CoinDCX Pro New Year Update – The Amazing Traders

CoinDCX Pro New Year Update – The New Years Gifts from all CoinDCX Users, New Interface, Amazing Sell & Buy for User-friendly Experience and New changes for the CoinDCX Pro App and You can see download this app to log in to your Account to Safest Trades Now. Don’t Forget New CoinDCX Go Coupon Code – Free Bitcoins Worth Rs.1000 (Working)

As we get ready to welcome the year 2022, CoinDCX wants to give an early crypto gift wrapped with new and smoother features via the CoinDCX Pro app! Experience the crypto space with features adhered to by crypto experts worldwide. The New Year gift from CoinDCX for the amazing traders* out there, “CoinDCX Pro App New Year update” is coming soon. 

A better, safer, and smarter trading application designed to perform better with multiple order types, powerful tools, smart chart screen options, and stable order books. All these features have been wrapped together with a very easy-to-use interface for advanced traders like You. 

Experience Enhanced Trading with Upcoming CoinDCX Pro New Year Update

Built for Safety. Designed for Simplicity.

CoinDCX Pro New Year Update

We promised to deliver a brand new product. And it’s here! Wondering what’s going to be new? Let’s explore! *The update will be invite-only and will be rolled out in a phase-wise manner only to CoinDCX Pro users. If you are a CoinDCX Pro user and interested in the update, kindly fill the form to register your seats for the brand new CoinDCX Pro


Redesigned Experience – We have redesigned the app from scratch & built a new-age crypto trading platform. It is fast, nimble and the flow has been designed to make trading smooth for the users. The new app comes with enhanced security features to keep your crypto assets safe. 

Better Discovery – No more switching between products to search spot and margin enabled markets separately. We have integrated the spot and margin together coupling it with a smart search for better discovery of the market you want to trade-in. You can view the leverage provided for the markets in the list itself along with neatly made micro charts, to help you make faster trading decisions and make more profits in ever-volatile crypto markets.

Advanced Technical Charts – Latest update of charts comes with a fast and real-time update of prices using sockets. Drawing trendlines and adding your favorite indicators on the chart was never easier than this. You can use any number of indicators as you want on the chart and it will remain saved for you when you visit them again. We have enabled Buy/Sell feature from the charts itself to make your trading experience smooth and faster.

Faster Order Placement – A fast and nimble buy/sell experience as desired by traders. Our new buy/sell form helps you with faster order placement by showing you all relevant information with the least noise. You can switch between Spot and Margin on the buy-sell form itself depending on your strategy. We will save your preference for order placement and will make that default for you for the next orders enabling you to trade faster with the least latency.

Easier Orders & Margin Position Management – You can quickly access your spot orders and margin positions with a single click. The new revamped position screen gives you the real-time total PnL of all your positions, quick access buttons to take relevant actions on your individual positions.

Trading pairs – Spot with 600+ market pairs (including both Crypto-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-INR market), Margin has 400+ market pairs (C2C market), Lend has got 10 cryptos (Up to 14% APY). So what will change in this new CoinDCX Pro New Year Update compared to the previous version?

HeadlineCoinDCX Pro- As we know itCoinDCX Pro- New Year Update 
Discovery No smart search and the leverage could not be viewed for that market in the list itself. Smart search for better discovery of the market you want to trade-in. You can view the leverage provided for that market in the list itself. 
Micro chartsNo ❌Yes ✅
Buy-sell feature on the Chart No ❌Yes ✅
No. of indicators Limited Unlimited 
Saving preference for next order for faster trading No ❌Yes ✅
Spot and Margin switching in one tap No ❌Yes ✅
Single tap tracking of positions No ❌Yes ✅
Smart Chart Functionalities (Horizontal + Vertical) No ❌Yes ✅
BitGo Insured Yes ✅Yes ✅
User Interface Smooth interface A smarter and better user interface with vertical and horizontal full chart screens 
Login security 2FA verification, withdrawal password2FA verification, withdrawal password


  • Futures & Options from multiple exchanges with more markets
  • CoinDCX Insta –  the fastest INR on-ramp, off-ramp product. 
  • Referral program to share the app with your friends & earn passive income
  • Multiple app themes – Dark & Light
  • A promise to continue improving the speed across the app
  • More security features to keep your crypto assets safe

Traders, it’s time to go all-in with the new CoinDCX Pro. In doubt? Check out the walkthrough videos we have curated just for you. 





