[100% Working] Free ‘Rocket Card’ in GPay Gully Cricket

Free Rocket Card in GPay Gully Cricket – Rocket card in Gpay Link , Rocket Card Free Google Pay Gully Cricket Cards , How To Get Free Rocket Cards in Google Play Gully Cricket Offer for Collect Rocket, Kaptaan , Bunny , Rocket , Toofan & Etc. This is a New Card for GPay Gully Cricket Game for the Rear Card Rocket GPay Gully Cricket card. Complete your 10 cricket cards then get a claim reward scratch card to win up to ₹201. Get Free Rocket Card in Google Pay Cricket

You can lots of try all the members all the cards collected already but did not a collect Rocket card “yes” don’t worry working well to collect self method to Rocket card collect.

Hello, Readers! You have a very interesting dedicated post and details about how to get a free Rocket card in the Google pay Gully Cricket Game to collect one more card. 

You Can Use This method, hacks, Tricks lots of taking to these steps. Just given below all the genuine methods and no unofficial task. I am personally using this method to complete the 10 Cards and Get Upto ₹201 Cashback (₹51 to ₹201) Guaranteed.

Free Rocket Card in GPay Gully Cricket

How to Get Free Collect for Bunny / Googly / Rocket 🚀 Card 100% Trick Working (1 By 1 Try Method)

Book LPG Gas Cylinder Booking (New Method)

  • Open gpay > Go-to Bil Pay Section
  • Click on Gas Cylinder Booking
  • Select Gas Cylinder booking billers: Indian OIL
  • Enter Gas Register Ph Number / LPG ID
  • Pay Booking Amount
  • Done It! Complete Will, Collect 99% Chance to Collect Rear Card but, depending on your luck.
  • You WIll, Delivery Gas to Your Home Address
  • Cancel Gas & Refund Full Amount
  • Download the app “IndianOil ONE” from the play store or App store.
  • Register for Indane LPG gas with your details.
  • Go to the options menu.
  • Select “LPG”.
  • Select the “history” tab.
  • Select the booking reference number.
  • Finally, click on “Cancel order” for cancellation.
  • Done It, Cancel Successful & We Will Refund Amount to Back Your Within 48hrs.

You can book or cancel LPG any time needed.

In case of any emergencies or problems that are related to Indane LPG, you can contact the Emergency Service numbers that are provided.

  • TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 1800-2333-555

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Buy Gold & Sell (Method 1)

1 Method Try 1 Time (Don’t Try Multiple Times)

  1. Open Gpay App > Go-to Explore Option
  2. Click on Gold Option
  3. But Gold Min ₹100+
  4. Using Payment ok your GPay via complete transaction
  5. Then You Will, Collect a 99% Chance to Collect Rear Card but, depend on your luck.
  6. After, Collect cards for Sell Gold gold balance (Normal Charges cut just (₹1 to ₹5)

Recharge On Your Mobile (2nd Method)

  1. Go to Your Recharge Section
  2. Enter Your Mobile number
  3. Choose Operator
  4. Min. Rech ₹100+
  5. Complete, You Will, Collect 99% Chance to Collect Rear Card but, depending on your luck.

Recharge Fastag Paytm to Bank A/C (3rd Method)

  1. Go-to Bill Pay Section
  2. Choose Paytm Fastag
  3. Enter Paytm Fastag Vehicle Number
  4. Min ₹100+
  5. Done it, Complete Recharge, and You Will, Collect a 99% Chance to Collect Rear Card but, depend on your luck.

Send Money Amazon UPI @APl (4th Method)

  1. Go-to Send Money on Pay to Your UPI ID
  2. Enter Amazon Pay UPI ID
  3. Minimum Transaction Amount ₹100+
  4. Dome It, You Will, Collect 99% Chance to Collect Rear Card but, depend on your luck.

Notice: Seend Your Extra Rear Card Like Bunny, Rocket, Googly & Etc Send Me and Then Direct today on your send Telegram Via 1 by 1, Help All Users Mostly 1 Left Cards Please Send mE Card Fast

How To Get Free Rocket Card in GPay Gully Cricket 100% Guaranteed

You WIll, Also Try Following Below Methods 1, 2, and 3 for Not a Sure But Last Method Working 1000% Guaranteed. Don’t Miss Collect Rear Card Bunny , Googly , Rocket, Kaptaan , Toofan

TaskDaily Limit
Send Money, do a bank transfer or pay a merchant online: 1 per transaction (min.Rs.30)2
Scan a QR & Pay a merchant: 1 per transaction (Min. Rs.30)3
Pay a bill, DTH, or recharge mobile: 1 per transaction (Min. Rs.30)4
Gift a Player card: Get 1 player card per unique friend you gift once they claim3
Complete any house on Ind-Home: Get 1 player card per house you complete (Valid for 1 house completion per day)1
Play Energy Rain in Indi-Home: Get 1 Player Card Per Day1

1st Method: Play Energy Rain in Indi-Home – Collect Rocket Card

how to play the very unique game for Rain energy rain in Indi-home game, now, official game for rain energy game now in google Pay gully cricket game. To collect cards play a game of ball & diamonds tapping to get a score of at least 1000+ Score then get higher chances for you to Collect a red cricket card.

It’s raining runs this cricket season! In your 30s, tap on as many balls as you can Avoid tapping on bails.

Hello, Guy’s Point Noted maximum chance to play Energy rain in Indi-home game for late night at 11 PM to 1 PM or starting morning time 4 AM – 6 AM. You have a high chance to claim a card-free Rocket because I recommend collecting almost 8 cards this time to play games.

