[Unlimited] Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn 1 Tokens Free Worth ₹30

Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn – Swash Token Airdrop Offer, Swash Token Refer and Earn Offer. How to Create a New Account to Start Swash Token and Get 1 Tokens Free Worth ₹30 In Your Bank Account to Easy Withdrawal System Now. Invite A Friends to Earn 1 Swash Tokens Get More Swash Bonus Share your referral link and earn $ SWASH for every friend you bring to Swash!

Get More Swash Bonus Share your referral link and earn $ SWASH for every friend you bring to Swash! Withdraw your earnings using xDai chain or Ethereum mainnet. It’s important to make sure you have set up your wallet properly. Click the button below to read more.

Here’s your Swash wallet. This is where you can view your balance, find your public wallet address, and withdraw your earnings. Your earnings are generated when your captured data is sold. You don’t need to do anything, just leave Swash switched on and surf the web as normal. Your public wallet address is like an account number. You can share it to receive crypto into your wallet.

Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn

If you want to bring your friends to Swash, make sure to use your referral link! There are regular referral programs and giveaways for members who are actively growing the community, don’t miss out! Number Of Friends You can check your referral earning balance and the number of friends you’ve invited here too.

Before we start, check out the Terms of Service so you know what to expect when using Swash. If you lose access and haven’t backed up your wallet, you won’t be able to access your earnings. Swash won’t be able to recover them for you. It’s your responsibility to be safe and secure.

When Swash data is sold, the profits are redistributed back to you, the Swash members. Please fill in the following profile information as accurately as you can. This will make the Swash data quality even better and even more valuable, so you’ll receive more for your contribution.

Your email will only be used to verify your account to keep Swash secure and it won’t be shared with anyone else without your permission. If you like, you can also tick the box below to receive the latest updates on Swash.

[Unlimited] Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn 1 Tokens Free Worth ₹30

Note: PC Or Laptop Users for You Can Direct Copy Link and Paste Chrome Browser and Mobile Users for Download Extension Supports Kiwi Browser App Now!

1. Download Kiwi Browser Extension Supports App to Link Here

2. Installing / Open Kiwi Browser App and Using Swash Token Airdrop Link Below

3. To Copy & Paste In Kiwi Browser App From Link is: https://swashapp.io/referral/368846

3. Click On Add to Chrome Button > Add Swash Extension On Your Browser

Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn
Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn

4. Wait for the Next Screen to Swash Website Redirect to Welcome! Are you new to Swash?

5. Yes, I’m new here I want to create a new wallet to Click On Start Button

6. Tick Right & Agree on Swash Privacy Policy Or Terms to Click On Next

Swash Token Airdrop Refer and Earn

7. Please fill in the Details Entering: Gender, Age, Income to Click On Next

8. Enter your email address to verify your profile In Swash Account > Check I am Not a Robot to Click On Submit Button

9. Check your email! We have sent you a verification code, please verify your email address to continue.

10. Congratulations! Your Swash wallet is created. Now you are part of the world’s first digital Data Union!

11. Look it, Swash Home Dashboard Interface to Using Wallet Available Balance

12. Click On Invite Friends Section to Copy Your Referral Links for Sharing in Your Friends

13. Get More Swash Bonus Share your referral link and earn 1 SWASH for every friend you bring to Swash!

14. Win 2000 SWASH tokens If you bring the Most New users in a month, you’ll receive a 2000 SWASH prize!

15. After Referral to Claim SWASH Referral Bonus and Withdrawal In Your Bank Account Instant

Using Unlimited Trick to Self Earn Swash Token Airdrop

1. First Of All, Copy your Swash Referral Link and Now Refer Friends

2. Just Download YenDex Browser and paste your Referral Link

3. Install Extension and Use TempPail for Instant Email Address and verification code

4. Complete Sign Up and Go to YenDex Browser Setting

5. Clear Extension and Follow Process Again & Again this Unlimited Trick

Withdraw Your Earnings

1. You can withdraw your earnings using the xDai chain or Ethereum Mainnet.

2. It’s important to make sure you have set up your wallet properly (it only takes a few minutes!). Check the Help section for step-by-step instructions.

3. xDai is the recommended method as it’s faster and Swash will cover the cost for you! 🎉

4. You can also put your SWASH to work by trading or staking liquidity on the SWASH/xDAI pool on Honeyswap

5. Alternatively, if you use Ethereum, you will be presented with the amount needed in your wallet (in ETH) to cover the transaction fee. Exchange wallets are not currently supported.

6. New earnings are available after 48 hours as an anti-fraud measure.

Invite your friends

1. Invite your friends to Swash to earn even more and grow the community!

2. This section is divided into two:

3. Total Bonus Earned – The amount you have earned from referrals

4. Total Invited Friends – The number of people who have used your referral link to install Swash

5. The current referral program rewards you 1 SWASH for every new person you bring.

6. You can also find your referral link to copy and share plus a way to share your link directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email.

7. The more people who join, the more value that gets returned to everyone!

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