FundsIndia Referral Code – Free Amazon Voucher

FundsIndia Referral Code is used by the link via create an account on Funds India Mutual Funds Account and get earn Rs.1200 ELSS fund and Earn Rs.1000 Any other mutual funds. Don’t Waste your time you can signup on the new fundsIndia account and must use fundsindia referral code link. you can first minimum investment of Rs.1500.

FundsIndia Referral Code

In this funds India app, you can do online investments, which is called Indian Marketplace which is completely online and you are getting the benefits of income from home. First of all this app offers you mutual funds. Later they brought you more new offerings to include more financial products like equity, bonds, and corporate fixed deposits. 

If you don’t want to trade or purchase any stocks, you can also earn money without investments. Just by referring this application to your friends, family, or other socially engaged people, you can earn per referral Rs.300 and this is an unlimited offer for you. 

Why FundsIndia ?

  • One Platform for All your Investment Needs
  • Personalised Guidance for Life
  • In-House Investment solutions with goal-driven approach
  • 14 years of assisting India in building wealth

FundsIndia offers many types of discounts, promotions, and rewards for their clients like you. One of their best programs FundsIndia is a program that gives you beneficial rewards. Referring to FundsIndia you can participate in this program and win exciting gift cards or coupon cards.

So what are you waiting for? What are you looking for? Go and earn your coupon cards so you can participate in this exciting referral program with the assistance of this application. All methods of FundsIndia income are here below: Click to open FundsIndia invite referral link 

Benefits of FundsIndia Mutual Funds:

  1. No Account Opening fees
  2. One Platform for all investment needs
  3. Personalized Guidances for Life
  4. 14 years experience


  • Age more than 18 years
  • Only for New users
  • Valid Pan & Aadhaar Card
  • Anybody who would like to invest to increase their savings

FundsIndia Referral Code Link Useing Via Open New Account

1. First of all, Visit the link from Opening on FundsIndia Mutual Funds Account

2. Enter Your Name, Mobile Number Email Address & Continue

3. We will redirect you to the Funds India page and you are signup on to the account.

4. Complete the account opening process on the Funds India website

5. They must complete their first investment of a minimum of Rs.1500 in any mutual fund.

6. The investment must be made within 7 days of account opening to be eligible for the bonus.

7. Documents Required – PAN, Aadhar, Mobile number registered with Aadhar, upload signature

8. For investment in ELSS/ Tax Savings Fund (can be SIP or lumpsum) payout will be released as soon as the report is received from the brand.

9. Complete their KYC process & upload genuine documents. must have PAN and Aadhar and above the age of 18 years.

Kind Attention Please – Investments in Securities and Mutual Funds are subject to market risk. ‘TricksRecharge’ is not liable for any kind of ups and downs in its investment value. Users should read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing.

*** Refer & Earn Program available for below complete details, you can invite friends and earn more cash rewards bonus into your bank account.

FundsIndia Referral Code


Q1. What is ELSS Fund?

ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme is the only kind of mutual fund, where your investments are eligible for tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India. The amount invested in ELSS Fund has a lock-in period of 3 years with no option of early withdrawal of money

FundsIndia App Download

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store / Apple Store and search FundsIndia app

Step 2: Download the app on your smartphone

Step 3: Install the app on your device

Step 4: Open the app

Step 5: Enter your 10 digits mobile number to register yourself and login with your suitable password

Step 6: After login, you get the reward of 300 points

( If you don’t follow these instructions you can’t get 300 points rewards for login or signing up )

How to Sign up for the Funds India app

Users who want to sign in FundsIndia they have to follow the simple steps in below:

1. Use your phone Store ( Play Store or App Store) for download the app.

2. But I suggest you if you have an invite link to download the app with that link. Or if you don’t have any link you can use our provided link to download this app.

3. To create a new account in FundsIndia you have to enter your email or phone number and make a password you can remember

4. Then log in to the account, go to your account showing on the upper section, and fill up all the necessary information such as gender, marital status, address, tax status, PAN number, and Date of birth provided by the app for your personal details.

5. If you are a non-Kyc registered customer, you have to register yourself for eKYC with your Aadhar.

6. When you complete your KYC registration, you will be shown the instant Investing option.

7. For registration you have to give your father’s name, address, Aadhar number, etc details they choose for identification.

8. When you fill up all the applications and are done with your KYC or register yourself to the FundsIndia application, then you have to wait for a given date by the application for receiving an Insta call or to pick up your documents.

9. If you want to download your documents or your pre-documents you can download it from the option which you can find in the app section.

10. If you want to verify your documents you can check it online via Skype app.

11. You can send your documents to FundsIndia which is required or if you want to send it by their representative in hand to hand you can also request them to pick up the required documents to FundsIndia supporting, if they are available in your location or city to pick up from you.

12. After doing the procedure it will be 24 hours for verification of your investment account if there were no your investment account will be ready within 24 hours of verification if there are no inconsistencies.

