Swiggy Match Day Mania – Get 60% OFF Upto Rs.120 On Food Order

Swiggy Match Day Mania – Swiggy Match Day Mania Loot, Swiggy Match Day Mania Offer, and Playing This New Exclusive Game to The Earn Scores to Swiggy Money Wallet Balance. Use The Swiggy Balance to Order Swiggy Food and 100% Redeemable and Payable. Use Code SWIGGYIT & get 60% OFF on Orders Above Rs.129 Maximum Discount Rs.120.

Match Day Mania Game Starting from April to May Month 2022. This is s new tasking game just like a Swiggy game Joni and Juggle master you can play the game to Score Runs and earn Swiggy Money.

Upcoming Swiggy Match Day Offer from Starting April to May Month 2022. now, Big Brands and Bug Discount Upto 60% OFF Now.

Match Day Deals – Try Something New for Exclusive deals on Restaurants you haven’t tried before. Get Party Ready for Grab big discount on large orders. You can catch crazy Deals on big brands from just as Burger King, McDonald’s, Oven Story, KFC, and More Brands

Swiggy Match Day Mania

Swiggy Match Day Mania Offer – Get 60% OFF Up to Rs.120 On Food Order

1. Firstly, Download Swiggy App From Google Play Store to Link Here

2. Login Your Swiggy All Account New / Old & Go It New Banner Show Dashboard Section

3. MatchDay Maina Offer & get Up to 60% Off for Selected Restaurants

4. Add To Cart On Your Favorite Food Of Min.₹129 and Maximum Discount Rs.120

5. Use Coupon Code: SWIGGYIT

6. Enter Your Delivery Food Address and NExt Payment Page is Here

7. Now, Payment Method for Using Any Your Preferred and get Up to Rs.120 in 60% Instant Discount

8. You Have a Done Complete the Transaction and Delivery Food Within 20 to 30 Minutes successfully

9. Keep Enjoy It, Please Below Comment 😃 Feedback and In Perfect Match of Offerstreats & more.

3rd New Trick Swiggy Match Day Mania Game Day 3 Complete Done

1. Let the helmets fall on the ground first.

2. Now Place Your 3 Fingers or 4 Fingers on the GREEN AREA

3. Keep moving all your fingers Left & right fast for 30-40 Seconds.

4. Do not Lift your fingers from the screen at any cost.

5. Fingers should remain attached to the screen in that green area.

6. Keep moving all fingers left-right without even caring about helmets.

7. After 30-40 seconds at least 2 helmets will be stuck at the top.

8. Then You can complete the game easily By playing with 1 helmet

2nd Trick Day 3 to complete swiggy match day mania using Autoclicker app

  1. Note: Try at u r own risk
  2. Just sharing the experience
  3. Install Autoclicker app
  4. At multi targets mode – settings—-delay 20 milli seconds
  5. enable and press + 3 times and place it in the middle as shown in the screensho
  6. And at swiggy match day mania page start game and press play

1st Tricks Day 2

1- Guys open Swiggy match day mania and click on the 2nd-day game

2- When all gloves drop on the ground then use your 6-7 finger and click on the ground continuously

3. After 5-6 seconds your all gloves rotating automatically in the air … And u easily complete the 2nd-day game

4. Try it once it’s very easy.

Open the game, let gloves fall.. then start clicking at the bottom of the screen as fast as u can, with as many fingers as u can Without caring for the position of the glove or if it touches the ground.

after some time, either all 3gloves or at least 2 will get stuck in the top right or top left corner.. then play with the remaining glove (if 2get stuck) OR left timer for 50sec (if all gloves are stuck).

Swiggy Match Day Mania

Swiggy Match Day Mania – Free ₹120 Swiggy Money, Cashback, 60% OFF

1. Download Swiggy App to Link Here:-

2. Enter Mobile Number With Verify OTP and Login Your Are Swiggy All Accounts

3. Then Visit Link Swiggy Match Day Mania Offer Page

4. Automatic Redirect to Swiggy App and Offer Page Now

5. Enter Referral Code – IN3FU68O

6. Have A Validate Your Code and Start for Make MatchDay Rewarding

Swiggy Match Day Mania

How To Play Swiggy Match Day Mania Games to Earn Runs 360 (3Runs =₹1 Swiggy Money)

1. Click Here How to Play The Game for Swiggy Match Minia

Swiggy Match Day Mania

2. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 And Click On Playing this game to Score Runs & Swiggy Money

Swiggy Match Day Mania
  • Day 1 – Unlock 16th Sep to the Play juggle for 100Sec to Score 75 Runs (₹25 Swiggy Money Earn)
  • Day 2 – Unlock 17th Sep to the Play juggle for 50Sec to Score 75 Runs (₹25 Swiggy Money Earn)
  • Day 3 – Unlock 18th Sep to the Play juggle for 20Sec to Score 150 Runs (₹50 Swiggy Money Earn)

3. Tap On The Objects to keep them on the Air

4. Day by Day Playing this game and earn Scores to earn Swiggy Money

5. You Can Score Upto 360 Runs Total And 3 Runs = 1 Swiggy Money

6. Swiggy Money Will be Credited To Your Wallet By 25th Sep 2022.

7. Get Your Swiggy Money Wallet Activated Now

Additional Perks On Cashback

Swiggy Money – Activate & Top Up Your Swiggy Money Wallet & Get Upto ₹500 Extra.

Amazon Pay – Additional ₹25 Cashback In Amazon Pay transaction

Cred pay – Additional Discount of ₹50 Off Valid for Cred members.

Paytm – Additional ₹25 Cashback on Paytm transaction

Earn More Score Runs Upto 60 Make Matching Rewarding for Now

1. Invite Your Friends

2. Validate your referral code

3. To Earn Upto 60 Runs

4. You Have Enter Referral Code

5. Share Your Code Now and Earn Swiggy Money

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