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After I was hit by a drunk driver, I was swamped with medical bills and endless phone calls. I didn’t know whether the bill collectors and the insurance companies were trying to take advantage of me, and it was overwhelming.

Once I hired Alex, he handled every bill and every phone call, and he kept fighting until he had maxed out both the drunk driver’s policy and my own underinsured motorist policy. I had no idea my case was worth so much. Because of Alex, I was finally able to relax and move forward.

Sue Drunk Driver T-Shirt FREE

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Sue Drunk Driver T-Shirt FREE

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Being hit by a drunk driver can throw your life into chaos. The trauma of the accident and the pain of your injuries may be only the beginning.

As the medical bills pile up and the pressure from the insurance company increases, you may be overwhelmed with uncertainty about how to protect your interests.

We can help you understand your case and get the compensation you deserve so you can get back to your life.

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