CoinDCX Weekend Trading Festival Contest – Win $3000 TELOS | Winners

CoinDCX Weekend Trading Festival Contest – How to participate in the new Coindcx Campaign Program and stand a chance to win Prize Pool rewards of $3000 Crypto TELOS Tokens. Now, SImple task complete CoinDCX Weekend Trading Festival Contest it invests for a minimum of $500 in any tokens & gets rewards from a pool worth $3000 TELOS.

This Weekend, let’s trade and invest now, users are eligible for the reward till now. The minimum eligibility criteria is Rs. 500 worth of buy volume to qualify for the reward pool.

This Campaign Duration time till 23rd February, 2023 (Thursday) 3:00 PM to 27th February, 2023 (Monday) at 12:00 PM.

Participants (as defined below) can invest in any token(s) during the campaign duration (Only BUY orders shall be considered as a part of this campaign).

CoinDCX Weekend Trading Festival

How to participate in CoinDCX Weekend Trading Festival Contest: Win Get Reward of $3000 TELOS

1. First of all, Download CoinDCX App and Website Visit the link here

2. log in to Your CoinDCX Account (New Users: Create a new account & must use the coupon code & get the signup rewards)

3. Now, Participate in the new weekend trading festival 2023 and get rewards of $3000 TELOS Crypto Token

4. You can invest in any token just buy orders shall be and joining the contest and participate now

5. Minimum invest ₹500 in any token but now

6. Done it, Successfully Complete and you are eligible to qualify for the reward pool.

7. Total reward pool for this Campaign is $3000 worth of Telos Tokens Crypto.

8. The reward will be equally distributed amongst the qualifying Participants based on the total reward pool (hereinafter referred to as “Reward”).

9. Campaign duration: 23rd February 2023 (Thursday) 3:00 PM to 27th February 2023 (Monday) until 12:00 PM. 

Weekend Trading Festival Winners Announcement: Heartiest congratulations to all the winners:

Weekend Trading Festival Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall govern the Weekend Trading Festival Campaign (“Campaign”). The Participant (as defined below) shall always comply with the Terms of Use and hereby agree that they have read and understood the terms of the Risk Disclosure and the Privacy Policy governing the use of the online platforms of CoinDCX.

What “Participant” shall mean and include:

(i) a user registered and currently transacting on CoinDCX platform as per its rules;

(ii) is a citizen of India and above 18 years of age;

(iii) is compliant to all KYC requirements and complies with any campaign/ promotional event level requirement.

The Campaign is open for participation by the Participant for redeeming the specified reward available on CoinDCX Platform. These Terms should be read in conjunction with the terms of use of the CoinDCX Platform.

Detailed Terms & Conditions 

  • This is applicable only on Insta/Spot Orders (Including Limit Orders)
  • Winners will be declared on 28th February, 2023 and rewards will be credited in the respective accounts of the winners within 5 working days from the date of announcement of result by 3rd March 2023.
  • The final results will be shown on the announcement page once the Campaign is over.
  • The Participants can place multiple orders during the Campaign, however total BUY volume would be considered for qualifying criteria.
  • Multiple sign ups from the same device will be disqualified to avail any Reward and the Participant shall be ineligible to participate in the Campaign launched by CoinDCX. Further, CoinDCX shall have a right to reverse any Rewards received under the Campaign.
  • The manner in which Reward be distributed shall be as per the internal process followed by CoinDCX. However, if there is a technical failure or unforeseen circumstances, these timelines may not be met by CoinDCX. CoinDCX does not undertake any liability for the same. 
  • CoinDCX shall have the sole right and discretion to decide and declare the eligible Participant for Campaign Reward. The Participant hereby waives all rights to dispute any decision of CoinDCX in this regard and CoinDCX does not undertake any liability, responsibility or guarantee towards any Participant.
  • CoinDCX holds all rights to revoke the Reward or any rights therein in case of any fraud, breach of network security, misrepresentation, negligence, any activity in order to avail the Reward by any illegal or immoral means, breach of applicable law or terms herein by any Participant. CoinDCX shall have a right to proceed against the Participant in a manner as CoinDCX may deem fit.
  • CoinDCX reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, modify, cancel the Campaign or any terms contained herein for any or all of its Participant(s).
  • The Participant, by participating in this Campaign, hereby agree and grant their consent to CoinDCX for sharing their in-app activity with each other including any survey, statistics etc
  • The Participant who participates in the Campaign under any sub-broker/ sub-account shall be disqualified. 
  • The Participant hereby agrees and acknowledges that CoinDCX does not undertake any guarantee or warranty on the quality of any third party product or service being distributed under the Campaign as Reward and shall not be liable for any defects or discrepancies. 
  • The Participant shall indemnify and keep CoinDCX indemnified at all times for and against any loss, costs, damages, expenses, liabilities, claims arising out of any breach by the Participant of the terms contained herein or of any applicable laws.

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