Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto – Missed Call & Win Rewards: Laptop, Headset

Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto – Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto Offer , Zoom Missed Call Number for How to Participate in this new zoom tv offer or contest. It is very simple, you can watch it on zoom tv and this duration time period 8 AM to 12 PM then show the given missed call number. I went to call this number don’t simply participate in this Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto contest and win a rewards prize.

Please read the #TermsAndConditions carefully before participating in #ZoomDekhoPrizeJeeto contest. Tune in to Zoom TV Channel, every day between 8 am to 12 pm and win exciting prizes! #Contest #ContestAlert #ContestIndia #ZoomTV #Contest #ZDPJ #ZoomTVContest

Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto – Missed Call & Win Rewards: Laptop, Headset & Etc.

Zoom Dekho Prize Jeeto

1. First Of All, Tune in to Zoom On TV, Zoom Dekho Prizes Jeeto

2. The time period is every day between 8 AM to 12 PM, Starting 15th June 2022

3. Watch the Zoom tv and you can participate are required to watch zoom

4. Give a Missed Call on the Corresponding Mobile Number Reflecting on the zoom tv screen

5. Done It. Complete The Participate in this zoom Dekho prizes Jeeto contest.

6. Will select 3 Winners for each day and One Weekly Mega winner every week of the Contest Period as announced on its TV Channel Zoom and its social media handles from time to time. 

7. No calling charges are applicable. The Winner of the prize will be selected randomly by an automated computerized system.

8. Responses received for the contest after the specified time limit or after the expiry of the contest period will not be considered valid entries.

9. Winners will be contacted on the participating mobile number, within 15 days after the end of the day of participation. 

10. There will be 3 attempts to contact each winner and in case of contact cannot be established, the next winner as per the draw will be selected. BCCL reserves the right to delay the announcement of the winners at its discretion.

Terms & Condtions –

  • Each member should be a resident of India or more 18 years old. Workers, chiefs, as well as officials (counting close relatives or individuals from the family) of BCCL, its auxiliaries, partnered organizations, merchants, publicizing, satisfaction and advancement organizations and any remaining organizations or elements related with the challenge are NOT qualified to take part.
  • During the challenge time frame, BCCL will show a visual component on the channel between 8 AM to 12 PM (provisional and might be changed according to BCCL’s tact) in an irregular way consistently during the challenge time frame. Members are expected to watch Zoom and are expected to give a missed approach the relating portable number considering the screen, inside the specified time on seeing the visual component. BCCL, at its only prudence, will choose 3 Winners for every day and One Weekly Mega champ the entire Contest Period as declared on its TV Channel Zoom and its virtual entertainment handles occasionally. No calling charges are material. The Winner of the award will be chosen haphazardly by a mechanized automated framework.
  • Reactions got for the challenge after the predetermined time limit or after the expiry of the challenge time frame won’t be viewed as substantial sections.
  • Victors will be reached on the partaking portable number, in no less than 15 days after the day’s end of support. There will be 3 endeavors to contact every champ and in the event that contact can’t be laid out, the following victor according to the draw will be chosen. BCCL claims all authority to defer the declaration of the champs at its caution.
  • Every Daily Winner and Weekly Mega Winner will be qualified for a gift voucher of the worth as might be imparted to the Participant by BCCL (Prize) through its TV channel or potentially web-based entertainment stages. The choice of the Prize and section will be chosen by BCCL and is conclusive and restricting. The picture of the Prizes showed on the Channel are for portrayal purposes just, and the Participants will be given vouchers of equivalent worth as Prizes.
  • BCCL will contact the Winners straightforwardly on the portable number utilized by the Winner to partake in the Contest to make sense of the system for gathering the Prize.
  • The Winners will be expected to give his/her total name, substantial versatile number private location, PAN Card duplicate and such different subtleties expected by BCCL at the assigned email id given by BCCL. Despite anything contained in this or Participant’s cooperation in the Contest, just the individual whose data is given to the assigned email id will be given the Prize and BCCL will not be at risk to some other individual for the equivalent.
  • BCCL’s choice on the determination of the Winners of the Contest or the worth of the Prize or the actual Prize will last and tie. BCCL will not engage any inquiries, or enquiries on the way/strategy for determination of the Winners’ statement and connecting with the Contest from any party at all.
  • The Participants concur that by giving a missed call, You are explicitly giving agree to be reached by the Channel/BCCL through SMS/telephone/email going ahead for this Contest and for any further advancement.
  • Member concurs that he/she will participate in this Contest at their own will and BCCL isn’t in no manner committed or at risk for any misfortune or costs that Participant might endure or bring about and nothing is payable to the Participant for partaking in the Contest.
  • The Winners should guarantee their separate award in no less than 30 days of the declaration of the Winner by BCCL. The Prize isn’t adaptable and will not be doled out to some other individual, party or association. There is no money replacement, cash reclamation or money esteem in lieu of the Prize. Despite anything contained in this or Your cooperation in the Contest, just the portable number proprietor will be given the award and BCCL will not be at risk to some other individual for the equivalent.
  • Gift Tax, if pertinent would be paid by BCCL gave the important records have been agreeably presented by the champ. Some other assessments, demands and charges appropriate, assuming that any connecting with the Prizes will be borne by the Winners.
  • If the Prize is unclaimed by the Winner or the Prize is returned as ‘undelivered’ because of any explanation or BCCL can’t contact the Winner on his versatile number a similar will bring about relinquishment of the Prize by the Winner and BCCL will not engage any cases in such manner from there on.
  • This Contest and the champ choice cycle are totally mechanized with next to no human mediation. BCCL might suspend this Contest whenever with next to no earlier notification.
  • BCCL claims the outright authority to exclude any Participant, assuming it is of the assessment that he/she has utilized ill-advised specialized means to take part in the Contest, any data given by any Participant is viewed as wrong, mistaken, bogus, misdirecting in any way or because of whatever other substantial explanation that might invalidate his/her cooperation in the Contest.
  • BCCL’s choice on any debate corresponding to the Contest will be conclusive and restricting on the Participant.
  • BCCL, its chiefs, workers, members, specialists and agents will in no way at all be expected to take responsibility for (I) any harm or misfortune (counting however not restricted to backhanded or considerable misfortune) emerging from individual injury, demise, mental injury or loss of, or harm to property, caused to the Participant (counting Winners) or any party supported regarding the Contest or the Prizes connected with the Contest; (ii) any disappointment or glitch of any PC servers or gear, equipment or programming or for lost, fragmented, postponed or confused information transmission or any mix thereof; (iii) any injury, misfortune or harm caused to Participant or any outsider because of Participant’s cooperation in this Contest.
  • Member thusly repays BCCL, its workers, officials, chiefs, project workers, challenge accomplices, and challenge supports corresponding to this Contest and holds them innocuous against any misfortune, guarantee, requests, costs, harms, decisions, costs or obligation (counting sensible lawful expenses) emerging out of or regarding any or all cases, that might be brought against BCCL by any outsider regarding Participant’s cooperation in or winning the Contest, which is conflicting with any of the portrayals made by Participant and additionally data given by Participant hereunder, because of break of any outsider freedoms including licensed innovation privileges, because of any stiff-necked wrongdoing, misrepresentation or misbehavior and will repay BCCL for any such misfortune, expenses, cost, or harm to which said reimbursement applies. BCCL will give the Indemnifying Parties brief composed notice of any case or activities covered by this repayment, and Indemnifying Parties will have the right, on its own, to partake in any such activity.
  • The courts at Delhi will have the sole and select locale in all questions emerging out of this Contest or connecting with the utilization of the BCCL administrations for this Contest.

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