Rio Strong Cashback Offer – Assured ₹10 or ₹20 or ₹50 Paytm Cash

Rio Strong Cashback OfferRio Strong Offer, Rio Strong Drink Paytm Cashback Offer for Buy Rio Strong Drinks Bottle and Get ₹10 or ₹20 or ₹50 Assured In Your Paytm Cash Wallet and More Strong Drink Stronger Rewards for 4 Grand Prizes Now. This Bumper Prize 4×4 Of Road SUV, Paytm Cashback Wallet.

How to Participate in new Rio Strong Drink Contest and You Can Achieve Grand Rewards and Free Paytm Cash Instant Given a Chance to by cruiser Motorcycle and Etc More. The contest is valid for a period starting 25/10/2021 to 31/12/2021 ((hereinafter referred to as the ‘Contest Period’). During the Contest Period, Lucky winners will get a Motorcycle or SUV.

Rio Strong Cashback Offer

The Original Strong Party Drink for GRAB ON Strong Drink Stronger Rewards. After Purchasing in Your New Latest Bottle Rio Strong and Scratch You Sticker to Find the Unique Code and Collect Now. The Send to SMS In Unique Code and We Will, Get Free Paytm Cash Wallet and Lucky Draw to Winning GRAND Rewards Prizes.

Now, Bumper Prize 4×4 Of Road SUV, Time of participation will be defined as the time at which the entry is received through the SMS mode of participation at MOMS OUTDOOR MEDIA SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. How to Redeem Your Rio Strong Drinks Unique Code and You WIll, Get Free Paytm Cashback Received in Your Mobile Number Worth Rs.10, 20, 50 Instantly.

Rio Strong Cashback Offer – Assured ₹10 or ₹20 or ₹50 Paytm Cash

1. Visit The Your Nearest Drinks Shop & Bar Now

2. Buy New Latest Rio Strong Drink Bottle 300ml

3. After Buying Please Check it, Rapper Inside Bottel “Strong Drink Stronger Rewards”

4. Scratch Your Rio Bottle Sticker to Reveal Unique Code

4. Send SMS: RIO “SPACE” UNIQUE CODE to 9902391200

5. Complete Successfully! Sending Your SMS and You Will, Assured Prizes Paytm Cashback Worth Rs.10 / Rs.20 / Rs.30

6. All Participated, Will receive their Paytm Cash on their mobile number within 24 business hours.

7. Follow @rio_fizzywine on Instagram to enter the lucky draw.

8. The code is valid once per user. Maximum of 5 codes per person, mobile number, per email id, per month during the promotion period.

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Terms & Conditions for Wallet Cashback Voucher

1. This offer entitles the consumer Rs. 10 or Rs. 20 or Rs. 50 Wallet Cashback on Partner Website / APP.

2. By using the unique code provided inside the Promo pack or redeeming the Offer provided on the same, a participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions below (“Conditions”).

3. These Conditions are applicable for the Offer which will be valid from 25/10/2021 to 31/12/2021 (hereinafter referred to as “Offer Period”).

4. These Conditions apply to every person (“Participant”) redeeming the offer given by Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd, No claim shall lie for any redemption requests made after the expiry of the Offer Period.

5. The code is valid once per user. Maximum of 5 codes per person, mobile number, per email id, per month during the promotion period.

6. Amount credited to your Wallet on the Wallet partner App cannot be transferred.

7. Offer is valid for transactions made at the Wallet partner website or on the Wallet partner App.

8. If you are not a Wallet partner registered customer, you will be required to register on the Wallet partner website or Wallet partner Mobile App to receive your Wallet partner cashback. All terms & conditions of Wallet partner apply for the usage of Wallet partner gift voucher on Wallet partner website/App.

9. All Participants agree that the Wallet partner offering cashback vouchers may at any time stipulate additional terms and conditions for redemption of cashback vouchers and such terms and conditions shall be binding on the Participants and shall apply to every redemption of recharge/discount coupons by the Participants.

10. Wallet partner holds the right to refuse transactions deemed fraudulent as per Paytm policies.

11. In the event of any fraud detection Paytm reserve the right to modify/change, discontinue, terminate, withdraw the Offer at any time during the Offer Period. In such cases, MOMS OUTDOOR MEDIA SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED or Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd or its partner agency will not be held liable for any issues relating to the redemption of the coupon including redemption request not being honored by Wallet partner.

12. The Participant acknowledges that relevant state and central taxes may be deducted by the merchant while redeeming the discount offer and therefore, the amount reflected in the coupon may not be the same as the final redemption value received by the Participant.

13. In no event shall the maximum liability exceed the value of the Wallet partner cashback Voucher as the case may be.

14. Any disputes or differences in connection with the offer shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Bangalore.

15. Paytm reserve the right to restrict cashback for any account with suspicious behavior or invalid details/credentials. Wallet partner /BigCity Promotions has the right to ask for documents to prove the customer/user identity.

16. This offer is subject to promotional availability.

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