Investmates App Refer and Earn Rs 100 in Bank A/c

Invite your friends Investmates App Refer and Earn program and you can earn coins to claim rewards. download the new latest application from Investmates app. Use the Investmates Referral Code Now, Sign up for your account, and complete your KYC to Verify your account and eligible to earn coins.

Investmates App Refer and Earn

The Investmates app is investing community like stocks, trades and etc. refer and earn rewards of 100 coins as per Successful referral and minimum redeem coins 200 = ₹100. if you can claim reward coins to redeem coins in your bank account.

Investmates App Refer And Earn –

Invite a friend to earn coins, sharing your invite referral link with friends, and family members via social media platforms like fb, wp and telegram & much more. After earning coins redeem your coins in the bank. following the complete process below

Investmates App Refer and Earn

Hey there, Join me on InvestMates, a Next-Gen platform for retail investors and Use my exclusive invite link below and Let’s grow our wealth together! It’s 4th easy step to complete your account.

Investmates App Detiles
Sign upFree
Refer and EarnRs 50 as per
Redeem Coins 200 coins = Rs 100
WithdrawBank / UPi
Download AppLink Here

How to Register in Investmates App and Free Rs 100 into bank A/c

1. First of all, Visit the link below and Download Investmates App

2. Install / Open it and welcome to Investmates app

3. Enter Mobile Number and Verifying With OTP

Investmates App Refer and Earn

4. Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your mobile number and verify it now

5. Enter Your Full Name [ As per Pan Card ] > Tap to Continue Button

Investmates App Refer and Earn

6. Done it, Home Dashboard Section in the app and verify your account to redeem your coins, and now, eligible to refer and earn to claim your rewards.

Investmates App Refer and Earn

How to Verify an Account With KYC?

1. Tap on Menu Option > Click on the Account option on the dashboard section in the app

2. Enter your E-mail Address and Verification with confirmation by email

3. Click on to Verify Option and complete your KYC verification in your account instantly

4. You have to upload a valid pan card and Selfie your photo to the submit now

Investmates App Refer and Earn

5. Within minutes, receive a congratulations sms by fully verifying your KYC with your account

How to Link Broken Account?

Important Step: have a must to Link any Broker Account like Groww, 5paisa, Upstox, and Many more and activate your Investmates app account

1. Home dashboard section in the app and Go to the Portfolio Tab option and tap Import Portfolio

2. Now, Select Stock Option and Click to Continue Button

3. Choose your broker and log in with your broker account for 5paisa, angel one, dhan, groww, Upstox &, etc.

4. We will redirect to fetching on your stock account and already created an account to just you can log in to connect that sheat now

5. Now, Entering Your Details and grant permission all the access to fetching the broker account and entering login information details to Successful login now

You can simple steps to connect your groww account (how to create groww account)

6. After Login Stock Account and Creating a portfolio enter your name to save it now.

7. Done it, you will eligible to refer and earn program: go to the home dashboard section

8. Click on the side of the menu bar and click on Refer and earn an option and invite a friend to earn a money reward

Investmates App Refer and Earn

How to Refer and Earn in Investmates App: As Per Rs 100 Referral

1. Home dashboard section in the app and click on the side menu bar and tap to invite friends option

2. Tap on to invite friends button

3. Share the invite link with your friends

Investmates App Refer and Earn

4. Using your invite link via sign up complete

5. Account must be verified by your friends

6. Make a 2 Refer and Get 200 Coins (Min. 200 coins Redeem) 

7. Get 100 Points for Each Successful referral now

8. You can earn coins to redeem coins from your wallet to your Bank account directly

200 Coins = ₹100

How to Withdraw / Redeem Coins?

1. Home dashboard section in the app and click on the side menu bar

2. Tap on my wallet option

3. Click on the redeemable coins button

4. Ask complete profile? First complete your profile with Verify account first

5. You need to earn a minimum of 200 coins to redeem now

6. To redeem your rewards, please add your bank or UPI details

7. Submit Redeem Request

9. Done it, Successfully completed and redeem your coins and you will be credited by bank account

Investmates App Refer and Earn

InvestMates App Payment Proof

InvestMates App Payment Proof


Investmates App Referral Code?

Referral Code is `BNcJpLyS7JCyZz7u7` is officially not available but using the link via download and get register and free bonus

Investmates App Coins?

Investmates App coins is earn, invite a friend to earn coins and redeem coins in to bank / upi

how to redeem coins?

After collect coins and then redeem coins ( 200 coins = 100), redeem bank / upi account.

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