(Proof ₹1,000) Mini Joy App – Sign-Up ₹51 | ₹23/Per Refer | Paytm Cash


Mini Joy Refer & Earn

Earn Free Paytm Cash | ₹51 Sign-Up | ₹23/Per Referral Mini Joy App Offer

(Loot App) Mini Joy App Offer – How To Play Games and Earn Paytm Cash Loot Reward To Install MiniJoy App Refer and Offer. Sign-Up Bonus Upto ₹51 and Get ₹23 Per Invite & Earn Mini Joy App Friend. New Trusted On Genuine App 2019 to Earn Money Paytm Cash. Minimum Withdraw Amount Of ₹1. Offer Valid For Limited Time Period.

Earn Money – Come To Play Game & Loot Earn Money With Millions Of Players Participate For MiniJoy App. Choices Your Favourite Game Daily ₹500 Grab In Have Fun! You Can Get Free Joy Reward Which Can be redeemed to Cash. 1023 Players have won more then ₹50,000 Cash. The Sooner You Download App & Join Us, Make Sure more you earn Money!????

Mini Joy App Offer

Contest Of MiniJoy App –

  • Tournament
  • Joy Contest
  • Cash Contest
  • Championship
  • Multiplayer

Mini Joy App Offer

How To 4th Ways To Earn Money (Mini Joy Pro App)

  • Daily Tasks
  • Grab Games
  • Spin & Win
  • Free Joy Cash Earn

Mini Joy App Offer

Pay-Box – Sign-Up ₹50 & Per Referral ₹5 Paytm Cash

Mini Joy App Offer – Get Upto ₹51 Sign-Up On ₹23 Per Refer & Earn

1. First Of All, Go-To Visit Minijoy Offer Page For Below Link Here –

Visit Now

2. Then Click On “Get Money Now” & Download “MiniJoy Pro” APK File Automatic Or Manual Download Below Link Here –

Download Now 

Mini Joy App Offer

3. Install Apk File & Simply Open Here

Mini Joy App Offer

4. Sign-Up With Mobile Number & Verified OTP Account Now

Mini Joy App Offer

5. Enter Your “User Name” & Select Gender For Male Or Female

Mini Joy App Offer

5. Apply Cash Reward Invite Code –


Note – Must Important This Apply Invite Code Than Eligible Refer Earn Program and Sign-Up Bonus Credited 

Mini Joy App Offer

6. Successfully Finished Him & Chack In To Get More Cash Reward Upto ₹51 For Sign-Up Bonus

Mini Joy App Offer

How To ₹23 Refer & Earn Loot Mini Joy App Offer

1. Click On Invite Section & Than Click On “Invite & Earn” Options Now

Mini Joy App Offer

2. Share the event page with your friends. Only if your friends download MiniJoy through your link and use your invite code, your invitations succeed.

3. You can only invite users who have not filled in an invite code before.

4. Once your referral finishes the tasks, you can get rewards.

5. The limit for the invitation is 6000. If you can invite more than 6000 users, please Contact us

6. Prize Declaration: Refer rewards will be issued in the form of Joy 1000 Joy – ₹1

7. In order to protect users’ benefits, users who use improper ways to invite people will be disqualified to take part in this event and correspondent rewards will be deducted.

4Fun App – Sign-Up ₹50 & Per Refer ₹7 Paytm Cash

How To Withdraw Balance To Paytm Wallet

1. Firstly Go-To “Withdraw” Section Than Click “Redeem” Option Now

2. Choose Any Amount Of Minimum ₹1

3. Your Paytm Wallet is required to Transfer Balance to your MiniJoy account, then you can withdraw for MiniJoy Pro App.

4. You will be paid within 1 business day once your withdrawal request was submitted.

5. A maximum withdrawal amount Of Rs.1000 and withdrawal is limited to 3 times Of day, no matter it is successful or failed.

