Kent Water Purifier Demo Testing and Free Gift Worth Rs.3000

Kent Water Purifier Demo Testing – Free Kent Water Purifier Demo for The New Launch this Product and for the Booking Now and Test In New Latest Kent Water Purifier and You Can Rase Request and 100% Confirm Book to Your Doorstep Via Testing Free Demo Of Kent Water Purifier Now.

Now, KENT ADVANTAGE, MOST CERTIFIED & AWARDED Honoured with Numerous Awards and Certifications and TRUSTED BY MILLIONS Ranked #1 Most Trusted Brand in India Now. Some Check Your Premium Quality Products with Large Sales and Service Network.

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The world’s best RO purifiers that make your water 100% pure by removing even dissolved impurities, as well as bacteria & viruses, now offer unmatched benefits. These Next-Gen RO purifiers maintain essential natural minerals in water and display minerals & purity on the digital screen. So go ahead and change your water purifier now.

Free Kent Water Purifier Demo Testing for Booking Now

Step 1: Visit The Free Kent Water Purifier Demo Testing Page To Link Here:-

Step 2: Fill in The Details: Your Name, Mobile Number, Email, City & Pin Code

Kent Water Purifier Demo

Step 3: Click On The Next Button

Step 4: Please validate using OTP sent to your mobile number

Step 5: Enter OTP 6 Digit and Verify OTP

Kent Water Purifier Demo

Step 6: Now, Click On Book My Demo Testing for Kent Water Purifier

Step 7: Thank you for showing interest in KENT. Your details have been sent to our team. An executive will shortly get in touch with you.

Kent Water Purifier Demo

Step 8: Contact Your Number and Notify By SMS On Kent Water Purifier Customer Servies Executive Call On Your Mobile Number For Some Information

Step 9: Visit The Home Customer Services and Free Kent Water Purifier Demo Testing

Point Noted: No Any Charges and You Can Need This Purifier for Pay On Money and Purchasing this Product item for Kent Water Purifier

Free Gift Worth Rs.3000 On Purchase Kent Water Purifier

Kent’s Next-Gen RO Makes Water 100% Pure On Purchase Of Every Kent RO Now Get Free Gift Hamper Worth Rs.3000 (Servies AMC for 3 Years)


Purifying water using the traditional methods don’t remove soluble impurities like arsenic, fluoride, chemicals, salts, etc. from water. This is where KENT Next-Gen RO Water purifiers can help you out. KENT RO Purifiers remove dissolved impurities but maintain essential minerals in purified water.

Kent Water Purifier Features –

  • RO process removes dissolved impurities
  • UV kills bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • UF removes bacteria and cysts
  • TDS Controller retains essential minerals in purified water
  • High water production rate of 20 lt/hr
  • Save Water Technology reduces water wastage
  • Purifies brackish, tap and municipal corporation water
  • World’s Best Quality Certificates


FeaturesKENT’s Next-Gen RO PurifiersOther Brands
Mineral RetentionRetain MineralsDon’t Retain Minerals
Multiple PurificationRO+UV+UF+TDS ControlOnly RO
UV Disinfection In-tankYes. Keeps Purified Water Always PureNo
International CertificationsNSF (USA), WQA (USA) and CENo World-Class Certification
Water Recovery Rate50%< 30%
Warranty1 Year Free Service + 3 Year Free AMCOnly 1 Year Warranty

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