New Apollo Quiz Answers 13 January – Free 25 Credits

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Apollo Quiz Answers

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It’s Quiz O’Clock! Play the quiz & earn 5 Health Credits for each correct answer.

Apollo Quiz 13 Jan: Free 25 Health Credits

Quiz: Link here

Question: Which of these is a natural moisturizer often used in skincare products?

Ans: A- Aloe vera

Question: What is a glucometer used for?

Answer: B- Measuring blood sugar levels

Q. Apollo Hair Loss Prevention Quiz – Free 25 Health Credits

Answer: A D C A A

Managing Diabetes During the Festivals Don’t let diabetes come in your way of festive joys! Take this quiz to test your knowledge and win exciting rewards.

Ans: A B A B A

1) Diabetics should check their blood sugar more often during festivals.

Answer: A) True

2) It is okay to skip your medications or insulin occasionally during festivals

Answer: B)False

3) People with diabetes should limit their intake of sugary foods during festivals.

Answer: A) True

4) Alcohol can be freely consumed by diabetics at festival events

Answer: B) False

5) People with diabetes should stick to their physical activity routine to offset the calories.

Answer: A) True

Apollo Heart Health Quiz – Win Free Gifts or Cashback

  1. Answer: A
  2. Answer: A
  3. Answer: B

Apollo Healthy Eating Quiz Challenge Answers

Quiz Link: here

It’s not a repost as links are different. The answers are in a different sequence.

1) Eating too much oily food may lead to:
D) All of the above

2)Which of the following foods is NOT considered healthy?
c) Potato Chips

3)Which is the most important meal of the day

4)Which of these is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids?
D) All of the above

5)Which of these will provide you with the most energy
A) Whole grain Cereals

Apollo Nutrition and Healthy Eating Quiz Answers

Quiz Link – Click here

Quiz Answer – A , D , C , C , D

Reward: 25 HC tokens

Apollo Alcohol Consumption Quiz Answers

Quiz Link – Click here

Quiz Answer – A (True) , A (True) , A (True) , A (True) , B (False)

Reward: 25 HC tokens

Apollo Alcohol Consumption Quiz Answers

Quiz Challenge on Alcohol Consumption Alcohol consumption… How much is too much? Take this quiz to find out!

Visit the link & Get Started Quiz

  • A (True)
  • A (True)
  • A (True)
  • A (True)
  • B (False)

Apollo Sexual Wellness Quiz Answers

How confident are you in your knowledge of sexual wellness? Find out with this quick quiz and win exciting rewards!

Direct link start on the quiz: Play Now

1) Which of these reduces the risk of getting an STD?

Answer: D. All of the above

2) What does STD stand for?

Answer: A. Sexually Transmitted Disease

3)Sexually transmitted infections are spread through

Answer: C. Sexual Contact

4) Which of these is a sexual problem in men?

Answer: D. Erectile Dysfunction

5)Which of these is NOT a sexually transmitted disease?

Answer: B.diabetes

Woohoo! You Won Congratulations! We’ve credited 25 Health Credits to your account for participating in the quiz. *Valid for 7 days

Apollo Quiz Answers

How to Participate in Apollo Quiz Answers Contest – Win Free Health Credits

1. First of all, Download Apollo App from link here

2. Install / Open this Apollo App

3. Login / Sign up on Apollo Account

4. Home dashboard section in the Apollo app

Apollo Quiz Answers

5. Go to check your Apollo App Notification for Apollo Quiz new

6. Participate on the contest of new Apollo Quiz Game and win for free Apollo Credits 

7. Click on Start button on the Apollo Quiz

Apollo Quiz Answers

8. Play the quiz and earn 5 health Credits for each Correct Answer

9. Total 5 Number of Quiz Questions Answers Correct and stand a chance to win assured 25 Apollo Credits

Apollo Quiz Answers

10. Reward: Health Credits worth Rs.25 will be credited to your account!


1. Coupon will unlock only once for each account.

2. You need to score 5 out of 5 to unlock the coupon

3. If your timer runs out the question will be considered as unaswered/Incorrect by default.

4. Each question has only one right answer.

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