Paytm UPI Lite Activate and Instant Rs 10 Cashback

Paytm UPI Lite Activate – Paytm UPI Lite features, Paytm UPI Lite Benefits, Paytm UPI Lite Setup, now let’s see introducing Paytm UPI Lite and how can setup UPI Lite and get the special start transaction and money transferred by Paytm UPI Lite. Add min Rs 10 and you will get Rs 10 Cashback in your UPI linked bank account.

Maximum Up to ₹200 UPI Lite Transfer your money to another UPI address. It’s fast launching lite features and easy to work and has no failed UPI payments.

Launching UPI LITE (UNIFIED PAYMENTS INTERFACE) if you can Pay up to 200 without UPI PIN. UPI Lite works even when other UPI payments fail.

UPI Lite A faster & easier way to make UPI payments with a single tap. What is UPI Lite? UPI Lite is a secure wallet offered by UPI. It lets you make small value UPI payments to QR codes, UPI IDs, and phone numbers without entering UPI PIN.

Paytm UPI Lite Bug Offer

Paytm UPI Lite Activate and Instant Rs 10 Cashback

👉 Your Paytm Already UPI Lite Activate than now, Disable it > Click Three Line menu > UPI & Payment Settings > UPI Lite disable

👉 Paytm Scan & Pay and below QR Code > Scaning it, for Activate Paytm UPI Lite Get ₹10 cashback offer visble

Paytm UPI Lite Activate and Instant Rs 10 Cashback

👉 Click on cashback banner and Then Setup Now Paytm UPI Lite and now, Activate & ₹1000 Add min Instant and ₹10 Cashback received Direct into Bank 😍😍

🛑 Note: After ₹1000 Adding UPI LIte to back in Bank Account Transfer..Again now, Disable Paytm UPI Lite, you will Refund bank account paytm UPI lite. Loot Hurry Up!!!

How To Setup & Activate Paytm UPI Lite Features | Use Paytm UPI Lite (Full Guide Step by Step)

1. First of all, Paytm App Download the latest version from PlayStore to link here:-

2. Install / Open this app and login your Paytm account

3. Home Dashboard section in the app and click on Paytm UPI Lite

Paytm UPI Lite

4. Or, Not Viable the option, search UPI Lite and got it now.

5. It’s a new feature launching Paytm UPI Lite and can pay up to ₹200 without UPI PIN. UPI Lite Work even when other UPI payments fail

6. Choose bank A/c for activating UPI Lite

Paytm UPI Lite

7. Click on Proceed to Setup UPI Lite (Specific Bank Support UPI Lite features)

8. Linked Your Bank Account

9. Add Money to Activate UPI Lite

10. Enter the Amount minimum of Rs 10 and Add it to UPI Lite Money

11. Successfully Add Money UPI Lite and you can enjoy this feature without a pin. you will get instant Rs.10 Cashback in paytm bank account

Paytm UPI Lite

How it Works:

1. You can set up UPI Lite on any of your linked bank accounts.

2. After it has been set up, you will see UPI Lite as an option while paying.

3. UPI Lite does not require UPI PIN to complete the payment.

4. UPI Lite is faster, easier, and has fewer chances of failing.

How to Add Money UPI Lite Wallet Balance

1. Go to Paytm UPI Lite in-home Dashboard section

2. Enter Amount Minimum

3. Maximum Amount Rs.200

4. Use Paytm UPI Via Payment

5. Done it, you can use this UPI Lite Features

6. Enjoy it.

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