Exchange Referral Code: Sign Up & FREE $8 USDT Reward

Mal Exchange Referral Code is WHAAG – Exchange Reward Offer , Mal Exchange Crypto USDT FREE for Get Sign Up Bonus Rewards 3 USDT and Complete Simple & Easy Task to get additional USDT Rewards. Invite a Friend and get an Extra USDT Reward. Use & Apply Must Mal Exchange Referral CodeWHAAG: Get a Free 8 USDT Total Bonus Reward.

How to Register a New Mal Token Exchange Account and receive rewards in your account. Then download the mal Exchange crypto app, log in to your account, and start earning now.

Invite a friend to share the invitation code sent to the what’s app, Facebook, Telegram and etc. Must be applied a referral code and it’s a new application Mal Exchange and earn money online. 

The invitation code is the invitation ID for the account, Personal Center – Invitation page. Each user has a unique invitation Id. The invitation code is used to identify the relationship between the invitee and the inviter. The lack of an invitation code does not affect the registration of a new account. 

Mal Token Exchange  – Your Crypto Finance Gateway from available iOS / Android app now, Fiat And Crypto Swap, Trending Tokens, Register Now and Safe and Secure You can save and trade crypto tokens on safely.

Mal Exchange Referral Code

Mal Exchange Referral Code – Sign Up & Get 8 USDT Rewards. Complete Tasks

1. First Of All, Visit The Link to Token Exchange Website here:-

2. Open this link on your default browser and get the first step is register now

3. Please choose your country of residence according to your actual (All Country is Available)

4. Enter your email address, set the password, and invitation code you must and get eligible to rewards

Mal Exchange Invitation Code – WHAAG

5. Tap on the next button and the Email Verification code has been sent and verify it.

6. Successfully Registered and Congratulations, you got 2 USDT in your sign-up bonus

Mal Exchange Referral Code

7. Please download the App or go to the”Invitations-Tasks” page on the Website and receive the amount

Mal Exchange Referral Code

8. Install / Open Mal App and home dashboard section and will be in Default Arabic Language

Mal Exchange Referral Code

9. Then Change your language, go to the profile tab option and set English language best practice

Mal Exchange Referral Code

10. Now, log in to your account, same Details enter your email and password

11. Again go to the profile option and click on invite friends option and the next screen

Mal Exchange Refer and Earn

12. Tap on mission center categories and complete easy tasks to get the rewards now.

No of Task: 

  • Sign up to get a 3 USDT reward
  • Register and get a super bonus 1 USDT
  • Complete KYC and get a super bonus 1 USDT
  • Join the community telegram and get super bonus 1 USDT
  • Complete fiat recharge of not less than 100 USD
  • Complete the first Crypto Currency exchange, the amount is not less than 50 USD
  • Total Mission Reward for 8 USDT and Get Rewarded 0 USDT
  • The system will return the reward if no trade is made within 14 days

Tips: Refer and Earn for Invite a Friends to Earn Rewards, to get send a referral link to your friends and get the bonus rewards now.

Ml Exchange App Refer and Earn –

  • Become an Angel User of Platform
  • Monthly champions extra $12,000  
  • (The First 5000, The Second 4000, The Third 3000)
  • Annual champions extra $100,000
  • (The First 50,000, The Second 30,000, The Third 20,000)

Task Rules –

  1. Sign up to get a 3 USDT reward
  2. Register and bind your email + 1 USDT
  3. Complete KYC verification + 1 USDT
  4. Join the official community of telegram group +1 USD
  5. You can recharge with fiat currency and get a 5 USDT reward
  6. The first recharge is 100 USD, fiat currency recharge
  7. Complete the first currency transaction

The reward will be returned by the system if no trade is made within 14 days

Special terms:

  1. In order to prevent false registration and self-trading, the platform reserves the right of final interpretation;
  2. The owner of the KYC account and the recharge bank card account should be the same;
  3. The same IP address, the same network device, and the same ID are only allowed to participate in one event, and repeated participation is invalid;
  4. Our AI system will continuously monitor the status of the community, and you will not be rewarded for posting illegal content or withdrawing from the official community;
  5. The amount of the first transaction of the depositing user should be greater than or equal to 50 USDT to get the reward.

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