13. Last but not least set your name and enter your identity details, then you’re good to go.

14. They must complete their first investment of a minimum of Rs.1500 in any mutual fund. you can eligible to refer and earn program activated now

FundsIndia Referral Code

How to Avail Fundsindia Refer Earn Offer

  1. Install the app and open
  2. Enter your mobile number and complete verification of your number ( make sure when you login you have active your number)
  3. Register yourself with your mobile number and password
  4. Complete your Sign up and log in
  5. Now go to your wallet and recharge 1000 rs. and Invest it in FundsIndia. Without investment of 1000 you can’t get refer 300 offer
  6. So after investing rs 1000 go to the refer and earn section
  7. You can see the invite option with your link
  8. Tap on the invite your friends option and start to share your referral link whoever you want to share 
  9. As any of your shared person tap on your provided link and Download the app, you will get points which will convert to Amazon voucher
  10. When you have more referrals you can get more point which will convert to Amazon voucher for free and you can spend it as you like to spend

Get free Amazon voucher of Rs. 300 on every FundsIndia Referral

FundsIndia is an application which gives offers, rewards, gifts and vouchers. Users can refer and by referral they eran vouchers. 

But who are signed/login with FundsIndia they will win 300 rupees Amazon voucher per referral from their friends and family or other socially engaged persons they add.

  1. Let get install the app first
  2. Sing up with your mobile or Gmail with an password
  3. After filling all details of you like aadhar, father name etc. 
  4. A Invest option will be shown in your homepage and you’re allowed to invest money to this app
  5. After that invest minimum 1000 to the invest section, of you don’t invest 1000 then you will not be able to earn from your referrals.
  6. Go to the refer and earn section if you have done with least 1000 investment
  7. Check the option of invite your friends
  8. Copy it to your clipboard with the referral code
  9. Send it by pasting to your friends, family, or other social platforms like insta, facebook where you want and then by your link whoever does signup you will get your reward, a 300₹ rupees free Amazon voucher 
  10. This referring loot is unlimited. So, the more you refer to others, the more you will get points or credit.

So refer to your friends or others, once they sign you will get your reward.

Withdrawal & Redeem process

Sharing your referral links or providing your refer code, when someone uses your link or referral code to download FundsIndia you will get to win an Amazon voucher.

  1. Not only will you get reward but whoever once has downloaded the app they also win awards from the application. But that happens when they download the app, register on it, do all the required details, and open an account for investment.
  2. And after completing all the requirements you will be credited with 300 referral points in your account if they signed with your link. 
  3. After that you can redeem 300 referral points for an Amazon voucher worth 300 rupees.
  4. Remember that you can use all the vouchers and gifts in this form of vouchers you can’t exchange it for cash.
  5. And most importantly you have to create an Amazon account to use the points as Amazon vouchers. So if you don’t have an Amazon account create it and then use your voucher.

How to avail your referral code

  1. When you are done with your verification and register yourself with FundsIndia and they activate your account then you will be ready for investing and referring on it.
  2. I repeat that to avail your referral code you have to invest at least 1000 rs on it.
  3. So when you invest 1000 rs go to the refer and earn section and get your referral code by tapping on refer to my friend
  4. Then copy the referral code to your clipboard and send it like a message, sms, and email or WhatsApp to whoever you want to share.
  5. When they receive and use your link to download FundsIndia then you will win exciting vouchers, gifts, and other offers.

To open an account on FundsIndia app the requirements are:

  1. First, you have to fill out the form which contains your details such as name, gender, DOB, guardian, occupation, address, earnings, etc.
  2. You need your PAN card number and a photocopy of your pan.
  3. A KYC that was pre-filled with documents
  4. A Passport size color photo signed across and affixed
  5. Your address proof documents with attached your photocopy
  6. Your bank statement Photocopy with your bank’s IFSC code, account number MICR code, or a canceled self-attested cheque with your name printed as per your PAN card.

Benefits of FundsIndia

When the procedure is the simplest and fastest so try for once and we suggest you this application called FundsIndia. One of the best platforms in India, FundsIndia, is assisting you for your security with an investment of your future. You can fulfil all your needs from FundsIndia helping in your back age. 

The experienced staff and specialist gives you personal advice that will benefit your simple life and easy investments. This application gives you offers that satisfy you with daily relief. You can invest in a number of mutual funds, products, equities, the national pension scheme and also fixed deposits. You can easily reach the support on your nearest location for any inquiry or contact and ask any questions to them whether it is an online platform, if you may have any doubt they will reach to you for their clearance. Skype is one of the ways to check or verify your documents on this app.


FundsIndia helps those who have something to do in life and are not financially sound, living on a meager salary. Investing in this way can make you very successful at one time. But everything is forced on one’s own work and intellect. So you also have to get up in life with the help of that honest mentality. It is true that FundsIndia is helping you, but it is also your responsibility, to be honest with them.

Investing is not an act of fear or stealth. You are borrowing from someone in a time of need and paying back little by little over time. Their extensive web presence and support will help you to contact them from any part of India.

Even if you can’t do this job actively, you can make passive income with a job like an advertisement. You too can make your future peaceful and beautiful by planning a few investment decisions during your free time.

Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get started today and start your journey through various offers and investments. FundsIndia is at your side

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