[Lot Number] Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer – Win ₹500 Amazon Voucher

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer – Woohoo Maggi Savings Lot Number & Batch Code Free, Woohoo Maggi Savings Loot Trick for You Can Join To Get a Participate for New Woohoo Maggi Savings Contest and Stand a Chance To Win a ₹500 Amazon Voucher for Every 2 Minutes Now. For 3 Easy Steps For Folwwing Below:

Now, Buy The Maggi Packet and Find The Lot Number For You Can Participate and Send SMS for Great For Save & Win Every 2 Minutes Amazon Voucher Rs.500 for Alos, Exactly Same Woohoo Nescafe Offer

This is an Offer Valid On Maggi Masala Noodles Pack Of 4 & 6. Now, You Can Refer to Promotional Packs For Further Details. Packs Without Offer Also Available. Enjoy Your Maggi Noodles and Consume a variety of other foods like vegetables. Fruits and Milk for Detialied T&C. See Below Creative Visualization.

apply to “MAGGI SAVINGS” for voluntary participation of consumers, sponsored and launched by  Nestlé India Limited (Nestlé India), wherein consumers can participate by sending an SMS of the 10 digits alphanumeric Lot No. (herein referred to as the “Code”) printed on MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles Masala 4 pack & MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles Masala 6 Pack.

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer
Woohoo Maggi Savings OfferDetails
Prize :Won ₹500 Amazon Voucher
Winners :300 Winners Daily [1 Winner Every 2 Minutes]
Offer Validity :21st July to 10th Sep 2021
SMS Time :10 AM to 8 PM Daily
SMS Format :SMS SAVINGS LOT NO. to 8108590859

[Lot Number] Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer – Win ₹500 Amazon Voucher

Step 1: Visit To The Nearest Store To Buy New Latest Pack

Step 2: Find Lot no. on the Side Panel for printed on MAGGI 2 Minute Noodles Masala 4 pack and 6 Pack

Step 3: To register, SMS SAViNGS 10-character alphanumeric Lot. No. to 8108590859

Step 4: The message is sent in the correct format. (Accepted Format is “SMS SAViNGS <space> 10-character alphanumeric lot number on 8108590859”)

Step 5: You Can Use This Number: Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer LOT Number is – 11790452CA

SAViNGS 11671530MA & Send To 8108590859

Step 4: After sending the SMS, Participants will get a confirmation through an SMS about their participation.

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer

Step 5: Winners will receive an SMS; the SMS will have a URL Link Here and a unique Activation Code.

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer

Step 6: The winner will click on the URL link which will take the winner to the microsite.

Step 7: The winner will enter his/her name, mobile number, unique code received via SMS, and check out.

Step 8: The Amazon Pay voucher worth Rs. 500 would be preselected on the microsite. The winner will receive an Amazon Pay code worth Rs. 500 on SMS after that.

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer

Step 9: Validity of URL link & Unique code will be 15th September 2020 irrespective of when the SMS was received.

Step 10: 1 Amazon Pay code can be redeemed only once on an Amazon account. A maximum of 1 single redemption per Amazon account is allowed.

Step 11: Selection of Winner shall be subject to fulfillment of all terms and conditions of the Program

How To Redeem Activation Code and Won Amazon Voucher Worth Rs.500

Step 1: Visit The Redeemable Link Here: Maggisavings.woohoo.in

Step 2: Select Rewards Product for Amazon Voucher Worth Rs.500

Step 3: Click On Check Out To Next Page

Step 4: Fill The Basic Details: Full Name, Email ID, Mobile Number

Step 5: Enter The Activation Code Which You Received In SMS

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer

Step 6: Click On Place Order. You Have a Done !!

Step 7: You Will, Get Amazon ₹500 Voucher Code Via SMS Received Instantly

If You Can Go-to Amazon.in Website Or App FOr Login Amazon Account and Redeem Your Amazon Voucher and Added Rs.500

Woohoo Maggi Savings Offer

Offer Source – Link Here

Terms and Conditions for Maggi Savings

1. The is valid only in India from 21/07/2021 to 10/09/2021 (hereinafter referred to as “Program Period”) (Both dates inclusive). The Program is valid throughout India (except the State of Tamil Nadu). The Program is open to citizens of India only.

2. During the Program Period Amazon Pay reward worth Rs 500/- shall be awarded to winners who will be selected for every 2 minutes in a day. A total of 300 such winners will be drawn every day, one for every 2 minutes of the 10-hour Program period between 10 AM and 8 PM.

3. The Program period starts from 21st July 2021 and shall be valid till 10th September 2021. If the customer has bought a pack before 21st July 2021, then the customer will not be eligible for participation in the Program until the start of the Program Period (21st July 2021). All participation prior to the Program Period and after the end date of the Program Period will be considered ineligible.

4. The Program is subject to all applicable central, state, and local laws and regulations.

5. Consumers participating or seeking to participate in the Program shall individually be referred to as “Participants” and collectively as “Participants”.

6. Regular call and message rates will apply as per the consumer telecom operator in their respective circle.

7. The amazon pay code will have validity till 20th September 2021.

8. Winner will have to log in to their Amazon account/create a new account to be able to claim the Amazon Pay gift card.

9. Nestlé India / its Agency reserves the right to cancel/amend/extend the Program Period without giving any notice/intimation. No claims/questions shall be entertained in this regard.  

10. In case of any Program-related query, please write to [email protected] or call on 080-67181401. Concierge Lines are open only from Monday to Friday between 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and are closed on weekends /public holidays including bank holidays.

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