Google Pay Fixed Deposit Launched – Interest Rate up to 6.35%

Google Pay Fixed Deposit – New Latest Launched for New Platform Google Pay Fixed Deposit and Create You Can Need to the Fixed Deposit and Earn Interest Rate up to 6.35% on Your Bank Account After The Mature Your FD Account Now. Get up to 6.75% p.a interest rate, Start as low as Rs. 5000

How to Google Pay Fixed Deposit Account Now for you can open Fixed Deposit (FD) in the Google Pay app. Google Pay partnered with Equitas Small Finance Bank by Setu. don’t Have Miss Google Pay Refer and Earn Offer – Get ₹301 Cashback & ₹21 First Trax

You can invest a minimum of 10 days and a maximum Up to one year. FD interest rate is up to 6.35%. Extra 0.50% for senior citizens. No need to open a bank account.

Safe & High-Interest Fixed Deposit – Now, Open FD in 2 minutes and Get 6.35% for 1 year FD Account. if you can invest now in your money minimum amount of Rs.5000 now.

Google Pay Fixed Deposit

No Need to the open a new savings account!

  • Your existing account at any bank
  • Book an Equitas FD
  • FD matures
  • Principal and interest returned to your existing bank account

Google Pay Fixed Deposit Launched – Interest Rate up to 6.35%

Step 1: Should Be Open Your Google Pay App to Direct Link Here to The FD

Step 2: You can see the Business & Bills option Section to Click Explore Option

Step 3: Search “Equitas Small Finance Bank” Click on that Option

Step 4. Now, Need to Open FD Using Aadhaar OTP On Your Mobile Number

Step 5: You can do only 1 FD as of now. Create FD for Rs.5000

Google Pay Fixed Deposit

Step 6: Soon they will launch Video KYC. After that, you can create multiple FDs.

Step 7: Minimum amount ₹5,000 and maximum amount ₹90,000.

Check T&C Before FD Creation!!!

Note: There Are 1% Charges for Pre-Mature Redemption of the FD Account.

Why Should you choose Equitas FD?

RBI Regulated – Equitas small finance Bank is an RBI regulated Scheduled Commercial Bank

Higher Interest Rates – Higher returns for senior citizens up to 7.25%

on-demand redemption – you can redeem your FD anytime

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