Media Rewards App Offer – Free Amazon Voucher Worth Rs.250/Monthly

Media Rewards App Offer – Media Rewards App Loot, Media Rewards Survey, Media Rewards App Loot for How to the New latest App download from Media Rewards but after the take A complete your survey and We Will The Earn Scores for winning Amazon rewards vouchers Worth Rs.250

Click the button below to download the app and claim your spot. Want to join and win prizes as well? Media Rewards is available in your region. Please sign up to join the Media Rewards™ program.

How it Works?

  • 1. Sign up now – Every month we have limited spots. Request the invite and download it now.
  • 2. Watch and listen – The app runs smoothly in the background. Just watch TV or listen to the radio like you always do.
  • 3. Easy rewards – Earn points for each minute the app runs in the background, take a survey and earn rewards.
  • It’s super easy. This app for the just-completed in the simple ways to earn Score and win Rewards vouchers Amazon. High Tasted this and good rating from play store or Apple store here now.
Media Rewards App Offer

Watch TV. Listen to the radio. Get rewarded. Media Rewards™ is the easiest way to turn your media exposure into rewards now.

Media Rewards App Offer – Free Amazon Voucher Worth Rs.250/Monthly

Step 1: Media Rewards Special Offer Page to Link Here:-

Step 2: Open Any Browser to Take this some survey in All the Answer Below

  • Language: English
  • Yes Continue
  • Agree on T&C to Click Continue
  • Only I Use It
  • What is your age: 18- 44
  • Select Gender – Male / Female
  • Select All List
  • Yes / No
  • Education – Select SSC/HSC Or Illiterate Now

Select Any States for Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

Watch Redio Listen to the redio get rewarded to Amazon gift card voucher worth rs.250

Next Survey Below to the Answers and We Will Complete Process

Click on Check Your Eligible and Select all the YES options and Next Here

Media Rewards App Offer

Enter Your Email Address with Verification on Your mailbox

Media Rewards App Offer

Click On Google Play Store Icon to redirect from the play store and download this Media Rewards App

Media Rewards App Offer

Step 3: Open your media rewards app to log in your same e-mail via account

Step 4: if you can access & allow the skip introduction part now

Step 5: All the basics steps are complete by profile, location, YouTube tracking &, etc much more.

Step 6: Earn Your Score – Just Leave your phone on and will take care of the rest. You’ll Automatic get a better score by leaving the app in the background.

Step 7: go to the higher level your rewards level is based on your score vs others in the community enable points accelerators to increase your score faster now.

Step 8: More Rewards for When you are in a higher rewards level, you’ll also qualify for surveys for Which you can earn more rewards.

Media Rewards App Offer

Step 9: Also, Media Rewards Company for Stand a chance to gift all the rewards sends 25,000 gift vouchers from Amazon every month.

What is Media Rewards?

Easy rewards, just by watching TV and listening to the radio. Install the app, leave it in the background. Take short surveys, get points, and earn rewards. Opt-out at any time.

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