Miraj Cinemas Free Tub Of Salted Popcorn 90gms

Miraj Cinemas Free Tub Of Salted Popcorn 90gms – How To Book a Movies Tickets On Their Miraj Cinemas from Offline and Online Store Via Complete The First Ticket Book and You Can GRAB This Free Tub Of Salted Popcorn 90gms don’t have missed but only for 1 Term & Condition Now!

If You Can This Loot Have a For Applicable Only for a Covid – 19 Vaccinated Complete Indian People and Lots of Benefits Now. [Update] BharatPe COVID-19 – GET Vaccinated! & FREE ₹300 Bank A/c

Miraj Cinemas Compmnay Twitter Handel Annoumsnet Official Vaccinated Users for Are you fully vaccinated? Get rewarded for BEING FULLY VACCINATED WITH A FREE TUB OF SALTED POPCORN (90GMS).

T&C Applied Miraj Cinemas Entertainment Redefines You! See You At the film! GET A Free Salted Popcorn Tub for Fully Vaccinated Guest Only.

Miraj Cinemas Free Tub Of Salted Popcorn 90gms

Miraj Cinemas Free Tub Of Salted Popcorn 90gms

Point Noted: This is Offer Applicable Only for vaccinated Dose 1 & Dose 2 Complete from Indians Now!

Step 1: Visit the Nearest Miraj Cinemas From their Website Link Here:-

Step 2: Or, Please Check on Online Movie Ticket from BookMyShow Or Paytm App

Step 3: You Can Need To Book Movie Tickets

Step 4: You Can Need To Book Any Movies Tickets

Step 4: Paying This Amount & Collect This Tickets

Step 5: Show Up Vaccination Certificate On Booking Center

Step 6: You Will, Get a Free Salted Pop Corn Tub (90gms) and After Ticket Booking for Show Up On Your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Offer Source: Link Here

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