Gpay Surprise Indi Home QR Code – 20 floors and Cashback (3times)

Gpay surprise Indi home QR code – Gpay Food Market Round 4 Scan QR Code , Scan the New Google Pay Surprise Indi Home Qr Code , GPay Food Market AR Scan and Earn Free 20 floors and Cashbacks (3 times you will get a reward for a 3-time scan) the new QR code delivery for any items purchased for Flipkart, amazon, mi store, and special gift send Gpay Surprise Indi Home QR Code – get earn 20 floors and CashBacks.

How to download google pay app and get sign in and get participate in the new contest from google pay diwali offer, google pay Diwali mela offer, and get a reward of Rs.200 Instant into the bank account.

For Complete daily, just two scans food market AR Scan now. from GPay Food Market AR Scan times are Diya, lotus, and rangoli.

Get 1 to 30 floors when you scan Food Market Street items with the Google Pay AR Scan feature. Also, Recent New Samsung Instant Plays Happy Diwali Offer – Free Voucher Rewards

You can be asked to scan one of the following items every day: Diya, Rangoli, or lotus. from Valid 2 times a day per user.

GPay Diwali AR Scan
Received GPay Diwali Scan QR CODE for Mi Product Delivery

Gpay Surprise Indi Home QR Code – Scan QR Code & Earn FREE 20 floors and Cashbacks

1. First Of All, From the Google Pay home screen, enter the Indi-Home page.

2. To get welcome floors, accept a welcome gift when you first enter Indi-Home after 5 December. To collect the gift, tap on “Build Welcome floors.”

3. Google Pay Round 4 Food Market will start on November 25 where you or your team will race to build the tallest Food Market by the 5th of December 2022.

4. The top 8 lakh teams will get up to ₹350 as a team reward. For more details, check out the “What rewards can I get?” section below.

5. You can get and build floors through different qualifying actions. For more details about qualifying actions and daily limits, check out the “How do I get more floors?” section.

6. Tap on Scan QR Code Option in the home dashboard section

7. Scan the QR Gpay Surprise Indi Home Food Market Round 4 QR Code below

Google Pay Food Market Offer

8. Scan With Google Pay and Surprise Indi-Home rewards waiting for you!

9. This is not a payemnt QR. it will lead you to Indi-Home inside Google Pay

10. Google Pay on Here to share some festive cheer!

11. Wishing you and your loved ones all the happiness in the world.

12. Flip the card for surprise rewards!

13. Gpay surprise Indi home QR code. 20 floors and cash backs

14. For 3 times you will get the reward for a 3-time scan

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