We are rolling out the update in phases and the first rollout will be for the Android CoinDCX Pro users. iOS version is under review and shall be live super soon. 

Did we tell you that the users shall receive exclusive Invite-Only access for this update? Passionate traders who want to experience the all-new CoinDCX Pro, before their peers, need to fill up a simple form to enjoy the seamless trading experience. We know you don’t want to miss out on the faster and most amazing trading experience. So, what are you waiting for? 

Fill out this form and register your slot to avoid the long queue and enjoy a trading experience like never before! 

CoinDCX Pro New Year Update FAQ

  • How do I know if I received the update? 

We will be sharing invitations with all CoinDCX Pro users. Those who accept this invitation will be later shared with the update. Please note that CoinDCX Pro New Year update will be rolled out in a phased manner and thus will be available to only those users who opt-in for the invitation.

  • Will my existing funds be affected?

No, your funds will NOT be affected by this update. Rest assured that all your open orders and active positions will be reflected here as usual. 

  • I am using the CoinDCX app, will I also get the CoinDCX Pro update? 

The New Year update version will be rolled out in a phased manner on invite-only access to CoinDCX Pro users.

  • I use both the CoinDCX Pro app and website to trade, what should I do?

CoinDCX’s website ( won’t be affected by this upgrade as the New Year update will only be available as an invite-only invitation, which will be shared to CoinDCX Pro users.  

  • What is the minimum amount to place an order?

You can get started on your cryptocurrency investing journey with as little as Rs. 100 for all INR pairs. For all other pairs (non-INR), the minimum order value is USD 10.

  •  What are the trading fees on the CoinDCX Pro new update?

There have been no changes in trading fees with the launch of this New Year app version. You can refer to the fees structure for different tiers at 

  • How can I sell a coin that I bought from DCX Insta on the older CoinDCX Pro app?

You can sell respective coins in INR pairs (in the Spot market), if available. In case the respective coin is not available on INR pairs on the Spot market, you will have to visit our website to sell. We are planning to include Insta on the CoinDCX Pro app in the upcoming versions.

  • Where can I find my referral link in CoinDCX Pro new year update?

We are very soon planning to launch the “Income Referral Program” on the CoinDCX Pro app. It makes us happy to know that you want to share the joy of using this new app with your friends and family. Thus, we have already started working on this. Meanwhile, we would request you to invite your friends and family using the link on our website:

  • When will Futures trading be available on CoinDCX Pro?

Futures is currently not available on the CoinDCX Pro New Year app version. However, we have already started working on this and are trying to get Futures available on the app very soon. Meanwhile, you can access Futures trading on the CoinDCX website (

  • How do I place Margin trading orders?

Follow these easy steps to place a Margin trading order:

  • Select a pair you wish to trade and click on Buy.
  • Go to the Product tab, and switch from Spot to Margin.
  • Select your order type (Limit, Market, etc.).
  • Finally, select leverage and swipe to confirm. 
  • Will Quick Buy-Insta be available on both the CoinDCX Pro app and website?

Insta is currently not available on the CoinDCX Pro New Year app version. We’re continuously working on it and planning to introduce the same in a later version. Meanwhile, you can access Insta on the CoinDCX website (  as usual. 

  • Can I do Staking on this new CoinDCX Pro app version? 

Staking is currently not available on the CoinDCX Pro New Year app version. Please be assured that your existing staked funds won’t be affected as you will automatically get rewards even if you use CoinDCX Pro app. Meanwhile, you can access Staking on CoinDCX Pro website ( as usual. 

CoinDCX supports liquid staking. In other words, for the funds which you offer to the stake, you will automatically receive the rewards in your balance as staking rewards, and these staking rewards will be reflected in your CoinDCX Pro app as well.


Some of the features that are otherwise available on might not be accessible or might have limited utility on the CoinDCX Pro mobile application. Trading fees as well as the availability of assets are subject to change.  Few crypto assets are “Trade Only”. Deposits and withdrawal features are not available for those. Only Indian KYC is accepted and the application is only for Indian citizens.

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