kind would have to be borne by the respective prize winner themselves.

9. The cash prize money shall be disbursed post adjustment of the TDS Amount. Whereas, the prize to be disbursed in kind for an amount exceeding Rs. 10,000/- shall be handed over to the winner once the winner has made the payment towards TDS on his own to the Company before the prize is handed over to the winner.

10. The company will issue Form 16A as proof of the amount collected towards TDS payment to the Government within 15 days from the due date of filing the TDS statement for the relevant quarter in which the prize is awarded.

11. The distributor and/or retailer and/or advisors and/or advertising agency and/or media house and/or their employees/relatives (relatives shall include spouse, children, and parents) and/or employees (or their relatives) of the Company or its subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the contest and any participant from the above will be disqualified.

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