Jio Caller Tune – Free 4 Ways Set Active, Deactive, Change & Remove

Jio Caller Tune – How To Set Caller Tune In Jio Number With Free Of Cost. Easy To Caller Tune Active and Deactivate Caller Tune. The Change, Remove, Stop & Deactive For Jio Caller Tune Number With JioSaavn App Jio Caller Tune Song List Of Song Any Time Change Jio Caller Tune For Another Songs List Remove Jio Hello Tune Allert For Let’s Get Stop Tunes.

Say it with Jio Tunes, before you say ‘hello’ JioTunes brings you an exciting way to specific your temper together with your track of preference. A way to exchange your tune as in step with your temper pick from over 4 lakh songs across genres which includes Bollywood, local, worldwide, instrumental, devotional. Trade your track anytime, freed from value.

How To 4 Ways Activate Jio Caller Tune

  • My Jio
  • Jio Saavn
  • SMS
  • Start To Copy
Jio Caller Tune

Hey Guys, TricksRecharge Members! If You 4 Ways To Active Your JioTunes For In Your Calling Hello Tune Now. How To Make Set Up Jio CallerTune Active For Download Jio Saavn App, My Jio App, SMS & Star To Copy Your Caller Tune Favourite Songs List.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune Active & Deactive For Jio Saavn App

1. First Of All, Download JioSaavn App From Google Play Store to Link Here-

2. Login To JioSaavn App Your With Jio Mobile Number Via

3. Now, To Check Out Latest Releases Songs

4. Search Your Favourite Jio Caller Tunes & Select A Songs Of Your Choice To Set As Jio Tune

5. Listen To Preview Of Songs and Tap To Button Set Jio Tune

6. Complete Sucess, Get Set Jio Tunes Activation For SMS Confirmation Receive In Your Jio Mobile Number

7. You Will, Dear Customer To Jio Tunes Service Has Been Activated

How To Change Jio Caller Tune For My Jio App & Active

1. Open It MyJio App & Go-To Menu Section For Select “JioTunes” Option Now

2. Listen To Preview Of Latest Songs For Jio Saavn App

3. Select Any Songs For Set As JioTune Button

4. You Are Done, Get Confirmation Screen & SMS To Activation Success!

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio Mobile SMS

1. First Of All, Mobile Device Via Open In Your SMS Inbox

2. Make Sure Sending SMS ‘JT’ To “56789” Number

3. To Search For A Song Or Manage Your JioTunes Account

4. Reply To This SMS With One Of The Catagory Numbers Below

5. You Have Selected The Song Of Your Choice As Jio Tune

6. Give Your Consent To Request For Activation Of Jio Tunes Service

7. Dear Customer, Get JioTunes Service Has Been Activated Via SMS for Your Jio Number.

Jio Caller Tune

How To Copy Caller Tune In Jio For Any Friend Hello Tunes

1. First Of All, Any Your Friend’s Calling Hello Tune Allert This #Copy

2. Tap On Press * Button To Copy JioTune

3. Give Your Consent To Active The JioTunes Service

4. Get Set Jio Caller Tune Service Activation SMS For That In Your Jio Number.

4. Complete Successfully, Copy In Your Friends Jio Caller Tune Alert Service

How To Remove Jio Caller Tune For Any Time & Any Way

1. First Of All, Open In Your Mobile Device For SMS Inbox

2. Then Send To SMS ‘STOP’ For In ‘56789’ Number

3. Then Just Wait for Contamination SMS For In Your Jio Caller Tune Has Been Stop & Remove This Deactivated CallerTune.

What is JioTunes?

Say it with JioTunes, before you say ‘Hello’. You could set the music of your preference as Jiotune and your callers will concentrate on it instead of the dull Tring-Tring. You could pick out Jiotunes from our massive collection of songs beginning from Bollywood to global, devotional to close by, and many different genres.

You can download the JioSaavn App From The Play Store/App Store & Set the music of your desire as Jio track. You can additionally set JioTune the use of MyJio app by deciding on the ‘Jio tunes’ choice.

