Supra Oracles Airdrop – Free 500 $SUPRA Tokens

Supra Oracles Airdrop – Supra Oracles Referral Code , Supra Oracles Refer and Earn for Get Free 500 $SUPRA tokens and complete the mission and you will get the free stars and win rewards Prizes. Refer and Earn stars as per Successful referral bonus. Supra Oracles Airdrop

Countdown to Blast Off is for Let the Countdown Begin! For you can Join us as we come out of stealth mode with tons of exciting alpha and prizes for you. Just complete the steps below and you will earn a total of 25 Stars and 500 $SUPRA tokens

Sign Up to be a Cadet and Let’s get your account set up and identity verified to become a Cadet with basic info like your name and how we can reach you. Get Started Now.

  • Earn Stars and Win Prizes
  • Understand Ranks and Referrals
  • Start Your First Mission
  • Unlock Community Tokens
  • +500 $SUPRA tokens Graduate and Go Forth

Welcome to the crew! Your next step is to complete a quick security check by verifying your identity with a KYC process and boarding the ship!

Supra Oracles Airdrop

How to Join Supra Oracles Airdrop – Get Free 500 $SUPRA Tokens

1. First Of All, Visit the link here to join Supra Oracles Airdrop.

2. Open this link on your default browser and click on the get started button now.

Supra Oracles Airdrop

3. Let’s See Sign Up Process: Just Entering Sign Up Details for Your Email With the Setup Password and then go to your email box and verification by email.

Supra Oracles Airdrop

4. Next screen is KYC Process by verifying your identity from Aadhar card upload, selfie, and Complete your KYC Successfully Verified.

Supra Oracles Airdrop

5. Then Create your profile for fill in the personal information like Username, Name and Mobile Number next here

6. After Completing the steps and you will do it start trading with get free $SUPRA Tokens.

7. Now, the final step is completing the simple two-mission type of questions and answers below here and earning & collect stars 

  • Q1. What kind of data do oracles help smart contracts access the blockchain?
    Answer is: All of the Above
  • Q2. Which of the following is NOT true about Supra compared to other oracles?
    Answer is: Supra’s performance is at par with other oracles.

8. Just submit the Correct Answers and complete your mission Successfully Done It.

9. You Will, Get 500 $SUPRA Tokens instant received in your account credited

Supra Oracles Airdrop

10. Invite a friend and earn Supra Oracle’s stars and win prizes. As Per Successful Referrals.

11. Then again Mission is here every week to complete missions and earn stars.

Supra Oracles Refer a Friend to Fuel Up the Rocket – Earns Stars

  • Share your code
  • Invite your friends to become cadets with your unique referral link. 
  • You’ll earn 50 Stars for everyone who completes the sign-up and KYC process.
  • Share Your Personal Referral Link
  • When someone signs up using this unique referral link, you get the credit for recruiting a new cadet and earning 50 Stars. 
  • It’s easy to share too — simply copy the link or share it to Twitter, Facebook, or email directly using the quick share buttons below.

Note: Users only qualify as successful referrals after completing their KYC and onboarding.

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