6. Once Time Using To Transaction, Then please try it the next day.

7. This Is A minimum withdraw Amount Of Rs.1 – Rs.100.

8. Complete your KYC of your Paytm account or you are unable to withdraw cash. Visit a KYC point near you – https://www.paytmbank.com/kyc

Mini Joy App Offer

MiniJoy App Paytm Cash Earn Watch This Video (Credit Link)

How To Daily Tasks Complete & Earn Cash

  • Newcomer Tasks –
  • Invite Friends Per ₹23 INR
  • Add To 6 Friend
  • Share Invite Link Friend
  • Daily Tasks
  • Invite 1 Friend
  • Finish 3 Wines In Rummey Chip Field
  • Finish 1 Wines In Rummey Chip Field
  • Participate in Quiz to divide Joy field 3 times

  • Joy Spin X 10
  • Finish 10 rounds Joy Contest with friends
  • Finish 10 rounds Joy Contest in Competent level
  • Finish 3 wins in TeenPatti
  • Finish 1 rounds Cash Contest in Competent level
  • Grab Treasure X 1
  • Cash Spin X 1

  • Finish 10 rounds Lucky Bet
  • Finish 5 rounds mini-game play
  • Finish 2 rounds Joy Champion
  • Finish 10 rounds Joy Contest in Beginner level

How To Grab Treasure Earn Money ????

Newcomer Guidance Click On “Grab” Now

  • 1st Step – Choices A Prize

  • 2nd Step – Choose Amount & Pay

  • 3rd Step – Calculate The Lucky Number

What’s this Grab Contests?

Get ₹10 GrabTreasure’ is a new event in MiniJoy. You can choose a prize you like and purchase a number so that you get a chance to win the prize

How to grab treasure?

Choose a prize – Click 「grab now」- Fill in the phone number – Purchase according to the guides

When to draw the lucky number?

Each phase has a fixed amount of numbers and will draw the lucky number within 5 minutes after the numbers are sold out. All participants will receive a draw notification.

The winner will receive a reminder message. Please keep attention.

Do I need to pay other fees after I win?

You don’t need to pay any fee after you win the prize.

Once you win, please submit the necessary information according to the notification and add the WhatsApp number of our staff. Then wait to receive your prize.

Prize distribution –

The prize will be mailed within 7 working days after you submit your information. If the product is out of stock or there are irresistible forces, the prize will be issued cash based on the market price to your MiniJoy account. The physical prize will be delivered by Amazon and no invoice. The electronic prize will be issued by our staff.

About TDS –

A tax of 31.2% will be deducted on winnings of Rs. 10,000 and above as per government regulations.

Other rules –

Once a user is found using illegal and improper methods to grab treasures, MiniJoy reserve the right to cancel the prize. MiniJoy reserve the final interpretation to end the event at any time.

How To Participate Of Gaming Contact 

1. Firstly Minijoy App Dashboard Section & Click On “Gold Cup” Option

2. So That Contest And Participate Us Now and Earn Money

When will you receive your money?

Once you withdraw successfully, you will receive your money within 1 business day. You can check the arrival time in Notification.

When on vacation or too many withdrawal requests exists, your withdrawal may be delayed. Please be patient.

Mini Joy App Offer

What should I do if I want to receive my money immediately?

There are strict rules related to cash withdrawal in MiniJoy. All withdrawal requests will be processed in a fixed time. Personal operation is not allowed. Please be patient.

How to change the linked Paytm account?

This function is not supported currently. Thanks for contacting us!

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About Us Mini Joy App Loot – 

The App Is Regedeed by Gaming Platform And Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash. Very Easy Game, Tournament, Contest, Invite a Friends to Earn Real Money Cash For Mini Joy App Offer. New Launch 2019 Most Expensive App on Earing Cash And Withdrawal Paytm Account.

Enjoy Mini Joy Pro App Refer & Earn Offer Hurry-Up!


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