Google Pay Snack Time Offer – Get Upto ₹30 Cashback

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer is – Gpay Snack Time Unique Code Apply and get up to ₹30 cashback rewards per Snack packet of Lay’s, Doritos, or Kurkure. Get the new latest Gpay Snack Cashback Offer and you will get claim free cashback rewards. Use the Unique Code and Claim Cashback Rewards

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

You are currently updating your Google Play Store app and login to your account and you are eligible to apply for this offer now.

Now, Purchasing a new Gpay Snack Packet will mention this offer and Earn up to ₹30 Cashback offer per packet of Lay’s Doritos or Kurkure. Only ₹20 or ₹30 snack packets with the Google Pay logo have codes inside! 

Collect 3 codes from snack packets Get a cashback offer for each unique 16-digit code collected, apply now Collecting unique code and get the cashback.

Apply Unique Code to Get Upto ₹30 Cashback on Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

1. Buy any Lay’s, Doritos, or Kurkure snack packet with the Google Pay logo on it.

2. Scan the QR code on the snack packet.

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

3. Open the pack to find the unique 16-digit code (“Code”) printed inside.

4. Go to the Gpay Snack Time Offer Page and [Apply Now Unique Code]

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

4. Enter the unique code on the offer landing page on Gpay Snack Time Offer

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

5. Google Pay (“Offer Page”) and claim your cashback offer in the form of a scratch card.

6. Redeem your scratch card to get up to ₹30 cashback (“Reward”) on making any next transaction using Google Pay in maximum 7 days.

7. Offer is valid from 10th July, 2023 till 31st March, 2024 or till stocks last or product expiry whichever is earlier (“Offer Period”). 

8. Collect 3 Codes during the Offer Period and earn up to 3 cashback offers.

9. Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app to see all features.

10. Offer subject to these rules and the terms and conditions below.

How to Participate in Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

1. First of all, Download Google Pay App from Latest Version in the Play Store

2. Open your Gpay App and log in to your existing account

3. You can go to the Google Pay Offers section and you will show it new Snack Offer

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

4. Buy a new latest packet of Lays, Kurkure, and Doritos

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

5. Please check before purchasing to GPay Cashback Offer

6. Scan the QR code printed on the packet of Lays, Kurkure, and Doritos

7. Find the unique 16-digit code printed inside the packet

Google Pay Snack Time Cashback Offer

8. You can go to Gpay Snack Offer to apply a unique voucher code

9. To claim your voucher, tap to Apply Voucher code

10. Enter the 16-digit code printed inside the snack packet.

11. Scan the 16-digit code on the Google Pay app scanner.

12. Done it, Complete your process and claim your rewards and you will receive a vouchers

13. To redeem the reward voucher, scratch the card. To earn ₹5 to 30 rupees instant cashback, make an eligible transaction on Google Pay within 7 days.

14. Complete the transaction and claim your cashback reward.

15. You’re welcome to play the game multiple times. However, rewards shall be disbursed only for 3 valid codes entered during the campaign.

Terms and Conditions

1. Unique code is for one-time usage only.

2. Only ₹20 or ₹30 packets of Lay’s, Doritos or Kurkure with the Google Pay logo on have Codes inside.

3. Scratch card will be given after each eligible Code is collected, and ₹5-30 cashback will be given after you successfully complete your next Google Pay transaction in 7 days.

4. New users who download Google Pay via the QR code on the packet will get a flat ₹20 or ₹30 scratch card per pack, depending on the price of the snack packet purchased. Existing users with a UPI linked account on Google Pay will get a up to ₹30 scratch card.

5. Scratch cards you receive will expire after 45 days if not scratched. Your scratch card will expire after 45 days if you do not have an account linked, or if issues with your linked account prevent cashback from being credited.

6. Any cashback that you earn will be added to your rewards channel and to your UPI-enabled bank account linked to Google Pay.

7. You can earn up to a total of ₹9,000 per financial year (1 April to 31 March), across all Google Pay offers.

8. The total number of qualifying transactions you can make as well as their amount is subject to applicable law, banking/payment system rules, merchant terms, and/or Google Pay terms.

9. You can only use one set of Google Pay credentials that has not been previously registered with Google Pay.

10. Each participant (identified by your unique mobile no. or UPI ID) can receive the Code a maximum of 3 times only, during the Offer Period.

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