How can I search for songs to set as my JioTune?

  • To set a song as a JioTune, you can download JioSaavn from App Store/Google Play, browse the app & set the selected songs of your choice as your JioTune. You can set your JioTune in two ways –
  • On the song categories page, at the right-hand bottom, click on the three-dot dropdown menu and select ‘Set As JioTune’.
  • Alternatively, you can open your selected song in the player mode and click the ‘Set As JioTune’ button beneath the player.
  • If you are unable to find the ‘Set As JioTunes’ button in your Jiosaavn app, then your app needs to be upgraded to the latest version by visiting AppStore/Google Play. All songs available as JioTunes will have ‘Set As JioTune’ button enabled. Other ways to search & set your JioTune –
  • Set JioTune using MyJio app. Select ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu. Search and select a song and tap on ‘Set as JioTune’.
  • SMS the first three words of the song of your choice to 56789. You will receive the list of songs carrying those three words and the instructions on how to set your selected song as your JioTune.
  • You can also search a song from specific genres, singers’ names, movie names, or album names by sending SMS Singeror Movie or Albumto 56789.
  • You can also simply send JT to 56789 and follow the instruction to set a particular song as your JioTune.

How do I activate JioTunes on my smartphone?

You can activate JioTunes using one of these easy methods –

  • Through JioSaavn app
  • Through MyJio app
  • IVR
  • Copy JioTune from another Jio customer
    By SMS

JioSaavn App To Active JioCaller Tune –

  • Download JioSaavn app from Play Store/App Store
  • Open JioSaavn app and select a song of your choice
  • Play the song and open in the player mode and click on ‘Set JioTune’
  • To preview the JioTune, tap on the play icon. To set the selected song as JioTune, tap on ‘Set JioTune’
  • Alternatively, you can also tap on the ‘3 dot icon’ and tap on ‘Set as JioTune’ option to set the JioTune
    You will get a notification once your JioTune has been set

Please Note – If JioTune is not available for the selected song, then the “Set as JioTune” option will be greyed out or you will see “JioTune unavailable”. Please choose another song of your choice to set as JioTune. Please click here to see a video on “How to Set JioTune using JioSaavn app”

MyJio App –

  • Download MyJio app from Play Store/App Store
  • Open MyJio app and select ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu
  • Go to the ‘Songs’ tab and select the song which you want to set as JioTune & click on ‘Set as JioTune’
  • You will get a confirmation screen once your request is submitted successfully
  • Dial 56789 from the Jio number on which you wish to set JioTune
  • Select the song of your choice from the Top Songs to set as your JioTune

How To Copy JioTune of another Jio customer –

  • The Press * (Star) Before the call is answered
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm your consent
  • You need to reply to this SMS with ‘Y’ within 30 minutes and the selected JioTune will be activated on your Jio number


  • Send an SMS with the first 3 words of the song/film/album of your choice to 56789 (toll-free).
  • You will receive an SMS with the list of songs matching your input along with instructions on how to set the song of your choice as your JioTune.
  • Alternatively, you can SMS “JT” to 56789 and follow the instructions.

My choice of song is not available in the SMS list for JioTunes?

Sometimes, a particular song is not available as JioTune from the music label itself. However, JioTunes library has a 4 lakh plus collection of songs from which you can choose your JioTune.

What are the charges for JioTunes?

JioTunes is currently being offered to Jio customers free of cost. You can also change your JioTune any number of times. Should JioTunes be made available on a chargeable basis in the future, you will receive communication accordingly.

When my call gets into waiting, can the caller hear my JioTunes?

In case your call is on wait, the caller will be listening to the call waiting for the default message.

Is JioTunes service supported on all handsets?

Yes, JioTunes service is supported on all handsets that support 4G voice & data services.

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Final Words –

The Most Entertainment Tricks For Jio Caller Tune Services and Active This Helo Tunes Alert Free Of Cost Now. $th Ways Active And Change Of Tunes Now. This Link For Full Information For Jio CallerTune Related Servies  Any Problems This Solved Now.

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