Open IndusInd Bank Savings Account – Enjoy Amazing Offers

How to Open IndusInd Bank Savings Account and get an Enjoy Amazing Offers from IndusInd Bank Zero balance Savings Account Within Few Minutes Work to complete your bank account. You can see paperless savings account and So Amazing Features and Free Debit Card and Apply forIndusInd Bank Lifetime free credit card and get up to Rs.70,000 Limit.

Open an Indusind Savings Bank Account without stepping out of your home and get a zero balance savings account. Enjoy features like Cardless cash withdrawal, video branch, and more.Flat ₹200 for each successful account opening with full KYC and deposit of at least Rs.1500

Cardless Cash Withdrawal
5% interest on savings
Fund your account and get 3 months TimesPrime
membership Free
Personalized Account Number
Open IndusInd Bank Savings Account

How to Open IndusInd Bank Savings Account – Enjoy Amazing Offers

1. Firstly, Click the Link to Open an IndusInd Bank Savings Account from your default browser

2. Enter their basic information such as Name, Number, Email ID and click on ‘Submit’.

3. Once submitted, this lead will automatically get created on your OneCode Account and the customer will be taken to the IndusInd Savings Account website

4. The customer needs to complete the rest of the process on the Indusind Savings Account website

5. Click on ‘Open your account’

6. Enter mobile number and click on ‘Continue’

7. Click on ‘Verify’ after entering the OTP sent to the mobile number

8. For Aadhaar and PAN verification, the customer has to enter the Aadhaar, PAN account number, tick the check box and click on ‘Send Verification OTP’

9. OTP sent to registered mobile number for Aadhaar number provided

10. Registered number of Aadhaar card should be the same as the number provided on Indusind Sign up page

11. On the Personal details page, provide the necessary details such as name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, marital status, etc.

12. Customer needs to select their choice of Aadhaar linking preferences and click on ‘Save and Continue”

13. On the Nominee details page, enter nominee details or untick the ‘I would like to add a Nominee’ option

14. Customer needs to choose their type of Induslnd online account: Indus Digi-Start or Indus Delite

15. Setup digital access by choosing a unique username, setting an M-PIN and click on ‘Continue”

16. To confirm customer account details, agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Confirm’

17. Proceed to ‘Complete your KYC’ page and proceed to the ‘Zero Contact’ Video KYC page and click ‘Next’

18. After the Video KYC, once the account is successfully opened, the customer has to transfer/fund the account with Rs. 1500.

Note: If you try to deposit money in the process of opening an account, the system has a limitation as it allows funding of minimum Rs. 10,000. So please complete the process till KYC and wait for 24 hours for the account to be created and fund the account.

19. Minimum deposit of Rs. 1500/- at the time of account opening. Monthly balance of Rs. 500/- to be maintained.

21. You’ll earn Rs. 200 Cashback for every Indusind Savings account opened for just your debit card transaction & Cashback offers.

22. Your Cashback will be credited to your Bank Account within 24 hours

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