Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer – Free Voucher Rewards

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer – How to play this game and stand a chance to win a gift voucher. You can redeem gift vouchers and get the shopping for free now. For All Samsung phone users don’t forget this Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

Winning Rewards Voucher is a Flipkart, amazon, slice, Domino’s, pizza hut, etc. Just play the Samsung Diwali game to win gift card vouchers. Instant plays events can only be checked and participated in on Samsung galaxy devices.

How to participate event click on join the event, obtain mithai after each mission is completed, and free come-fast-served prizes application.

Instant plays to get Diwali sweets for the real treat! Happy Diwali contest duration period Oct 12th to 31st Oct 2022. Also, Don’t Miss Back on the Most Popular Google Pay Diwali Offer 2022 – Collect Floors & Free Rs.200 Cashback

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

Please Note: This Offer is Applicable Only to Samsung Smartphone Users. Please Don’t try it on other smartphone users. 

How to play in Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer – Complete Mission and Get Free Voucher Rewards

1. First Of All, Visit The Link: Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Contest.

2. Open this link on your default browser and now, screen this Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Page is here.

3. Tick to Agree to terms and conditions and complete the entry button press.

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

4. Next Screen is accept the invitation and click on this option

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

5. Now, let’s see a new challenge for Collect mithai to receive real gift rewards.

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

6. You can see complete different tasks below for effortless and easy ways to complete the mission now.

7. Happy Diwali! Lucky Diwali Collect a lot of mithais and get a big prize! First-come, first-served prizes can be traded with your mithais.

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

8. For Collect Total Mithai, you can exchange mithais for a convert gift voucher. The gift Voucher is very limited.

  • 100 Mithais = ₹100 CCD Voucher
  • 300 Mithais = ₹300 Samsung Galaxy Gift Voucher
  • 500 Mithais = ₹500 Domino’s Voucher
  • 1000 Mithais = ₹1000 Flipkart Gift Voucher
Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer

9. Tap on the redeem mithais and press the trade-in button.

10. You Will, Receive a gift voucher and you can redeem the gift voucher and use the merchant stores.

Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Mission –

Mission 1 : Check Attendance

  • Only 10 Mithais are rewarded for 1 attendance per day.

Mission 2 : Play Instant Games

  • Mithais will be rewarded when the user plays only 1 game out of S games
  • Mithais will not be rewarded if the game is played but ends abnormally
  • The game launcher must be updated to the latest version in order to participate the promotion, and the user can only participate in devices with ANDROID 8.0 (OREO) OS or higher.
  • Participation in the event is restricted for some devices that do not support services and games (such as mobile phones or tablets, WI-Fl models, etc.)

Mission 3 : Complete the Game Missions

  • Available only when completing missions after 3 games per day.
  • Only Mithai participated within the event period will be recognized.
  • After completing the mission, you can check Mithai on the main page.

Mission 4 : Invite Friends

  • The invitation link is created only once per Galaxy Store account and is only valid for this promotion.
  • Only friends who have successfully joined the promotion page through the My Invite link will be displayed.
  • During the event period, up to 50 people can be invited.
  • Mithais will not be given to the participants once the number of invited friends exceeds 50.

Terms And Conditions –

  1. Participation in the event is possible per person (1 Samsung account) and 1 device.
  2. Participation is restricted on some devices and tablets that do not support the event’s mission game/app.- The schedule and contents of the event are subject to change without notice due to the circumstances of the company
  3. If you participate in an abnormal method different from the participation method described in the event, your winnings may be canceled or you may receive a penalty
  4. In order to officially participate in the event during the promotion period (Oct 12th, 10:00 ISTr- Oct 31st, 23 29 1ST, players must use Play button to start and use the Back button to exit the game correctly (Do not Force-quit).
  5. Prizes cannot be exchanged or refunded for any other product, they may be exchanged for other products only under certain circumstances.
  6. If the prize is not claimed within the expiration date or lost, the company may not be held responsible for any use or damage of the prizes without reasons attributable to our company.

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