[Champion!] Go India – Jeetne Ke Hai Chaaar Din Baaki Hai Bekar Din

Google Pay Go India Offer

Google Pay Go India Offer | Visit All Cities Tickets & Win ₹101 – ₹501 Scratch Card Rewards | Google Pay Enter Game To Champion

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[Champioon!]Google Pay Go India Offer – How To Play Enter Game on New Google Play Go India Now. Get A Participate In Simple Game Just Complete 30 Cities and Champion To Win Big ₹101 To ₹501 Scratch Card Rewards. 2020 New Google Pay Go India Offer Loot Now.

Google Pay Go India Offer

Pay Securely With Google Pay on Collect Both Google Pay Cities Tickets and Google Pay Kilometres (KM) To Visit All Cities in the game & Earn ₹101 – ₹501 You Complete! The Google Play Game Is Active Till 25th December 2020.

Google Pay Go India OfferWin Rs.101 – Rs.501
Complete 30 Cities VisitsEarn Scratch Cad Rewards
Collect Tickets / KM100% Working Tricks (Daily Update)
Collect Rear TicketsPuri, Kochi, Bastar, Gaya, Varanasi, Kaziranga
Validity25th December 2020

You Can See Play the Go India game on Google Pay! Experience India virtually with Google Pay. Visit all cities on the Go India game and earn Assured Rewards up to ₹501! There Are Just 4 Simple Steps Collect Go India City Tickets & Collect Go India Kilometres (KM) Visit All India Cities Complete & Earn ₹101 – ₹501 Google Pay Scratch Card Rewards Now.

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Google Pay Go India Offer – Jeetne Ke Hai Chaaar Din Baaki Hai Bekar Din

Google Pay Go India Offer

There are those who are late to the party and then there are those who still haven’t started the Go India Game.

Share this with all your friends who still haven’t started their journey on #GoIndiaGame and earn more rewards. 😉

Google Pay Go India Offer

Your end destination 📍 is here! #GoIndiaGame ends on 26th December. Get collecting those city tickets and photos!

How To Enable Google Pay Go India Offer To Enter Game & Visit All Cities

1. First Of All, Open Play Store To Update Your Google Pay App Here –

Update Now

2. Now, Open It, Google Pay App & Click Here – 1st This Banner

Google Pay Go India Offer

3. This Enable Google Pay New Go India Offer

4. Just Scrolling Down It. Click Here New Google Pay Go India Offer

Google Pay Go India Offer

5. If you or your friends cannot see the game in your Google Pay app, update your app to the latest version.

Google Pay Go India Offer – Champion ₹101 – ₹501 In Bank A/C

1. First Of All, Go-To Play Google Pay Go India Offer For Below Link Here –

2. Click It, Enter Game Button & Earn ₹101 – ₹501 Scratch Card Rewards

Google Pay Go India Offer

3. Now, Start Playing Button In Tap Here

4. Let’s Go Here! Amritsar Or Bengaluru? Click On Any City’ To Pick Your Starting Point!

5. Tap The Gift Box Above To Get Your First City Ticket & KM

Google Pay Go India Offer

6. Wow! You Collected 2 City Tickets & You Can Travel 3000 KM 100% Free Absolutely

Collect City Ticket Go India

7. Now, Used 1st Tickets & Travel KM To You’re All Set. Tap & Go Here City’ Visit Here. Google Pay Go India Offer

Google Pay Go India Offer

8. You Will, First City Visit Successfully Complete & Next Here To Again Used 2nd Tickets & Travel

Google Pay Go India Offer

10. More Collect Tickets Or Travel Kilometres (KM) To Visit All 30 Cities In The Game To Complete Champion and Win Earn ₹101 – ₹501 Scratch Card Rewards

Google Pay Go India Offer

Now, Get A Request from Your Friends, Family & Etc Much More! Earn City Tickets

How To Earn To Collect City Tickets & Visit More Cities

  1. Share a Go India Photo or Map – Collect 1 Ticket Or KM Daily (Self Trick)
  2. Recharge any Prepaid Plan for Friends and Family – No min. spend
  3. Pay for Google Play Via Recharge code or UPI – min. spend Rs.30
  4. Pay To Google Pay QRs in Shops or online merchants – min. spend Rs.30, 3 tickets daily. see game terms for details
  5. Pay Bills like DTH, Electricity Etc. – min. spend Rs.100
  6. Buy Gold or Pay on the MakeMyTrip Spot – min. spend Rs.100

How To Earn Collect Kilometres KMs – More Actions, More KM

  1. Morning Gift – 1 Daily When You Open Go India
  2. Gift a City Ticket – 1 Per Friend Gifted
  3. Share a Go India Photo or map – 1 Ticket or KM Daily
  4. Pay Friends on Google Pay – 1 Per Friend Daily, no min. spend
  5. Transfer to Any Bank Account – 1 Per Account Daily, no min. spend
  6. Pay To Any UPI ID – 1 per UPI Id Daily, No min Spend
Google Pay Go India Offer

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to your compliance with the Google Pay Terms of Service.
  • The game is active till 25 November 2020.
  • You can visit all the cities listed in the game during the Offer Period to earn rewards.
  • You must successfully earn a city ticket or kilometers (“KM”) to visit cities within the game.
  • City tickets will allow you to travel to specific cities within the game. The ticket you earned will specify which city you will be able to virtually visit.
  • KM enables you to travel between cities, you can visit a city of your choice from the present city location if you have enough KM to reach the city.
  • You must successfully complete any of the following actions to be rewarded with a city ticket (each a “collection method” or “method”):

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