Tradex Guaranteed Profit Events – Instant Profits ₹200 Assured

Tradex Guaranteed Profit Events – Tradex Instant Profit Offers, Tradex Instant Profit Event for How to Buy ‘Yes’ shares for assured profit returns then sell a higher amount of sell out your guaranteed shares. New Users offer for grab first and grab assured profits. 2 (Two Events Viable Tradex Guaranteed Returns of profits). Don’t Forget to Use Tradex Referral Code & Promo Code

Top: instant profit buy ‘yes’ shares and sell higher amounts after buying shares now. A simple example of trading is to Buy ‘Yes’ At ₹8 and Sell at ₹10. One event maximum 100 quantity shares buy now. And sell out. This is a very easy-to-withdraw process and instant funds out of your bank account 

Read the tip and use the Bonus money in your wallet to place your first trade and earn guaranteed profits for these 2 events.

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Tradex Guaranteed Profits Events

Tradex Guaranteed Profits Events for Assured Rs.200 – Buy ‘Yes Shares & Sell Higher Amounts

1. First of All, Download the Tradex Apk file to the link here:

2. Login / Sign Up for Tradex Account

New Users: Please Use Referral Code is: gk2eir and Get ₹10 Welcome Bonus for Sign Up new account

3. Go to Profile Section and Complete Basis Details Verify and Complete Verification Pan Card, Bank Account & Email OTP Verify It.

4. Home Dashboard section in the Tradex app and top side pin new latest events for Guaranteed Profits/Instant Profit

Tradex Guaranteed Profits Events

5. Place Your First trade and earn guaranteed profits for these 2 events

6. Guaranteed Virtual Event: Instant Profit: Buy ‘Yes’ ₹8 and Sell At ₹10 (Profit ₹2 as Per Trade)

7. Maximum 100 Trade & Profit ₹8*100=₹800 (20 Trading Fees)

8. Then Before Buy Shares Trade go to the Wallet Tab section and add money to the Tradex wallet balance

Tradex Guaranteed Profits Events

9. Enter Amount & Using Payment Method By Same Bank Account Via Complete Add Money for UPI, Wallet & Cards.

10. Done Successfully. Instant Complete Add Money Tradex Account.

11. Go to the Home Dashboard section and guarantee event buy ‘yes’ and get instant profit after selling shares Sell Out

12. Select Guaranteed Event, Enter 100 Limit Max Shares, and Place Order Now.

14. Done It, Shares, and Check your shares after buying a guaranteed virtual event 

13. Then Go to Portfolio Tab Section and Show your shares and sell your shares higher amount

14. Click on the sell button > Select 100 max Shares and place an order and sell out shares (25 Trading Fees)

15. You will instantly receive the selling amount in your Tradex account and be ready to Withdrawal instant your amount.

16. Same Procedure again buy another 2nd event guaranteed profit buy ‘yes’ and sell out higher amount sell shares now.

17. After Completing Buy and Sell Task and Go to Withdrawal Amount I’m your bank account transferred very simple steps.

18. Enter available Amount and click on Withdraw button and withdrawal your Tradex amount 

19. Withdraw Successfully! amount will be credited to your account in next 24 hours subjected to withdraw request approval

Tradex Guaranteed Profits Events

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