Play Energy Game in Google Gully Cricket for Tap to Scoring On 1000+ very easily tap tap tap to score and Most of the time you will be rewarded energy with a Rocket card of the Rare Card which you don’t have in your collection. Get Earn 1 Player Cricket Card as per day. Daily play and daily card collection.

2nd Method: Gift a Player Cricket Card & Get Free Rocket Card

How can I earn cricket cards by gifting them, You can make a cricket card by gifting it to any of your friends or family. It is valid for the first 3 unique friends in a day. You can also recall your unclaimed cricket cards.

Gift any cricket card or rear card to send your friend’s extra cards and get a chance free Rocket card 99.9% your luck depends but already I am trying it at 12 AM late night and Rocket card collect. I recommend a late night or early morning. Valid for the first 3 unique friends only in a day. You are also trying and working fine.

  • You are gifting a Rear extra card to your friends, family members & me. 
  • Only try it late at night 11 am & early morning at 4 am to guarantee chance to rear card Rocket but you will luck depend
  • You, Will, Get rare cards like Bunny , Googly , Rocket, Kaptaan , Toofan Etc.
  • I have collected more than lots of cards every day 3 Times and daily I am trying it.
Free Bunny Card in GPay Gully
Card NameSend Here
Bunny CardSend Here
Toofan CardSend Here
Bijli CardSend Here
Rockstar CardSend Here
Express CardSend Here
Finisher CardSend Here
Kaptaan CardSend Here
Googly CardSend Here
Smasher CardSend Here
Rocket CardSend Here

3rd Method: Complete House on the ind-home game – Free Rocket Card

How to Complete a House in Indi-Home. Valid for 1 house completion per day. After completing, get a player cricket card per House you complete now. Just a simple method to build your house via energy point. Build faster to batter the reward. 

Don’t Have Miss This method highly chance to earn rare Gully cricket cards like – Bunny, Kaptaan , Googly , Rocket , Toofan Cards in Google pay Gully Cricket offer.

Then please build your house at the best time same late at night or early in the morning.

Free Bunny Card in GPay Gully

4th Method: Flipkart / Amazon Order Now and Get Free Rocket Card

  • Firstly, Go-to the Amazon / Flipkart Merchant Website
  • Add to Cart > Go-to View Card Option
  • Order More Than ₹700+ 
  • Proceed to Payment Using for Google Pay UPI Via Complete The Transaction
  • Place Order Done I,
  • We, Will, Back To Google Pay & Received the Card You Get a Chance to Rare Card
  • Then After Card is Collected to Cancel Your Flipkart / Amazon Order we will back the money.

How to Collect Cricket Cards for fo any of the following 6 actions. and Last Method Please try It Now and Working Well This 100% Collect Rear Card for get a Last Chance Try It Now.

Free Bunny Card in GPay Gully

5th Method: Pay Bill, DTH, Mobile Recharge & Get Fee Rocket Card For Rear Card 100% Guaranteed

Got-to GPay App and Just Transaction this Start Now

Choose Your Need According to this for Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Bill Payments, FastTag Recharge, Pay Bills Electricity, DTH, Cable, Credit Card Bill Payments, Gas Cylinder booking and Last Google Play Recharge Code

  • Minimum Amount Recharge Rs.200 + More
  • Proceed to Payment on Google Pay
  • Done Complete the Transaction & We Will Assured Rear Card is Received Now
  • Boom! Enjoy It Now.

Official minimum Rs.30 But You can Not Sure Chance for Rear Card That Reason for Rs.200 More Than Recharge Now and You can collect Rear Cards 100% Guaranteed for Bunny , Googly , Rocket, Kaptaan , Toofan Cards

6th Method: Scan QR Code & Pay a Merchant & Get a Free Rocket Card

  • Now, QR Code Merchnat for Google Pay, Phonepe, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, BharatPe
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Rs.200+
  • Only for Try It this Merchant QR Code Transaction
  • Time till: Late Night 11 Pm to 12 AM, Early Morning 5 AM to 7 AM & Evering At 7 pm to 10 pm
  • Done it, Complete the Transaction
  • You, Will, Get Received Rare cards like Googly , Bunny, Rocket, Kaptaan, Toofan & Etc Much More

New Method: Zomato / Swiggy Cancel Order and Get Free Rocket Card Rear in Gpay Gully Cricket

  1. Firstly, Go-to for Zomato / Swiggy 
  2. Installing this app and get enter your Mobile number via the login account
  3. Select Your Restaurant > Add to Cart Any Food
  4. Minimum Order Value ₹200+
  5. Now, Continue to Payment for Select UPI to Using for Google Pay UPI Address
  6. Zomato / Swiggy Wil, Be Sent to the Payment Request on Google pay and complete the payment
  7. We, Will, Do Complete Order Place in Zomato app
  8. We will, Back to Zomato app Cancel Your Order and You will get a Rare Rocket Card In Google Pay.
  9. Swiggy is the same but Swiggy after complete payment then within 1 Minute cancel your order
  10. You Will, After Cancel Order Zomato / Swiggy for the back to your refund 100% in your Google pay linked bank account instantly.
  11. You Will, Congratulations 🥳 Boom For Received Rear Card “Rocket” 99.9% Guaranteed. {Try on Own Rick}

New Method: Recharge PaytmFastag & Get Free Rocket Card Rear in Gpay Gully Cricket 🏏

  1. Go-to Gpay Pay Bills Option
  2. Choose FasTag Recharge
  3. Select Paytm FasTag Recharge
  4. Enter Your Vehicle Number with the link account
  5. Continue Payment for Using Gpay
  6. Done PaytmFastag Recharge and We Will, Credited Paytm Bank Account PaytmFastag Recharge
  7. You Will, Boom Received New Rear Rocket Card in Gpay Gully Cricket 🏏

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