Flipkart Free Fall Game Offer – Play Game & Win ₹130 Coupon Daily

Flipkart Free Fall Game OfferFlipkart Saturday Offer , Flipkart Free Fall GameZone for How To Play Free Fall Game and Win Assured Rewards Prizes for Supercoins, Vouchers, Etc much more. Score 800+ higher Scores to complete and win Vouchers daily and you can just Redeem for every Saturday.

For You Can Just Simple Game in the Flipkart FunZon from Free Fall you can just bigger than higher scores to the best and then Rewards archives. 

The Flipkart Present by the play Game and Get ₹130 Coupon daily of to the maximum in a day. 100% Usable this rewards coupon and Supercoins from Flipkart Free Fall Saturday Game Offer.

How can you upgrade your Flipkart app and then log in to your account simply to let’s see what is going on your Flipkart FunZon page now? Follow the easy steps to play games for the below process.

Flipkart Free Fall Game Offer

Flipkart Free Fall Game Offer – Play Game & Win ₹130 Coupon Daily

1. Firstly, Download / Update Latest Version Flipkart App From GPlay Store to Link Here –

2. Installing / Open this App and Enter Your Mobile Number Via Login Flipkart Account

3. Home Dashboard > Go-to GameZONE Section to All Your Flipkart FunZon Game Got It.

4. Or, Directly Goto Your Flipkart FunZon Game Section Page for Visit The Link Here

5. Just Scrolling Down this Page and You Will See this “FREE FALL GAME” 

6. Click on Game Banner and Let’s See Play Game and Win Assured Prizes.

7. You Can Start the game & you will have to score higher & higher scores complete and win an assured rewards coupon voucher.

1st Score less than 300₹10 Coupon
2nd Score 300+₹20 coupon
3rd Score high 1300+₹100 coupon

8. Total Rs.130 worth of coupons as per day you can get from this free fall game.

9. Now, Play every day to collect as many Flipkart discount coupons as you can as all these coupons will be redeemable every Saturday altogether.

Flipkart Free Fall Game Offer

10. Valid Till: 16th Jan to – 23rd Jan and you can be redeemed only 23rd Jan ’22 (Every Saturday)

How to Play Flipkart Free Fall Game and Win Upto 

1. Move the Disks to Swipe Life and Right 

2. Left the ball fall to let the ball fall between the gaps

3. Unsafe zone for a avoid danger zone

4. Win mystery rewards daily and beat the challenge score to win Reward Vouchers.

How to Redemption Voucher for Winning

1. My Account > My Coupons, in case the prize/benefit is a targeted discount,

2. the registered email of the winners if the prize/benefit is an electronic gift voucher

3. Platform> SuperCoins Zone > SuperCoins Balance, if the prize is Coins.

Terms and Conditions –

1. This contest (“Contest”) is run and the prizes/ benefits are sponsored by sellers (“Seller/s”) on the Flipkart Mobile App (“Platform”), which Platform is owned and operated by Flipkart Internet Private Limited (“Flipkart”)

2. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, SuperCoins terms and conditions Terms and Conditions for Gift Cards (http://www.flipkart.com/buy-gift-voucher) and other relevant documentation including any modifications, alterations, or updates thereof, that are published on Flipkart Mobile App, (referred to as “Platform”), which are owned and operated by Flipkart Internet Private Limited (“Flipkart”, “We” or “Our”).

3. To participate in the Contest, you must do/ fulfill the following: Age must be 18 years or above;

4. Must have a valid registered account on the Platform and log into the same;

5. Account must be linked to a mobile number verified with an Indian phone number on Flipkart;

6. Must have made at least one valid transaction on the Flipkart platform and not canceled or returned the product(s) purchased as part of this transaction;

7. Enter the contest by clicking on the banner on the Gamezone.

8. Prize(s)/benefit(s) for each Contest shall be mentioned on the contest banner on the Gamezone along with the challenge score(s)s to beat in order to receive the prize(s)/benefit(s).

9. You can receive a prize only once per crossing a challenging score during the period of the contest.

10. Flipkart and Sellers (if applicable) reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to change the prize(s) and the challenge score(s) to beat at any point in time.

11. Prizes/ benefits, in case the same is a targeted discount must be redeemed within 72 hours from the date when the prize/benefit reflects in the My Coupons section on the Platform.

12. Flipkart and Sellers have the right to modify the type of prizes/rewards being given to you at a later point in time.

13. As part of the Contest, you have to take the contest character “ball” to the bottom on the tower/pole You need to swipe left or right to make the ball pass through the empty spaces in the disc. You get 3 points for passing through a disc.

14. The discs are covered with 2 colors, one of them is unsafe and you have to avoid the ball landing on those regions. Landing on the unsafe region will end the gameplay and the user can revive by performing rewarded actions if configured for the

14. contest. He/she can avail the chance to revive only once per gameplay. Few of the regions in discs will be rotating, so watch out!

15. If you pass through 3 discs in a row without colliding with any of them, the ball gets the power to break the next disc it collides with. Once it collides, the power will be lost.

16. This game contains 2 power-ups Score power-up: Collecting these power-ups will increase the score by the amount indicated by the power-up image.

17. Invincible power-up: Collecting these power-ups would break the next few discs.

18. You acknowledge and confirm that You are aware of the nature of telecommunications/ internet services and that an email transmission may not be received properly and may be read or be known to any unauthorized persons.

19. You agree to assume and bear all the risks involved in respect of such errors and misunderstandings and Flipkart shall not be responsible in any manner.

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