My11Circle Weekend Carnival Contest – Rs.25 Lakh & More Prizes

My11Circle Weekend Carnival Contest – You can participate in the new my11circle event and stand a chance to Won Rs.25 Lakh & More Prizes. Just join the contest and you can rank at the top and grab a reward prizes Sports Bike, iPhone, Samsung Smart TV, and OnePlus Smartphone.

My11Circle Weekend Carnival Contest

My11Circle Weekend Carnival Contest Duration from 6th – 7th May 2023. My11Circle App Download and you can join the free leagues for the first time and get a bonus of Rs.2500 in your My11Circle Wallet Balance.

My11Circle Weekend Carnival Prizes

1Rs.1 Lakh + Sports Bike
2Rs.10,000 + iPhone
3Rs.5000 + Samsung Smart Tv
4-5Rs.2000 + OnePlus Smartphone

My11Circle Weekend Carnival Contest – Rs.25 Lakh & More Prizes

Download App & Use My11Circle Invite Code – ARJUDQHW – ₹2500 Free Cash Bonus

Step1: Play Leaderboard – Play ‘Mega’ and ’99’ contests of Indian T20 league matches to be a part of the leaderboard.

Step2: Collect Points in Indian T20 league matches Valid on ‘Mega’ and ’99’ contests of Indian T20 league matches.

Step3: The difference in points scored by your best team & the team at the cutoff %ile (90 %ile) rank will be added to the leaderboard.

Step4: Win Leaderboard prizes Win 25 Lakh & Many More Prizes!

How do I join the Weekend Carnival?

Look for Leaderboard eligible matches on the Cricket Section in the app. They will have the Leaderboard Icon.

Play ‘Mega’ and ’99’ contests of Ind T20 matches on 6th & 7th May to be a part of the carnival

How to get points added to the Weekend Carnival?

– Refer to the Score Calculator Section (by clicking on How to Play).

– Detailed score calculation along with examples can be seen there

What are the Prizes on Offer?

– Win up to ₹ 25 lakh & many more prizes

– The Prizes section of the Leaderboard page can give you the list of prizes.

– Play at least 2 out of 4 matches to qualify for the Carnival Prize Payouts

When does the leaderboard refresh?

– The Leaderboard will be updated 1 hour after the end of every match which is eligible for the Weekend Carnival.

Can you participate with multiple teams in the Weekend Carnival Contests?

– Yes you can participate with multiple teams in the Weekend Carnival eligible contest.

– However, only the team with most points(your best team) will be considered for the Leaderboard Calculation.

– For example, your team T1 scored 290 points and T2 scored 330 points, then only T2 will be considered for Leaderboard point calculations.

Will the estimated prize be the same as the actual prize I get on settlement?

– No, the estimated prize can be different from the actual prize.

– For example, your rank was 1 during the leaderboard and the estimated prize was ₹ 2 Lakh, however on settlement two players landed on rank 1, in that case your actual prize will be ₹ 1 Lakh (which is different from your estimated prize).

– My11 Circle may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the prizes offered on Weekend Carnival at any time without prior notice.

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