Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers – How to Play Quiz & Win Tablet, Loly Packs

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers – Rasna Games Answers , Rasna Games Answer , Rasna Gamers Offer for Rasna QR Code Scan to How to participate in this new Rasna Games and you can win exclusive rewards for tablets, mobiles gadgets, etc. All the following steps are below for the process Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

The summer Special season 2 will launch the Rasna company from Quiz Answers Game for How can you play quiz and win prizes. The Chota Bhim kids Special TV serial cartoon presented by Rasna.

You love this all-you favorite serial Chota Bhim for you can purchase Chota Bhim Rasna packet then scan to play quiz and win prizes tablet or lolly pack.

Just You Have 3 Simple Questions Answers and 3 rounds for Total 9 Questions Answers and all the answers added below. 

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers Round 1 – 3

Round 1 Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which cricketer had endorsed band Rasna?
Answer: Rohit Sharma

Q2) In which year did Chhota Bheem Show premiere?
Answer: 2008

Q3) Which is the densest jungle in the world?
Answer: Amazon Rainforest

Round 2 Quiz Answers:

Q1) Raju is very good in?
Answer: Archery

Q2) Bay of Bengal is in which state?
Answer: Liquid

Q3) Dhuni Baba is a __ who lives in a cave.
Answer: Sage

Round 3 Quiz Answers:

Q1) Who is the twin brother of Dholu?
Answer: Bholu

Q2) Rasna is a made in ……. Brand?
Answer: India

Q3) What is always coming, but never arrives?
Answer: Tomorrow

Note: We Will Try the Best 3 Rounds Quiz Questions Answers Added But every time they will give you new questions randomly. New Question Answers Then Below Comment Section.

How to Play Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers To Win Tablet, Lolly Packs

1) First Of All, Visit The Link to Participate in Rasna Gamers and Play to Win Rewards

2) Open this link on your default browser and Get Started with the Rasna Games

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

3) Click on This Banner to You Can Play Quiz and Win Prizes for Tablet, Loly Pack & Etc Rewards.

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

4) Choose Your Preferred Language to Click on Continue Button

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

5) Let’s See Some Fun You are Ready? Yes to Continue > Continue & Continue

6) Get Fill Your Details: Full Name, Date Of Birth, Select Gender, Mobile Number

7) Click On Submit Button Press It. 

8) Now, Play Round 1 the Quiz Answers Game for a Minimum 3 Questions Answers and a Total of Round 3

9) 1st Round Complete 3 Correct Answers then You have to qualify Next Round Again 3 Questions, Total 9 Questions Answers total Rounds 3

10. Complete Round 3. You Will, Congratulations! You Now Stand a Chance to Win a Tablet Loly Pack from Rasna by Winners Announcement Soon…

Rasna Gamers Quiz Answers

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